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  1. JaysDirtyRide

    Looking at trading up to an 08 300 XCW

    I have an '08 300 in WAY better shape that I'd consider selling to you.
  2. JaysDirtyRide

    KTM 200 XCW Series

    Having owned and raced a Bultaco 250...having ridden a KTM 200...and currently own and raced a KTM 300...I'm not sure I can draw comparisons between the 'Taco 250 and either KTM. I guess they all have 2 wheels and 2-stroke motors...lol. The 'Taco 250 delivered power quite differently from the KTM 200...wildly differently. I do not describe the 200 as "peaky" power delivery any more than I would describe the 300 as "peaky". To describe the 'Taco I had as "peaky" is like saying the new C7 Corvette is a "good looking car". That phrase just doesn't do it justice. My Bultaco's power deliver was just shy of homicidal! "Terrifyingly Peaky" is a more apt summation IMO. Not all Bultaco's are created equal...Spainsh dirt bikes of the time were notoriously needy and production consistency was an unknown concept. They should have added TLC into the naming conventions for their dirt bikes...they required constant tinkering. Mine was a 1969 M68 Bultaco Pursang Mk4. I might have weighed 80lbs soaking wet back then...about 1974. My parents couldn't afford a newer Mk6 which featured engine refinements that tamed the throttle response and better utilized the new-in-1969 twin spark plug head. I'm supprised I didn't break any bones riding that crazy bike...well...crashing that crazy bike. Ooops...sorry for the time travel moment from the History Channel. -Jay
  3. JaysDirtyRide

    Half the CC's = twice the fun!

    Mine was the 2nd 300 riding with gmoss the day he vid'd it. I'm camera shy (and slow) so I'm not featured in any of the posted vid...but...I have deliberately NOT ridden his new 150 because ignorance is f-ing bliss! I have an '08 xc-w that I have setup just how I like it...lug-n-chug baby. If I want to add some spice, I simply twist the right grip until she scares the grey outa my hair. The trail we were on that day was new to three of the four riders...and it was technical pure mountain single track. With more familiarity we would have ridden it with more aggression. gmoss probably has vid footage of more familiar trails we rode that day where we absolutely tore it up. I was very impressed with the 150 that day. I'm curious to see how it handles some of the faster trails with long hill climb section...Bootlegger Enduro? Maybe. -Jay
  4. To the OP... Walking is good. Walking with resistance is better. I enjoy walking but the only time I feel like it benifits me physically is when I get on the treadmill, set the incline to 8%, set the speed to 4.3mph (I have shorter legs) and "walk" up a 3 mile long hill. This takes me about 44 minutes. I much prefer MTB-ing for hard-core cardio and fantastic stamina-building. The fact that you're riding single-track trails in the hills is a bonus! I believe MTB-ing is the best form of outdoor cardio a woods rider can do. The reward for all the uphill climbs are the downhill banshee runs! -Jay
  5. Sweet Dave! Merry Christmas!
  6. JaysDirtyRide

    Little Brown Jug Enduro

    Metalman and Johno....great meeting you wankers! I don't handle heat very well but managed to finish. Great course...just about the right amount of moisture in the soil. Not dusty and not muddy...very nice. I'm not a fan of bar-banging tight ST through the trees so fortunately, for me anyway, the really tight stuff was limited to only a few miles. The rest of the course really had some nice flow. It was rough for sure...and my lower back is still protesting today. If I were to complain...and it's really a small complaint...the resets were too short. I'm a slower rider but I still make the resets at other enduros (bootlegger comes to mind). I rode 60+ miles in the heat/hummidity with only one reset break. I did take 5 minutes at the gas stop (even though I was already late) because I couldn't go on without a break due to the high heat. I ran Sportsman. I thought about running 45+C (I'm 49) but figured the class would be stacked with sandbagging barnacle heads. And I'm a month too early to run the 50+C class. As it turned out, it was the 50+C class that was absolutely stacked with sandbagging barnacle heads! All-in-all...a great enduro. I enjoyed it despite my suffering! -Jay p.s. Don't get all butt hurt over my sandbagging barnacle head reference if you were one of the 50+C sandbaggers.
  7. JaysDirtyRide

    Tis The Season...for Another Refresh/rebuild .... :)

    Good ride today mossy. Bummer about your rear brake fail. Looks like a master cylinder rebuild is in order. It looked good before you lost the rear brake. Our private training trail...#18...was in excellent condition. The Kenda Washougal Sticky is the trick tire for sure (I'm running one too...as you know). AND...at $47 it's a f-ing steal! We'll do it again in a couple of weeks...for me anyway. -Jay
  8. JaysDirtyRide

    Tis The Season...for Another Refresh/rebuild .... :)

    Damn! Dem's sure purdy wuheeels!
  9. JaysDirtyRide

    Kickstarter Woes...with Photos!

    Ah...darn springs anyway! Glad you got it sorted. -Jay
  10. JaysDirtyRide

    Kickstarter Woes...with Photos!

    I dunno about the KX. I don't have any experience with them. Perhaps a post in the Kawi section would yield an answer?
  11. JaysDirtyRide

    Tis The Season...for Another Refresh/rebuild .... :)

    Looks sweet Gmoss! Bummer we can'y go get 'em al muddied up today! -Jay
  12. JaysDirtyRide

    Tis The Season...for Another Refresh/rebuild .... :)

    sure...I'll look at it for ya! You prolly just need to use a bigger hammer.
  13. JaysDirtyRide

    Tis The Season...for Another Refresh/rebuild .... :)

    Hi mossy... I think the gap is there because you don't have the rear fender ALL the way down on the subframe spars. I had that issue as well...until I finally got it seated all the way down. The air box part that engages the frame and rear fender was the culprit on mine. -Jay
  14. JaysDirtyRide

    Top end time....2010 300

    yeah...feeling myself gives me confidence! uh...wait, that's doesn't sound like what I meant... It's not difficult. After a couple of practice pulls...I could get it really close. There were some other posts where guys rigged up a way to do it...but calculating the step-downs, etc...gave me a headache. Pulling it good-n-tight seemed to work well!
  15. JaysDirtyRide

    Top end time....2010 300

    Hi wrfrk. I did my 2008 300 for the first time last winter...lost my top-end replacement cherry! It's really easy. I suprised myself frankly. OK...regarding the cylinder bolts behind the covers...I torqued them by feel. Yep...no torque wrench. 13mm boxed end wrench...I torqued the other two with a torque wrench and then put the 13mm boxed end on there and tested the feel a few times. Then I torqued the other two nuts down by feel. I hope you purists can still breathe! I've got many many hours on my top end and all is good mate. Regarding X demsion...you will not hurt or compress the gaskets by torquing the cylinder down, checking the X and then releasing the torque...no worries there mate. Yes...check the X with the cylinder torqued down. Get it as close to 0 as possible. It took me a few tries...here's a good hint: don't install the rings until after you have the X dem set. It makes it super easy to pull the cylinder on and off several tmes if you're not playing with the rings each time. The most challening part for me was getting the piston pin clips into the grove on the piston...take your time and have a couple extras in case you lose or damage one. -Jay