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  1. agia

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    My XM Radio...is this a question?
  2. agia

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Short video clip on Imgur https://imgur.com/gallery/j5bgFQq
  3. Got the parts yesterday. Now just have to get in the mood to pull the carburetor again...
  4. That's a bummer but I don't want to have to do that. I figure it could be leaking while I'm riding and I have no desire to get stranded in the desert!
  5. agia

    New CA exhaust law for 2019..... Thoughts?

    About 5 years ago or so I was riding my Honda ST1300 which is a very quiet bike. Some guy in pick-up truck, H-D decal on the back window, stuck his head out the window and told me I was going to get killed riding this bike. I flipped my visor up and asked him what he was talking about and he replied my bike was too quiet. ūü§£
  6. agia

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    The charging voltage for these cars (in this case a Mitsubishi) is way higher than 12 volts. But I still appreciate the irony of this photo.
  7. I'll try that and thanks again!
  8. Thank you for confirming my plan. I'm no expert on working with engines, carbs, and etc. I'm certain riding it around jostles the float enough to keep it from sticking which is why the leaks tend to occur when I turn the gas on a parked bike. Over the past several years, the slosh baffle had a tendency to fall off. I'll have to see about slightly deforming it to get it to stick better to its mounting position.
  9. 2004 XR-400R, was recently ridden but otherwise sat for two years and started about every 10 days during that time. 10 days has elapsed since riding it in the desert, turned on the gas today and it started leaking again out the overflow tube -- stuck float I'm certain. Carb was recently cleaned and some dirt was in the bowl. I was thinking about replacing part No. 2 and No. 4 as shown in the diagram below. Also, on my last ride, I pulled the slosh baffle out. Bike ran OK without it. Does it really serve a purpose? Any other advice on what to look for inside the carb appreciated.
  10. agia

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I remember walking through some street in Washington D.C. years ago when a line of several black SUVs drove tightly together, red/blue lights in the grilles, and sunglass-wearing dudes staring ominously out the rolled-down windows. I was afraid to take my hands out of my pockets. Had no idea who they were shuttling around. I was at a function where Governor Moonbeam was at 7-8 years ago. He only had two plain-clothes CHP with him.
  11. agia

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I grabbed all the photos from the network then as I put together the PowerPoint for U/S Gore to present to the Feds. I was in the Comm. Center for this fire.
  12. agia

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    In the Bush picture, you can see someone holding up a phone -- presumably has a low res camera. They probably gave LE more of a pass on this as I believe the Secret Service did not or could not disarm all of them but it was a swept and secure area in a command post. I was not in the field for this particular fire. At the time I was assigned to Communications Center where a lot of information was being funneled to.