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  1. jsepeda

    TE 610 Speedo question

    Worked, as predicted. Speedo is working now. I don't know how accurate but at least I can figure out how fast, or slow, I am taking those dirt trails. Thanks for the advise. Joe
  2. jsepeda

    TE 610 Speedo question

    Thanks, I will try that.
  3. jsepeda

    TE 610 Speedo question

    Newbie here, My TE610 just lost the speedometer. All the other functions work, such as odometer, trip meter, clock etc. Was riding one day worked fine. Now the speed shown is 0 at all times. The only notable difference is that in the past the computer required me to be in neutral in order to toggle between screens. Now can toggle without it being in Neutral. Has anyone had this occur? If so what did you do to fix the speedometer. Any leads appreciated. May have to go to dealer for a fix next time I am in Austin. I am in San Antonio, Texas.
  4. jsepeda

    Who got tools with their 2007 TE?

    I also bought my TE 610 in Austin Texas and I got a tool kit with the motorcycle. Most of the tools fit under the seat but for the axle wrench.
  5. Y'all checked out the great photo of Malcolm Smith going all out on a Husky at the 1971 Baja 1000? It is in the May issue of Motorcyclist on pages 22,23 Well, if you haven't you need to. It captures Smith as he is flying across the desert on a Husky. His helmet lifted by the wind, his cheeks looking like he is strapped to a rocket sled. Captures the ride possible on a Husky.
  6. jsepeda

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    48 years old/young, ok, immature. 2007 Husky TE 610:ride:
  7. jsepeda

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    5'11" At first felt awfully tall. Am getting used to it. I push it out the garage and point it in the direction I want to go. Once on the bike really comfortable.
  8. Thanks for the input. I am glad you thought it thru. I guess I will trailer behind my 5th wheel. I can easily get a small trailer just for the bike. Thanks again. Joe
  9. Folks, I am interested in reading your thoughts on getting a welder to place a Type III receiver on the front of my Dodge 2500 turbo diesel pickup. I have a Ranch hand brush guard already in place to protect my truck at the ranch. I pull a Jazz 30 ft. fifth wheel and don't have room to haul my new Husqvarna TE-610 on the back of the trailer. I would like to add a Type III receiver to the front end of the pickup to serve as the receiver for a Joe Hauler capable of hauling up to 400 lbs. Has anyone attempted this? I wonder if anyone has and real world experience with the above set up. Feed back appreciated. Whatever the response I will probably still do it. Thanks for your info/thoughts. Joe
  10. jsepeda

    '07 TE610 Fuel Injection?

    Where did you get your Husky for $6400. I am in Texas, San Antonio, but I wouldn't mind driving to save some money.