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  1. 4strokesrule

    06 250f

    Our 05 broke the left intake on the face of a single to tabletop after coming out of a turn accelerating hard but not near the rev limit. An endo was the result as it seized in the air dropping the front end before the landing. Fortunately my son walked away just fine. Bought the bike new in May of 05. Replaced the piston, rings, intake valves, guides and springs, with OEM parts and had head ported and polished in Jan 06. Valve failed in March 06 taking out the piston, rod, cylinder and damaging the valve seat in the head. Had the seat repaired by Chad Rager in Pensacola Fl and replaced everything with OEM again. Once I found out about the recall, I contacted Yamaha product support explaining what had happenend and that it could happen again since the valves I just bought were the same as those being recalled. They provided me with the complete recall kit thru my local dealer at no cost. Ride BLue!
  2. 4strokesrule

    Valve Recall Dealer Mechanic Nightmare

    There is no way to get the cams out of alignment causing the chain to rub on the head unless you leave out the 1/2 snap ring that locates the bearings properly with the camshaft caps.
  3. I run a small local Mx track that is open 6 days a week. We close the track on Fridays to disc it up and water it for Saturday. I usually touch up the worst spots and re-water for Sunday. Then it is open "as is" till the next weekend. We allow quads to ride on Sunday afternoon. Soil ranges from black top soil to red clay with some rocks mixed in. Few riders ever get a flat on Saturday but as the track "goes away" back to hard pack and after the quads have brought more rocks to the surface on Sunday the more agressive riders seem prone to flats, always on the rear. Rookies that are constantly comeing up short and really making some hard landings into the face of doubles don't seem to have the problem, so it must not be just from impact. Is it a matter that correct air pressure can fix? From my own experience, there are usually 2 holes in the tube, close to each other like it is being pinched. We usually run 13 lbs in both tires on a Yz250F with a 110lb rider.
  4. 4strokesrule

    Valve seat replacement

    Maybe I should ask on one of the other color threads. I am sure they have more experience with this.
  5. 4strokesrule

    Valve seat replacement

    Looking for a reputable shop that can replace 1 damaged valve seat and valve guide in a 2005 YZ250F cylinder head. Bike dropped an intake valve which hammered the area around one seat deforming the seat and leaving a bad gouge in it. Head has been ported so I really hate tossing that money away too.
  6. 4strokesrule

    loss of radiator water

    Your village is looking for you!!! Kawasaki makes a 1.6 radiator cap that will help keep the coolant where it belongs. Some people have added a coolant recovery tank off a KDX 220 that trail ride the 250f. It will catch the coolant when the bike is hot and then the system will suck it back in the radiator as it cools. Do not fill the raidator completly to the top-allow some room for expansion when you add coolant. Slipping the clutch excessively will rapidly heat the engine oil and the heat will be transferred to the coolant boiling it over. Use the torque of the motor and the correct gear and avoid slipping the clutch in tight terrain.
  7. 4strokesrule

    Maintenance Manual Mistake??

    We bought a Kawasaki Eliminator 125 street bike and it came from the factory with the filter in backwards. It fit loose enough to allow the oil to flow but was not filtering the oil during the entire break-in period. Their manuals appear to have many faults in the torque values of critical parts like 04 KX250f cam cap bolts.
  8. 4strokesrule

    95 S10 Blazer 4wd engine acting up!

    Thanks for the tip. The EGR was sticking and after we replaced it the new one did the same thing. Unfortunately all the Napa stores were run out of town by AutoZone, Advance, and O'Reilly's. It also had a vacuum line off near the alternator that was the biggest problem. The computer's effort to keep it running sure masks alot of symptoms nowadays.
  9. 4strokesrule

    what if you dont shim your valves when they need it

    I used a Sharpie magic marker and wrote the shim sizes on the frame under the gas tank on our Kx so I would always know what shim was where. Easy place to keep up with it. Write them in 4 relative locations to the valves position. When a change is needed just write it under the last one and you can see what is happening as far as wear. Nobody will know once the tank is back on.
  10. 4strokesrule

    95 S10 Blazer 4wd engine acting up!

    The injectors are part of that spider unit I replaced. It is a central control unit with multiple (6) nozzles connected by hoses located inside the intake manifold. You remove the top half of the intake to replace it. Each nozzle sprays into the intake port right above the cylinder head. A compromize between throttle body and true multiport fuel injection.
  11. Will a bad EGR (digital multi stage) make a Vortec 4.3 v6 rev up on its own one minute then act like its flooding out at idle the next? Had it scanned at the local Gm dealer and they said the Spider fuel injection system was bad and so was the egr. I replaced the fuel injection spider and could really see very little improvement. I hate to drop another $220 in parts and it run the same. I temporarily blocked the egr with a plate and it does about the same thing. I have checked the fuel pressure with it running and it holds over 50 lbs and goes to nearly 60 when you rev it amd there was no sign of water in the fuel. Gm only wanted $1500 to replace the parts mentioned along with an exhaust manifold which is cracked. MORE THAN I paid for the truck.
  12. 4strokesrule

    Tale of JE Piston

    Is this the recommended proceedure for any modern 4 stroke piston replacement? I have a 2005 Yz250F. I'm used to having lots of oil on everything that moves when doing a rebuild.
  13. 4strokesrule

    04 yz250f blowing smoke

    Coolant will find its way to the bottom of the engine oil if you have a blown head gasket. Let the bike sit overnight leaning toward the drain plug and then just loosen the drain plug slightly till it starts leaking. If there is water there it will usually seep out first. Check the frame plug the same way. Coolant in the oil can do damage to the cam follower buckets causing them to develope pits and eventually fail.
  14. On a 2005 yz250f the stock jet is a #42. It comes with a 40, 42, 45. I just installed the 45 when the temps dropped into the 40-50 degree range for the daytime high. Usually runs good with the 42 at 70-90 degrees. If it backfires alot on decell with the fuel screw 2-2 &1/2 turns out it is time to go richer. We had an 04 KX250f and the 40 was too lean at 80 degrees.
  15. 4strokesrule

    2006 WR250F Emissions removal???

    Find a piece of solid stock (bolt, solid steel rod, etc) that will just fit inside the fitting snugly. Leave some sticking out in case you need to remove it. Then you can clamp down on it with a pair of vice grips using some serious force without just crushing the fitting. Twist, turn, pull. Or get a piece that is long enough to use the slide hammer rig on it mentioned earlier. If that fails try heating the fitting with a torch till red. Let cool and it should be looser in the head after it shrinks. Mapp gas or even a propane torch may get it hot enough if you don't have access to acetelyne.