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  1. dezracerE

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Looked like more rake than the X. My bud noticed it right away when we looked at it. Haven't compared the specs yet.
  2. dezracerE

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Saw one (and sat on it for ergos) at the Sand Sport Show. I do like it. May be my next bike. ..unless i could figure a way to stuff that motor into my 250 Rally. I hope they do a Rally version for those of us that want to use it on the street a lot. Thanks for the write up Bryan
  3. dezracerE

    Alta Motors Announces the 2019 Redshift EXR

    I like it ! Something similar to this may be in my future... Imagine that...dezracerE going green...
  4. If I can bench press it...it's not too much. This bike is already on my future list...but by the time I get it- I probably won't be able to bench press it...conundrum...
  5. dezracerE

    Organic Dirtbike Film coming soon

    Looks nutso. Reminds me of why I mostly ride open dezert. Only once had to worry about dropping off a cliff.
  6. They are pretty expensive but a great alternative. Can even handle a UTV. As I stated earlier- I went through the trouble of welding on 2 receivers to the back of my trailer only to find out I could not even the weight enough with the 310 lb bike and hauler back there to remove the tail whip. Everyone forgets you are "hanging" the bike 18 " to 2' off the back increasing the leverage of that extra weight. As stated- good luck. Safest way without a dual trailer setup the dolly attaches to the rear frame:
  7. You have quite a bit of overhang and you will definitely get tail-wag with the bike on the back. Too much leverage. A fifth wheel has A LOT more pin weight and it is very doable on most of them. You will change the hitch weight too much most likely. I tried it with my small hybrid trailer- way too much wag even when shifting the storage weight forward. I had a long enough tongue so I moved the spare tire to the rear, slid the propane bottles forward and added a rail to the front. I used the rear receivers I installed for a hitch rack to counterbalance the weight and get just the amount of tongue weight I was going for- about 430. (trailer was about 3500 loaded). Now my trailer had a box frame for the full length or I would not have even attempted it. If you have a long enough tongue put it on the front.
  8. dezracerE

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Put on the 13 countershaft...rode it...like it. Need to figure out the speedo now.
  9. dezracerE

    New PROLine SNO 714, pics

    Nice ! Man I'd like to try that sno-bike...
  10. Not much different than the 4 dr truck...except for a covered bed. Guess you could fold the rear seats and sleep in it. Mucho dinero though.
  11. Everything is overpriced. I did look at a new 18 Raptor...those things look pretty nice/plush...with a hidden 'man-step' All this stuff should hold up well in the dez... (VSC), (TRAC), (ABS), (EBD), (BA) (SST). (TSS-P), (PCS w/PD), (LDA) (SWS), (AHB) (DRCC).
  12. Looks like Toyota made the new Taco almost as good as mine... Nice shocks though- what we have on the UTV race car.
  13. Those new Husky's sure are perty. I was eyeballing the new 350 dually before I bought the Honda Rally. Couldn't justify the price for what I needed it for...yet.
  14. I like the Taco... Here is my 2012 mule. Tows behind the motorhome also. 4x4 4 cyl 5 spd.
  15. Pay a little more and get a spray in liner instead of paint. Material cost may be more but it wold be well worth it IMO.