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  1. Time Left: 22 days and 19 hours

    • WANTED
    • Used - Fair

    As long as the pieces are intact, condition is not that important to me. Would just buy new but I am on a budget. Can anyone help me out?


    Twin Falls, ID - US

  2. I started out looking for some side panels of any color and condition to experiment with. Didn't want to chop up a new set so was hoping to find something pretty beat, ie, cheap! Inquired several places on Facebook and the classifieds here and on ADV. Have had two respond but nothing has worked out. Now, I'm thinking I'd like to have an entire plastics kit (minus the headlight) in white. Both fenders, shrouds, side panels. I've tried ebay and found some stuff there. Some is ridiculously high priced though... and I am on a budget. As long as the stuff is intact, condition is not that important to me. Anyone have some or all of these items they'd part with?
  3. Never mind. I got it. My shop was barely above freezing... so I applied a small amount of heat to things with my heat gun, applied a thin coat of oil on the back side of the valve, reassembled, and bingo! Works smooth as butter now.
  4. I ended up installing the Outlaw Racing Kit and the valve wouldn't turn... unless I loosened the two screws holding the plate on. So, I took out the Outlaw o-ring and put the original o-ring back in...to see if it made any difference. The valve turned fine. So....I took the original o-ring back out and put the Outlaw o-ring in again... after I lightly oiled it. The valve will turn but it's very difficult...so much so that I can barely do it and it hurts my thumb in the process. If I back the two screws out a bit, it turns with no problem...but then, I assume it will leak. Seems simple enough. What am I missing here? Normal? Will it loosen up in time?
  5. Time Left: 19 days and 13 hours

    • WANTED
    • Used - Fair

    Looking for inexpensive side panels to experiment with...ANY color (though white would great!), ANY condition. As long as they are not cut up, I don't care how scratched or ugly they are. I don't even care if they're broken. I don't need the airbox cover but would take if necessary. Can anyone help me out?


    Twin Falls, Idaho - US

  6. Yes. Thanks. Is there a specific page on FB? I overlooked the most obvious. Thanks.
  7. I'm wanting to experiment with some different cuts/shapes but don't want to cut up mine or buy new set. I know a lot of people change colors, or replace old plastics with new. Anyone know where I might find a set of side plates? I don't care what color or condition they are in. Something cheap is what I'm after.
  8. I have yet to see if my original 2000 petcock leaks. I wonder if I should put a kit in it even if it doesn't leak?
  9. fishugly

    Tell me about the "snorkel" on the S model.

    Thanks. How does it work as a silencer? Also, I see that it's to the back of the airbox to be out of the way of servicing the air filter... but does its length or position in the airbox affect the performance in any way?
  10. I see people talking about it being for deep water crossings. But what purpose does it serve reaching down into the airbox as far as it does? The depth of water one could take their bike through is determined by how high the opening is, not how far the tube people are calling a snorkel reaches into the box. So, it wouldn't matter if that snorkel reached into the box 1" or 3". And "snorkel". When I hear that term used on a vehicle, I think of the snorkels used on Land Rovers and such for water crossings. Seems strange saying the DRZ has a "snorkel". It's not like it really sticks up above the airbox that much (little more than an inch). Did someone call it that long ago and then it just got repeated and then taken for truth? But, what I'm really wondering is why it goes down into that box as far as it goes. Is it to direct incoming air into the center (roughly) of the air filter for better intake flow to make the bike smoother running or something of that nature? Or is there something else I'm missing entirely? (wouldn't be the first time)
  11. fishugly

    DRZ400S fuel petcock replacement with pictures

    Its threaded into the stock fuel valve. Erik made a post here showing how he made it. Thanks. Do you by chance have a link to Erik's post?
  12. fishugly

    DRZ400S fuel petcock replacement with pictures

    The 90 degree fitting in this petcock: Is it threaded into the petcock or pressed in? I plan on using a rebuilt stock petcock on the IMS 2.6 gallon tank. However, to simplify the fuel line so it was running straight for the carb instead of pointing down, I would like to fit the stock petcock with a fitting like this. Possible?
  13. Thanks everyone! I drained the oil today. Nothing obviously wrong with it nor was there an obvious gas odor. If there was gas in there, it was very slight. The only thing I could smell for sure in that oil was what smelled like exhaust. I think, and hope, this was a false alarm. Regardless, it's been enough of a scare that I am going to definitely address the petcock and carb.
  14. Excellent. Thanks again for the info! To anyone here who has purchased a bag of these o-rings: Do you have an extra one or two you could put in an envelope and mail to me? Could pay via Paypal.
  15. Excellent. Thanks. Where did you get just the o-ring without having to buy an entire carb kit?