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  1. blone

    Cal City - Watseland Weekend...

    Happened upon this a couple years back not knowing what the hell it was, just came up over a hill and saw the huge spread. Once we got closer and saw the topless, fat, nasty broads with the mohawks eyeballing us like we were dinner we decided to keep on riding. Some pretty interesting home built vehicles out there though.
  2. blone

    Engine dies at end of warm up (XR650R)

    Back from the dead, but I am having a similar issue. Bike wants to cough then stall when coming to a stop, or when at a stop. not good when riding on the street. This issue seemed to have started after swapping to a fresh spark plug. Why is this?
  3. blone

    Cal City

    Be aware when going into that abandoned prison on a weekday. I've been going to that prison on weekends for a while, never had an issue. Several months ago I went there on a weekday with a few people, and there was a guy taking shit from the houses, we could hear him hammering and making noise. An angry guy in an f-150 utility truck pulled up to us and told us that it was federal property and we needed to leave NOW. He asked a friend of mine, who was walking through the houses if he took anything, and my buddy said he didn't take anything, the guy in the truck said "I saw you taking stuff" (apparently he was watching from the top of the hill with binoculars, and mistook my friend for the guy that was stealing from the houses). My buddy replied again that he didn't take anything, but he saw a guy stealing stuff and pointed the guy in the truck in the direction where he saw the thief. He told us to get out, and quickly took off to go confront the thief. Also, my girlfriends brother lives in Ridgecrest and he saw a guard posted up at the road entrance to the prison somewhat recently after the incident I had. but I've driven by there since then and I have not seen anything, so I don't know what that was about
  4. blone

    Cal City mining tower

    At least they found who did it. Too bad it cant be replaced.
  5. I'm sure some of you guys that ride this area of desert recognize this old mining tower (some call it Igors tower) south of Rands-Mojave rd, apparently some dickheads burnt it to the ground a couple days ago. Pretty sad to hear its gone.
  6. blone

    XR650R Street Legal (Australia Vs US)

    Yep, they're not even close. about the only thing they share are the same size bolts somewhere on the bike lol Almost makes me wish they chose a different name for the bike because its always getting mistaken for the L
  7. blone

    Problem with Rear disc rotor

    There are plenty of cheap Chinese aftermarket rotors on eBay for the 650R. Whether the quality is there, I couldn't tell you. Galfer doesn't make or sell rear rotors anymore as far as I know. I searched everywhere when I was in the market for a new rotor recently . I ended up with the braking rear rotor, same quality as Galfer. I know the 94 CR500 disc bolt pattern is the same as the 650R on the front, but no idea if the rear has the same pattern, might be worth researching, and might open up more options if it's the same
  8. Did this ride last year along with the shuteye peak side trail, absolutely amazing. At the Banquet raffle I won the Vintage Motorcycle award with a Hodaka Combat Wombat side case mounted to the plaque, apparently my '00 XR650R was the oldest bike on the ride haha! Pretty sweet.
  9. blone

    SoCal Street Plated Rider Thread

    Very nice, no doubt that thing can yank the rear up pretty easily with that setup! I've got a braking Supermoto 4 piston caliper with a 320mm Braking rotor, coupled with a Brembo 16x18 master cylinder for my street SM setup, although I mostly ride dirt, so my dirt setup gets the most use. The brakes are pretty insane on the street setup tho! Nice ride!
  10. blone

    SoCal Street Plated Rider Thread

    Motomaster Supermoto front brake setup?
  11. blone

    SoCal Street Plated Rider Thread

    Nah, closest would be Gorman or Rowher.
  12. blone

    SoCal Street Plated Rider Thread

    South Bay. Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan area
  13. I have Warp 9 SM hoops laced to my stock hubs with stainless spokes on my street supermoto setup (I swap dirt to SM), they seem pretty beefy. Ridden them on rocky, rutted trails that a supermoto shouldn't be on, and hit some decent sized jumps to flat, cement landings over and over without issue. They seem to be holding up great. In fact I may throw the SM setup back on for the summer. I hear their customer service is top notch as well.
  14. blone

    SoCal Street Plated Rider Thread

    Bone stock down to the paper air filter XR100.
  15. blone

    Engine rebuilds

    Tell that to the CR500 and XR650R riders out there Mr. peanut motor.