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  1. johnson_909

    '12 250F - Low Power, TPS?

    Hello everyone. My 2012 seems to be a little low on power throughout the power band. It also seems to bog and die at low RPMs and under a load easier than I think it should. I'm questioning whether or not the problem is TPS related. The TPS connector is broken (wiring harness side), but still seems to seat fine. I bought a TPS adjustment tool from tpstool.com. The idle reading is good, but i don't get a reading above 2 V, even at full throttle. I'm monitoring the TPS voltage while the bike is running and the time spent at full throttle is very short. Can the TPS be bad if the idle reading is normal? Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. johnson_909

    2012 KX250F Ran Low on Oil

    What would cause the valve to come in contact with the piston?
  3. johnson_909

    2012 KX250F Ran Low on Oil

    Like the title says, I ran my 250F low on oil this weekend. I just bought the bike and this happened on the first ride. The oil filter cover o ring was pinched and leaked oil. I changed the oil and estimate that 1/3 - 1/2 quart drained out. After the oil change, I rode the bike down the driveway and the power seems good, but can't be certain since the bike is so new to me. One change that I did notice is that it seems to be harder to start now. It used to start on the second kick, no choke before and now it requires the choke and takes 4-5 kicks to get going. The also doesn't seem to idle as well when it is cold. It idles fine when it is warm. I didn't notice any excessive engine noise when it was idling or when I rode it. Is it all in my head or should I tear the engine down? I plan on checking the valve tolerances, what other checks would you guys recommend? I'm just getting back into bikes after quite a few years off and am pretty unfamiliar with 4 stroke engines. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. johnson_909

    05 rebuild

  5. johnson_909

    05 rebuild

    I think its time to get a new piston and some head work done. I was thinking about a high comp piston and a performance cam and maybe some porting. Any suggestions? Valves, springs, cam, piston, porting? Prices?
  6. johnson_909

    05 Rebuild

    Its time to rebuild my 05 R and Im looking for suggestions for some more performance. I was thinking about a cam and possible head mods, anything that would add reasonable power. The bike is box stock. This bike is not raced and mainly used for sand riding. Any suggestions, part numbers?
  7. johnson_909


    Anyone out there?
  8. johnson_909


    So I took my left crankcase cover off to fix a stripped out oil filter cover hole and I thought I put everything back together the right way. Pulled it off the stand and try to start it for 20min, nothing. Checked spark plug for spark, nothing. I dont know anything about what was behind that cover(generator,etc.) so I dont know if there is a specific way to line the generator up, I just put back the way it lined up the best screw holes on the cover. I noticed that there is two pair of exposed pins inside the cover, is that significant? Please help!
  9. johnson_909

    05 to 06 YZF Exhaust?

    Its a titanium system with a stainless header. I dont think welding the stainless would be a problem, but what about ti?
  10. johnson_909

    05 to 06 YZF Exhaust?

    Will aftermarket exhaust for an '05 fit on an '06? If not, what different and how similar are they? My buddy just wheelied over and destroyed his WB Carbon Pro muffler and saw an ad for a super cheap full ti system but its for an '05 and is curious if he could make it fit his '06.
  11. johnson_909

    who has a TM??

    I have an '01 125 mx and its the most powerful 125 ive ever ridden and ive ridden all brands over different years. The paioli forks are garbage. Parts are easy to find(and I live in Montana), but expensive. Get a TM if you want a powerhouse out of the box, but not if youre on a budget cause the parts will kill you!($45+ for a clutch lever)
  12. johnson_909

    Accelorator pump?

    Where can you find the Wirtz acc cover?
  13. johnson_909


    Has anyone ridden Pipestone recently? How is it, is there any snow?
  14. johnson_909

    Fluid Change?

    I read on the Race Tech site that a stock '04 is sprung for a 160lb. rider, is this correct? No need to worry about top end yet, only 20 hrs. on the bike.
  15. johnson_909

    Woody Graphics

    Can you buy just the radiatior shroud woody graphics from throttle jockey or do you have to buy the whole set?