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  1. Dibes

    Greencastle, PA for the DRZ

    Where exactly do you live?
  2. Dibes

    Continential Contiforce SM tires

    I just put a set on last month and they are great!
  3. Dibes

    08 Duke Wallpaper

    Thank you, I was just searching for a duke for my desktop.
  4. Dibes

    Got my Dual Stars today, finally!

    How long were they on backorder? If you don't like them pm me. I am looking to buy a set.
  5. Dibes

    Which Jacket would you get?

    I really like the look of the Joe Rocket supermoto jacket. Iwas thinking of purchasing that for myself. Right now I have the joe rocket pheonix 4.0, it's pretty cool with the liner out.
  6. Belray thumper oil 20/50
  7. Dibes

    simple edge tail light question

    Where in Pa. are you?
  8. Dibes

    simple edge tail light question

    Just tell Forest at wheeling what you need and he will hook you up. Edge,602(etc),and blinker stays. You won't regret it and save some fabrication time. Total install including soldering was about an hour.
  9. Dibes

    XM radio on my DRZ!

    I agree,we listen all day at work. It's the best christmas present I ever got. Sirius has the stilleto (the size of an ipod) on sale for $60 right now!
  10. Dibes

    Gas Tank Weight

    I didn't know the E had a (stock) plastic tank.
  11. Dibes

    Gas Tank Weight

    I guess I should have clarified I have an 07 SM, With a metal tank.
  12. Dibes

    Gas Tank Weight

    I kind of figured it was lighter but I wasn't sure of the thickness of the metal on the stock tank.
  13. Dibes

    Gas Tank Weight

    Is there any weight savings going from a stock tank to an IMS or other aftermarket tank?
  14. Dibes

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    I'm a warehouse manager for a commercial/residential flooring company.