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    Engine timers?

    The MAIN benefit (for me) of the Trail Tech Panoram Computer is the ability to monitor the time on the engine. I also REALLY enjoy all of the other features of the Panoram. Trip time, riding (engine running) time, average speed, max speed, and more. Having the flashing reminder to tell me when to change oil is the best.
  2. I wasnt ready to post this yet, because I am still struggling with new jetting, but here goes. My bike is a 2001 YZ426. I live at 6500ft and ride from my house to 9000ft several times a week, until the snow gets to deep. I try to ride mostly single track mountain forrest, and some desert. The tougher/tighter the better. After experiencing the "no compression when cold" thing, I did some research, and was directed to Zip Ty Racing. They (Ty Davis and Jim Hardiker(sp)) explained the problem to me and also explained their solution. It involves using the stock valves, but different springs and retainers. They did replace one valve (center intake). They also did some porting (cleanup) on the head. Then I went one step further. I had them install HotCams. First let me say that my butt is NOT a dyno. BUTT, what a difference!!!! I was trying to avoid the cliche "this thing rips!" but I can't. It pulls harder and soooo much smoooother right off idle. Easily a gear higher on single track and out of corners. I drag raced (rolling) a KTM LC4 640, and Honda XR650R, on a fire road and easily pulled them both, right to the rev limiter. And I know my jetting is not right. I changed needles, clips, and pilot jets and could'nt get it right. So off I went to my WOT testing site, a .2 mile dam. (level pavement). I was running a 160 main. I did my first pass, ( I come on to the straight in 3rd, quickly shift to 5th and pin it until I hit the limiter, then kill button and clutch). The plug was white on the insulator, but had soot on the steel around it. I guessed it was not warmed up enough. Because it was so white, I skipped to a 165 and did another pass. The insulator was still very white, but no soot. I made one more pass with a 168 and it is still close to white on the tip. That is my biggest main jet. One major thing I noticed was that previous to the head mods, when doing these WOT tests on the dam, after getting to the rev limiter I could not stop before the pavement ends and where the dirt starts. (where the truck is parked). Yesterday I could stop long before the truck, without any hard braking!!!!!!! Much better acceleration than before, but it is so smooth, you almost can't tell it is stronger. Now the suspension. I have a MX Tech off road setup. I thought it was good. Then I changed to a 18" wheel, and added the Zip Ty Magic Link. This bike is now MAGICAL. The steering is unbelieveable, and it is much better in the rough stuff. I chased a 20yr old kid (I'm 47) on a KTM 200 on one of our tightest single tracks, and was able to stay close to him until I was exhausted. (Maybe 2 miles) The combination of the smooth low end, and plush handling makes this bike a whole new experience, and it is AWSOME. Thank You Zip Ty Racing. I may post an update when I finish jetting. By the way, don't forget; all this report IS with incorrect jetting, and it STILL runs awsome!!
  3. ricky1

    Pilot jet too lean?

    Thanks Larry, Your settings are nearly the same as I used to run. That will get me back in the ballpark.
  4. ricky1


    LarryCO, I hope you are still out there. I am trying to direct you to my reply to "pilot to lean" by finglan
  5. ricky1

    Pilot jet too lean?

    LarryCO, I hope you are still out there. Do you find that the relative settings for the PJ/PAJ hold true at any altitude? I live at 6500 ft and ride to 9000 several times a week. I have different valve springs, retainers, porting, (port cleanup?), and Hotcams, and I am trying to re-jet, with a little difficulty. Thanks
  6. ricky1

    exhaust leak; symptoms?

    Hick, thanks for the reply. I just got my engine back together after major head work by Ty Davis. I am having trouble getting it jetted properly. I have a insert in the stock can, and noticed that four of the eight screws are missing. The screws that hold the insert into the can. I was wondering if this could have an effect on idle/pilot circuts. I know that a lean pilot will cause a hanging idle, I am wondering if to rich a pilot will cause the idle to "hang" lower. I have adjusted the idle, and am not sure where it is right now. The idle hangs very high, but when it drops off, it quits running. Then it wont start unless I give it a little throttle. How much effect does the needle have on the idle/pilot circut? I have tried 35,38,40 &45 pilot jets. I am guessing that I have it so rich the idle has gone down to low, and trying to compensate by turning the idle up I have created the "hanging" idle. I am about to go back to the 38 pilot and raise the needle. Thanks Hick, I always respect your opinion.
  7. Can (will) a leak at the end cap of the can (for example, if four of the eight rivets fell out) affect performance? What symptoms would be noticed?
  8. ricky1

    Any pilots out there?

    What would all you guys do if the engine(s) quit? I have been flying hang gliders since 1979, up to 18,000 ft MSL and have approx. 55 flights in sailplanes. (gliders) By far, the most intense thing I have ever done is flying behind the tow plane in hot desert summer conditions. I would do almost anything for a ride in a fighter, but unpowered flight is very rewarding.
  9. ricky1

    Front Brake Blueprinting

    Tom Morgan Racing 928-453-5061. Great work, on time, no BS. Send your braided CR style line and have it installed at no extra charge. He is the mechanic/wrench for Heath Voss
  10. ricky1

    Newbie has some setup ????

    Regarding the pipe, you can get a disk type of spark arrestor from BMP (WWW.bmp.motox.org) in Oregon that slides into the stock silencer. I bought mine from them quite a while ago, and I like it. It came with 8 disks, but with 6 disks it reads 100-101 dB on my Radio Shack dB meter. I really did not notice a power loss with 6 disks. The one thing that concerns me, is that the end plate says "FMF spark arrestor model #1000" but it has NO USFS endorsement. I think I will call them today and see if they have changed that.
  11. ricky1

    Off Topic IE help please

    EGO, things are working fine now, thanks for the help
  12. ricky1

    Off Topic IE help please

    yes, there is a internet icon, and it is highlighted, but I don't see anything about java or javascript
  13. ricky1

    Off Topic IE help please

    running 6.0.2600.0000
  14. ricky1

    Off Topic IE help please

    E.G.O. I went into the security settings,and do not have a internet "tab". the only place where I found "java" was in the advanced tab. I clicked on the restore defaults button, restarted, and things are better. Thanks for the help
  15. Once again I am not getting any icons on my web pages. I have white boxes with red x's everywhere. I have checked my security settings and they are set at medium. Can anyone help? Thanks, Rick Fuller