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    Coffee, coffee, coffee, dirt bikes, snowboarding, eating really good food, cooking occasionally.
  1. DRZCatastrophe

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    Hockey? Really? WOW! We used to love to water ski in the summertime and it was my main motivation to keep in shape all winter. Now gas is so crazy expensive and our friends sold their boat...sooooooooo. ....yeah. Stinks.
  2. DRZCatastrophe

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    Yes, I remember that wonderful day! It's been a while since I've laughed that hard! Sigh. Sorry you've been having issues with your neck, Thorina. Hope the PT helps! Hope your mom is doing better We moved up into the mountains which is ironic since it's great for ridding. But having my own four walls and finally getting dogs has been a huge blessing. I've never been happier! I do pet my bike every now and again! And I'm with you. I did a lot of aging these last few years! And put on some weight. Grrrr. Oh well.
  3. DRZCatastrophe

    What is the most absorbant Tampon?

    Wow. This is a blast from the past! How ya doin', Thorina? I have not ridden in almost 4 years. Crazy huh? Bought a house-been remodeling said house and got two dogs and then aaccidentally made more.
  4. DRZCatastrophe

    Girl In Distress. Don't ride alone.

    Thus the part "Joking"
  5. DRZCatastrophe

    Girl In Distress. Don't ride alone.

    Wow, I didn't know that was even possible. SEE dirt bikes ARE safer!! lol Joking.
  6. DRZCatastrophe

    Bike for the wife

    Y'all are funny! We bought a house in the pines and have been too busy to be online much. Did you guys get married yet??? Me wants to know! Also, to the guy who said a DRZ200 would be a great bike to start on....uh, not for trails it's not. While its a dual sport it's not really set up to do real trail riding. I think it can handle dirt roads but that's about it.
  7. DRZCatastrophe

    How would you feel? (Venting)

    Er, I'm really really sorry but just how old are you??? Grow up. If she's your friend be happy for her and be glad you now have a girl riding buddy! Don't let the little green monster of envy and jealousy (yeah, it's not a little bit but a LOT) ruin something that could be totally cool for you!
  8. DRZCatastrophe

    Be nice or not be nice..

    Well, I think it's important to distinguish between what "Nice" and "Not Nice" actually is... "Nice" does NOT mean you don't stand up for yourself. "Nice" does not mean that you HAVE to let people take advantage of you. "Not Nice" does NOT mean standing up and telling someone when they've been a total &%$#@!. "Not Nice" does NOT mean that you have a backbone and are willing to use it verbally. Now, if you decide that an incident is unimportant enough to allow it to pass by without throwing a fit, that's entirely another story. Not nice, is cutting someone off without even trying to mend the situation, IMO.
  9. DRZCatastrophe

    Name That Wiener!

    Your persistence is admirable however futile.
  10. DRZCatastrophe

    Girl beats all the boys!

    As all of us girls know, we have a high pain tolerance but very very very low frustration threshold. Sorry dad! Makes us cry and act like a girl!!! LOL! Believe me, it irritates us too!
  11. DRZCatastrophe

    running vs cycling

    It's low impact until you fall....
  12. DRZCatastrophe

    Another Boobie protection option

    Hey, I just got an email from Old Navy-Gap, etc and check out these swim suits!! http://athleta.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=46667
  13. DRZCatastrophe

    Headache issues

    Please then, go get your jaw checked out by a dentist. You'd be surprised how much come from that area.
  14. DRZCatastrophe

    TTR125 ??'s

    At $700 I don't think he's going to be squandering any money. I think it might be a good stepping stone to something bigger though...just don't expect it to be THE BIKE she sticks with forever. Plus, it can be your mess around bike or extra bike to take other people along. I can't tell you how many times Pete took off and abused my poor little DRZ.
  15. DRZCatastrophe

    TTR125 ??'s

    It's a great little bike. She will probably need something else fairly quickly as it's lack of power and not so great suspension starts holding her back. At 5'5" shes going to start feeling a bit squished as she gets used to the bike. I eventually felt squished at 5'3" on my DRZ125L, which is the big wheel version. We tried bar risers but, yeah, it was still too small. Anyway, go for it. Just be prepared if she starts asking for more power.