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    Hmmm.... RCH needs to call Blake Wharton. Definatly reach out to Weston Peick
  2. jdbarry

    '94 DR 125 battery or charging problem

    My wife's '94 DR125 has a situation. The battery sat over winter with out a trickle charger. I don't know how old it is, but I am sure it is shot: it doesn't hold a charge. When I jump the battery and start the bike the voltage is about 7-8 volts. When I turn on the head light the voltage jumps to 10-11 volts! When I rev the bike with the head light on the voltage drops and the engine begins to sputter and it will die. If the light is off the engine revs fine but never builds more than 8 volts. The other odd thing is every once in awhile after the engine has idled 20 minutes or so the idle voltage without the head light on is at 10-11-12 volts, but it seams as though I cannot replicate this event. I feel confident that the rectifier is not the problem because the output voltage reads the same voltage as the battery and the AC voltage is roughly 3/4 of rectifier out put voltage. So the questions are: Is the battery the source of this entire problem? Does the battery need close to 12 volts to charge the stator to out-put 12V? or is the charging system on the fritz too? Thanx guys any help is appreciated.
  3. jdbarry

    CR, KX, RM, YZ- What they stand for

    CR stands for Close Ratio, as it relates to the transmission
  4. jdbarry

    BMX bars on ttr125?????

    i would give it a shot. the dimensions seam to be there and the price seams right, but would there be enough room for the controls next to the grips? second, would you have enough clamp force with the handle bar clamps to keep the bars from rotating forward or backward. this would take trial and error method, and not stripping the bolts or holes. if the bars rotated i would try a small bar, like all thread, from the handlebar cross bar to the forks or triple clamps.
  5. jdbarry

    Why do I have a problem NOW ???

    ditto Firecracker Little thing, but big aggravation
  6. jdbarry

    Yeah, stewart is having a good time off

    Funny, but a good thing he (JS7) and his friend were wearing white clothes! Parts of them did not stand out well against the wall.
  7. Hello to every one in the DR forum. I am new to this forum, but I just bought a DR 125 Se for my wife to learn to ride on. When I was changing the oil tonight I took out the bolt in the center of the screen cover to drain the oil. Then I noticed another bolt next to the screen cover: I took it out wanting to sure all the oil was drained. When I took this bolt out a spring and shuttle (bell shaped object) feel out of the bolt hole. I did not expect this to happen and therefore I did not notice what the order was when they fell out. My guess is this is an oil bypass. So my question is what was the order of the items to be reassembled? Is it, starting from the top and going down, shuttle-spring-bolt or spring-shuttle-bolt? I can install the them in either order, searching online parts fiche and searching this forum has not yielded any results. I know their is not a lot of information about this model but it seams that the DR 200 SE is essentially the same. Any information would help. Thanks, jdbarry
  8. JAMRACING21 What do you mean a 'sleeve in rear'? Sleeve for the pivot bolt in the chassis, swingarm or engine case?
  9. metal_miracle, That Zook is nice! Could you go into a little detail on the challenges that you had with that build. Was the swing arm pivot a problem like I foresee? Was thinking of finding a older 125 rolling chassis from early 90's to early 00's and using it as the starting point. Steel or Aluminum chassis. Then attempt to find a 80/85 engine, but I think this may be harder to find than I think. A quick search of Flea-Bay came up with nothing, but I have not been searching that hard. Is there other groups or circles that would have more of these engines? I think I might have to look for good 80/85 bike and use the engine. Anybody have any other ideas on sources of these engines? Thanks for everyone's response.
  10. jdbarry

    which is FASTER DRZ 125L or KLX 140L

    Engines Only has a lot of stuff for the DRZ. Like 190 cc kit. But they have been tinkering with the KLX. I have a personal feeling that the KLX will get its due attention soon. The full frame and 140 cc engine plus E-start will launch the KLX above the DRZ. My personal opinion. And it is relatively light weight(KLX).
  11. Hello everyone. I would like to build a full sized 80/85 with a 125 frame and tires (21"/19"). I know that there is no point of the bike. It would be under-powered and to small for my frame (210#'s), but it just would be too much fun. You know, crank the throttle open to 'puree' and clutch it. However, does anyone have experience with this "pointless" project. I know that TM made a full sized 80 a few years ago (at lest in '95 when one of the mags tested one), but I am not going to bother looking for one of those. A few questions that I have are: How difficult was the project? and was it worth the time and effort? Did using the same brand frame matter when selecting the brand of engine or vice versa? The biggest problem I foresee is the swing arm shaft. Is my assumption correct? Thanx, I appreciate any help I can get.
  12. jdbarry

    Why are 4 strokes cheaper?

    I'm with Ud_Luz. It's not "Pinger propaganda"; it is the cold hard facts. Bryan can not say the 4$ sales are in a recession(sp) or resale is rocky: he owns TTalk! However, I love your site: even though I own a KTM 200 MXC.
  13. jdbarry

    2006 ttr 250r plastics

    OEM. Maybe Acerbis Technik front fender, but other plastic parts I bet it is only OEM. Sorry, you bought a low volume machine.
  14. jdbarry

    Suzuki's Biggest Mistake

    Didn't Suzuki make a similar mistake in '96 with the RM 250. Releasing it late because Roger DeCoster pushed the have the "97 RM250" release a year ahead? If I rember corectly.
  15. jdbarry

    '92 Kx 80 suspension

    Hello fellows, I was wondering if anyone knows what other model years the suspension would be interchangable with a '92 KX 80 (it might be a '89). I know what you guys are thinking, 'What's the point is bike should be too old and clapped out to be any good.' Well this family has five kids and the oldest one is just growing out of it, so they want to use it as the beginner bike for all the little ones, and they don't race. But the rear shock is blown and the front forks are going to need rebuilt, so I thought maybe eBay would have used components cheaper than rebuilding would cost. However, I don't know what years would be interchangable. Could anyone help me? Thanks.