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  1. Birchbark

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Cape Porpoise and Camp Ellis, Maine
  2. Birchbark

    Mirrors with Cycra handguards

    Hello all. Gotten to the point where I'm almost fully content with the state of my SM. One of the few remaining bits that I'd like to alter would be the stock mirrors, which are not only ugly but offer shit visibility to boot. I've got the Cycra Pro Bend handguards (triple clamp mounts/side bracket) installed, which will probably limit the options going forward. Thinking that I'd like either bar-end or under-bar type circular mirrors. I'm leaning toward bar-enders because they'd be more conspicuous to police and result in me getting stopped less often, but at the same time the bar-enders would probably get knocked off trail riding. Would anyone happy with their aftermarket mirrors be willing to share their experience and shed some light on this issue? Thanks in advance.
  3. Birchbark

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Maine coastline...
  4. Birchbark

    OK to run only with 3x3 mod for 10 miles?

    I'd be happy to do the installs myself, but I work 12.5 hour shifts for the next three days and I want to go riding immediately once I'm finished!
  5. Birchbark

    OK to run only with 3x3 mod for 10 miles?

    Nope, I plan to take it very easy. Thanks for the info
  6. So I'm having the FCR 39 and full Yosh installed by a nearby shop tomorrow but am looking to save a $90/hour's worth of labor by first doing the 3x3 mod myself, then riding to the shop with stock carb/jetting (+/-10 miles) to drop it off. Is it alright to do so, or might I bugger something up that I ought not? Thanks in advance!
  7. Birchbark

    Mod sequence

    Quick question: Can I do the 3x3, FCR and full exhaust mods at the same time or is there a sequence that is preferred? I'm also wondering if the FCR through TT comes jetted for the 3x3 or if I'll be needing another jet kit. Thanks in advance!
  8. Birchbark

    Maine 'tard!

    Repeat DRZ consumer, here. A bit of history: At age 38 I bought a new "S" model in 2007 after having owned numerous dirt and road bikes earlier in life. Loved the bike immensely but found myself on the pavement more often than not. Even stock with DOT knobbies it was the most practical, funnest bike I'd ever ridden on the street, and occasionally, offroad. No mods except 3x3 and JD jet kit. I also managed a few long distance trips that I documented here. Sadly, all the road riding got me thinking I needed something more road-specific. DRZ got traded in on an '08 Hayabusa. A year later I sold the 'busa when it simply stopped being fun. Fast forward to last month, when the idea of a dual sport bit me again after having moved to coastal Maine and falling in love with the place. I walked into the dealership prepared to commit to an XR650L after having researched it exhaustively online. Throwing a leg over that thing for the first time turned me off immediately, as it felt wickedly top heavy and bulky as shit. The Big Red Pig didn't leave a positive impression at all. It felt like the engine was INSIDE the gas tank. A few bikes over was a new 2015 DRZ400SM. Sat on it and was immediately impressed by the balance and (comparatively) light weight. Felt like a feather after the Honda. I was sold. Almost a month later and I've spent my paychecks wisely: Fly F2 carbon fiber moto helmet. Icon knee protectors. Icon Stryker chest rig. Leather gauntlets. Alpine star boots. Cycra Probends. TT case guards. Edge tail light/blinker assembly. Full Yoshimura RS-2 system. Next paycheck will bring an FCR 39 kit from TT, Icon shorts with the hip protector inserts, and some appropriate kevlar jeans or something similar. When the weather improves I'll break it in stock, then apply the carb and exhaust mods after a few hundred miles. I'm looking forward to enjoying New England by supermoto this season, and hoping to run into some TT'ers along the way. I know you're out there! Keep an eye out for a silly old &%$#@!er on a 'tard... it may be me.
  9. Birchbark

