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  1. i have done some searching and most people say to use 10w-40 for a crf 50. i have a 2004 and just wanted to know if i should get the 10w-40 or can i just use honda gn4 20w-50 since i already have some for my 450. i live in washington so the temp is usually above 50 now for the summer. also i noticed a clicking sound as i accelerate through the middle of the gears. it goes away once it is reved out a little but im not sure what it might be. but it could have something to do with the 70 kit in it. any ideas. thanks in advance
  2. Ryann

    Staddleline Labor Day weekend

    i was there on sunday and i met him and he gave me a free monster. but when he was riding at the end of the day he wasnt trying so i could keep up with him
  3. Ryann

    Painting gas tank?

    ive never seen a black gas tank for a 03 yz250f
  4. Ryann

    Thor vs. Alpinestar

    my quadrants are holding up great and ive used them a lot in the last 2 years since i got them. i would get them if you dont need a really good boot but want something that will hold up
  5. Ryann

    Super Dirt Poker Run 6/24

    i was thinking about going to this but ive never done one before. do i have to be a nma member or have anything else to be in it or can i just show up and go. and can you still win things if you arent registered?
  6. Ryann

    CRF450 clutch lever help w/ pics

    you better fix it so we can ride this weekend
  7. Ryann

    On any Sunday

    i saw that not too long ago and its pretty good. the on any sunday song is pretty catchy too
  8. First of all i wanted to know if the pro taper contours are good because ive heard good and bad things about them and they seem good but i dont want them to break. and also does anyone know what bend is closest to the stock crf 450 bend. ive heard the windham bend was good and also ive heard the carmichael bend was like stock but i dont know for sure. im about 5'9" and 160 so i dont want to get anything too high. like something for a 6'5' guy to use
  9. Ryann

    song from nitro circus

    ya thats the song. thanks yamaharider
  10. Ryann

    song from nitro circus

    i checked those and its not it
  11. this might be kind of a random question and i dont expect anyone to know. but does anyone know the song from nitro circus 4 lock and load where some freestyle guys are riding in the dessert and doing those huge natural jumps? its a really cool song but i dont have the dvd i just remember it was cool.
  12. Ryann

    friend 83ft jump

    i saw that kid when i saw the races there last summer. he was the only one to clear it in his class.
  13. Ryann

    Thor or Fox??

    i have the quadrant and theyre ok. they dont have as much support as i would like but they are pretty cheap and they are good for the money from what i have seen so far and ive had them since the beinning of last summer
  14. thats sad. i feel bad for the guy who landed on him too.
  15. ive had a couple of times where that almost happened to me but i got lucky and got out of the way