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  1. dezracerE

    Honda ZB50 (1988)


    Motorhome bikes
  2. dezracerE

    Honda ZB50 1988

    Motorhome bikes
  3. Just saw your post on Mike 38's.

    Sorry to hear about your struggle also.

    I will pray for you (whether you roll that way or not).

    Fight the good fight.





      thanks man...


  4. dezracerE

    California Gas Tax

    I have watched the growth over the last few years. I bought when it was tanking and now up 50%. (not to mention my rent checks) I have to live there for 2 years to eliminate the cap gains. I am south of the 69...right next to BLM land. After 2 years...I will see if I still like it...if not- outa there el norte. I will be too old to put up with bullshit...(I am already there now)
  5. dezracerE

    California Gas Tax

    Don't want to tell anyone because Kali leftists are beginning to soil that state now. But I will since this is TT. Prescott Valley , AZ. Bought my house in 09. I'll keep moving norte if necessary.
  6. dezracerE

    California Gas Tax

    My Kali house is up for sale late next year...58 years...I'm done.
  7. dezracerE

    California Gas Tax

    This AGW "tax" is nothing but help shoring up the govt workers pension bomb...nothing else. For those of you that think this will pave our roads in gold...I got a collapsing bridge to sell you... Kali legislature has a veto proof majority now. Hold on to your wallets... (not like Newsome would veto anything the leftists throw out anyway)
  8. dezracerE

    California Gas Tax

    Bellweather election for me. Kali used to vote these infectious taxes down when we had the chance. That ship has sailed. I'm outa here after 58 years. Lefty can have it.

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    Heavy duty- holds to 500 lbs. All steel. Ramp not inc but mounts on rails. Clean cond- used twice. Local pickup- Simi Valley, Ca.


  10. dezracerE

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Looked like more rake than the X. My bud noticed it right away when we looked at it. Haven't compared the specs yet.
  11. dezracerE

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Saw one (and sat on it for ergos) at the Sand Sport Show. I do like it. May be my next bike. ..unless i could figure a way to stuff that motor into my 250 Rally. I hope they do a Rally version for those of us that want to use it on the street a lot. Thanks for the write up Bryan
  12. dezracerE

    Alta Motors Announces the 2019 Redshift EXR

    I like it ! Something similar to this may be in my future... Imagine that...dezracerE going green...
  13. If I can bench press it...it's not too much. This bike is already on my future list...but by the time I get it- I probably won't be able to bench press it...conundrum...