    Thinking about buying back my DRZ from the dealer

    It's $3499 before tax. The only reason that I'm leaning toward buying it back is because, as has been mentioned in this thread, there is some comfort in knowing it's history. Having said that, I'd prefer a supermoto (I put 10k on the "S", only a couple of which were on dirt. Just can't find any un-posted land anymore!).
  10. Birchbark

    Thinking about buying back my DRZ from the dealer

    That's good advice everyone- thanks. I've been looking all over the web for dual-sports and supermotos for sale in my area. Wish me luck!
  11. Hey all- I'm about to buy back the 2006 "S" that I traded in for a Hayabusa last fall, and am looking to get some feedback from you folks as to whether or not you think it's a good purchase. The trade-in value he offered me last fall was $2900, and I've been happily riding my 'Busa ever since. But as awesome as the Hayabusa is, I miss the fun factor and ease of use I enjoyed with the DRZ. If I don't buy it back now I will surely buy another one before too long. The dealership tuned it up, cleaned it up and gave it a valve adjustment along with new stock rubber. 10k miles, mostly highway, and I broke it in right and gave it two-to-three times as many oil changes as the manual recommended. They're asking $3899 but will sell to me for $3499. Should I do it, or would it be better to buy new in a year or two? Since I know the bike well and have done the maintenance right, I feel it's smarter to buy this one back than to buy another bike that may or may not have been treated as well. Thanks for any and all input!
  12. Birchbark

    What have you owned?

    1982 RM 80 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z 250 ATV 1982 Yamaha Virago 750 1989 Yamaha FZR 600 1980 GS 750 1982 GS1100E Then, after many years of not riding... 2006 DRZ 400S 2008 Hayabusa 2006 DRZ 400S (bought it back from dealer six months later!)
  13. About a week ago I needed to deliver my '06s from Jacksonville, Florida to the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia. I had originally intended to shoot straight up I95 in hopes of saving time, but then I woke up and realized that I had an opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime kinda ride right at my fingertips. Thank God I did wake up, because it was better than I ever could've imagined. I essentially followed state highways (17) up and across central Georgia, through some beautiful rural country and lazy small towns. The first night I spent just north of Toccoa in a state campground up in the foothills of the Appalachians. Rode through rain for a couple hours to get there, and slept like a baby in my Hennessy Hammock. Got an early start and made my way to Cherokee, NC and the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I rode all day long, down into winding gaps and high into the clouds (gosh, was it ever cold up high). I had never known riding such as this, and I relished every second of it. The DRZ was having a blast, as I maintained speeds fast enough to keep safe (well, almost) yet exhilarated. The Trailwings were great for this, I must say. The bike performed wonderfully- and my faith in it increased steadily throughout the day. By mid-afternoon, my knees were an inch or two off the ground through tight turns, and I was blasting out of the corners like a madman. Spent that night in a cheap motel somewhere in southwestern Virginia. Waking up the next day, I was motivated for the home stretch and out the door at 6am sharp. Within an hour I found myself trapped behind three noisy Hardleys who to my great displeasure were loathe to break the 40mph barrier, except of course at the few opportunities where I had the chance to pass them, when they would invariably speed up. It was obvious that they were a bit too proud to make way for a ******* yellow dirtbike. After an hour of profanity and frustration, I finally picked my spot and thumped past them at seventy miles per hour. Needless to say, it felt very, very good. When I got home that afternoon, I could barely get off the bike because my ass hurt so bad. I mean BAD. But the pain was irrelevant and fleeting, and I had just had the best ride of my life and nothing else mattered. No one I know can understand how I could sit on that torture device for 12 hours per day for three days. All I can tell them is that I had accepted the fact there would be a certain degree of physical discomfort, and once I had accepted it, it largely remained out of my mind until I got home. But OMG, did it ever hurt when i got home! Greetings and thanks to all of you here at TT, for the knowledge and inspiration you offer.
  14. Birchbark

    JD jet kit / 3x3 and FCR- chronology question

    Thanks for the warning. Better to spend $500 on a new one than potentially waste $300.