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  1. jfgjr

    Broken Clavicle recovery?

    I agree with that. I feel a ton better after a trainer (bicycle) session. I was back on my indoor trainer a week out of surgery to keep my legs moving as I am mostly a cyclist these days. Gonna throw in some intensity this week. An important note, is listen to your body, everyone is different. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a customer 'you know your own body better than anyone else'.....too bad my brain is stupid and I always rush things. Good luck with the healing process! It is no benefit at all to rush things, only bad stuff can happen.
  2. jfgjr

    USFS - FU

    Quite possible I have it backwards. I'm very impressed with the metal tubing we have lots of down here up around Saddleback/Main Divide. Ahhh, reminds me why I gave up dirt bikes. Wasting my weekends in horrific traffic to ride crap, getting t-boned by hapless Metal Mullisha wannabees, attending my clubs race with under 200 entries, riding a sad condensed course in JV, monkey butt, sack rot, sucking dust, camping next to Pink Floyd belting drunkards, driving to Gorman to ride some forest to find it closed, the list goes on. I'll be back at Starbucks sipping a latte unbathed (to conserve water of course) this Saturday. I tried, I really did.........Ride on my friends!
  3. jfgjr

    USFS - FU

    Pretty sure someone had the same thought process, the little bar they usually use to close the gate was replaced by a chain on the entrance to Tejon.......
  4. jfgjr

    USFS - FU

    I would have been shocked if they were open. Lame, I went to hoping to ride there, but wasn't too angry the gates weren't open. In the grand scheme of things this anal reaming is a drop in the bucket compared to the other injustices people with jobs endure daily here in CA. I see you too enjoy the fleet of brand new rigs the Rangers tool around in.....very nice!!
  5. jfgjr

    anyone try one of these cheap HID kits?

    Yep. amazing the light available for the $$ these days. I remember paying $400+ for a Niterider that pales in comparison to my $30 Fleabay Cree. No more true statement can be made. You need a helmet light, the best handlebar mounted light won't do anything for you when its pointed to the sky.
  6. jfgjr

    Malibu Ca. Supermoto ride

    Just mopped the drool off my iPad....sweet bike.
  7. jfgjr

    2002 cr 250

    What he said. I personally sent my cylinder and head to E Gorr after riding, oddly enough a buddies 02' CR 250. Liked it so much I sent my 250 SX stuff to him. For the $$$ he can't be beat IMO. Now I must admit he did not seem to have my parts ready when I called him to stress I needed the stuff back for a race. He did the work and over knighted me the parts at his expense. So I got the stuff on time and it works amazing! You can tell by the attention to detail he didn't rush either.
  8. BTW, I would post on the D37 web board. I know of a few guys who do run up to a few D36 events a year. I am in no condition financially or riding wise to even consider it this year or the foreseeable future. I can say that if you like woods riding you will be hooked and want to get up to as many of these as possible. Big fun and challenging for the average rider. Like most racers I have encountered most everybody is very cool and eager to help. Enjoy!
  9. Still on drugs evidently, quoted myself.......sweeet
  10. http://www.ueamc.com/html/enduro_facts.html C Vet or C. Would be the class, you need an AMA card. D36 has one day passes at the race. You need to pass sound as well, pretty sure that is non negotiable. For equipment an odo, roll chart holder and cheap stop watch will do it. Sad that this is the case in SoCal.....Enduros = RIP. Oh well, seems that I was on drugs or something and have committed to help with United 2015 event so try to make this one for a taste of a Desert Timekeeper while it still around.......
  11. jfgjr

    STREET TIRES for the Dirt Bike WHEELS

    Oh my mistake. I am going to grab a set and scrape some pegz on Ortega this weekend wif my boyz, yo. Thanks for the help!
  12. jfgjr

    STREET TIRES for the Dirt Bike WHEELS

    MX54Billion (new model)
  13. jfgjr

    STREET TIRES for the Dirt Bike WHEELS

    Good choice. I was pretty sure you were looking for a Street tire setup, not dirt. In light of that I don't know how this came to people giving recommendations for MX tires, but hey we do live in opposite land it seems.....party on
  14. jfgjr

    2 Stroke pipe repair

    +1 the best IMO. Locally in OC I have had PDI do a few and they came out pretty good for $30. Haven't been there in a while though.