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  1. FZ1guy

    Wilson to KTM

    Seems like Dean was good on that 250 a few years ago, i saw him at Unidilla and won both motos, but seems lately he is averaging a 5 to 8 place, hope he makes a comeback but unlikely.
  2. FZ1guy

    Herlings in for Unadilla

    he is one fast kid, i think he will make Bagget look like an amateur
  3. FZ1guy

    KTM Boys

    I think the suspension companies have to kick it up a notch, If james had better suspension, whether it's available or not he would be impressive. wonder what the next step is in suspension.
  4. FZ1guy

    Half mile rhythm?

    If this type of racing catches on, i have a feeling you will the rise of the 2 strokes dominate this type of racing
  5. FZ1guy

    Motocross Zach Bell

    Whatever happened to that hot rookie Zach Bell, if he didn't crash he was fast...
  6. FZ1guy

    Motocross something slippery

    Wonder if there is something sneaky inside that #17 engine, it is turning faster lap times than any of the 450 Honda's, especially the last month or more. wonder if it is really legit.BOOM
  7. FZ1guy

    Tomac 450's

    I hear you on Cairoli's bike, I could be mistaken, but they might have different rules over there, read it somewhere, that KTM is trying different engine sizes for Cairoli, I heard it might be a 400cc ect, but why does he dominate over the 450's is puzzling, I know he is a rider who trains very hard, can't wait for MXDN and see what is going to happen, Hope Honda is listening about the 350,,,,it possibly could work if they keep it light enough and make some hp near the 450 Kawi.
  8. FZ1guy

    Tomac 450's

    maybe if Honda made a 350 bike same weight as the 250 Tomac and Barcia may like them better, Works for Cairoli
  9. FZ1guy

    Washougal bench racing

    I hope when nobody is looking that Stewert gives Dungey his bike, so we can see some closer action between him & RV, this way Stewie can get to try a pumpkin
  10. I was following the GP series a few yrs ago, seemed like Roczen was always first and Herrlings second. that was then, I wonder what would the outcome would now be if Roczen went bact to GP or Herrlings came here to the states, how would do here, presently over in the GP series he is unbeatable. he has alot of talent. I have a feeling Roczen might have to take a second place if he went back. any comments
  11. FZ1guy

    Just wondering ?

    You can say that again..... he probably sent Villapoto the sweetest Christmas card last year, with a note saying take off another year to heal up there buddy Love Ryan
  12. FZ1guy

    Motocross Desalle

    Curious what the users here think if Clemnet DeSalle can run with RV, RD or JS at the next 2 events here in the states.
  13. FZ1guy

    RV Perfect Season!

    the way it looks, Roczen can't miss taking the number one plate. Tomac and Bagget are in for some schooling. and I think the Asian bike companies are looking real hard at this KTM, I thnk you will see a BIG Gieco KTM team(s) dominating in the near future. having owned a 09 KTM 250 I can't say much for their suspension, but power wise, awesome. I now own a 2011 Honda crf250R and I like it, but If KTM continues with their develpoement as they are now, somebody better get on the ball.
  14. FZ1guy

    AC292 out for Hangtown

    Maybe AC 292 might be able to run with the top riders, BUT i will say now what I have seen today at Hangtown, they may as well give out the number one plates out now, because it looks like a run away Chet
  15. FZ1guy

    What's up with RacerX website?

    the same thing happened to me over the last week, I checked my flashplayer, any other things I can check,, I get the same screen as an above user mentioned,. Chet