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    also have a 1943 Harley WLA.
  1. sinner

    Crashed DRZ's and KLX's

    Hi FlaDRZ, where was this pic taken? Thanks Sinner. 'Ocala sand fleas'
  2. sinner

    600 mile maintenence

    Oil, Filter, and plug. $24. clean the air filter. takes 10 mins to pop the tank of to change the plug. i do mine every 1000.miles takes 1hr tops. Check the chain and lub it.Take the skid plat of to make it easyer and cleaner. Good luck.
  3. sinner

    Red Plastic for a DRz 400s

    Thanks Guys i'll think about painting it!
  4. sinner

    Newb needs help

    Like i said i got mine new, but my mate got his second hand and has had NO problems with it. it runs as strong as mine. As for off road, theres nothing my DRz cant handle, People say they heavy, But i throw mine all over the place. Good luck its a great bike. Sinner,
  5. sinner

    Red Plastic for a DRz 400s

    Thanks. And B4 anyone says "you should of got a Honda" Ya i would have, but its very hard to title the 650 here in Fl.
  6. sinner

    Newb needs help

    It looks like it has all the right parts... And i use mine of road all the time And think it makes a great off roader! 4000miles since new in Feb is'nt bad..
  7. sinner

    Newb needs help

    Hi and Welcome, I have an 07 got it new in Feb' allready have over 4000 miles on it!!! So you should not worry about mileage? The add ons only better the bike to. I only bought new cos i had no money (cash) to buy second hand. All the Best Sinner.
  8. sinner

    Red Plastic for a DRz 400s

    Hi:prof: is there any where i can get Red plastic for my Drz400s " YES I DID A SEARCH" but did'nt find what i was looking for? Or is there a paint you can use. Thanks Sinner.
  9. sinner

    Best chain for Highway driving

    chain is a chain Its only a 400.
  10. sinner

    Where can I get a headlight shroud?

    There on ebay all the time!!!! the last one went for$4.00. ( yello)
  11. sinner

    confused about which yosh to order..??

    Got mine from Ebay ( you save $100 ) and it said off road! When it came it was the same as on road! ( no 'offroad' sticker ) Got the full Yosh RS3 new in the box for $400 inc post.
  12. sinner

    Here it is!! An ALL BLUE DRZ 400!!

    Nice looking ride, Mine's Blue! But cant post pic's
  13. sinner

    DRZ Speeds - list yours

    70 cruise, and 94 top. that was stock. With jd,3x3,full yosh RS3. 70 cruise, 89 top. And now i have Dunlops 606s 70 cruise, not gone full yet as its a bit wobbley hehehe.
  14. sinner

    tail light extension removal

    I did mine but cant think how i did it now? but when i took the extension of. i had to put the back light back on upside down??? it works good,