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  1. BabyBecky

    So what do the ladies think?

    That's just a little bright for my tastes. But your GF might love it!
  2. BabyBecky

    My birthday present

    Sweet! Makes you wish you had more birthdays...
  3. BabyBecky

    Girls and riding

    That's great! You've probably planted the seeds of future riders - maybe a track champ, who knows... And I loved the photos from bbbom!!
  4. The 13th Annual Sierra Hope ride for the MDA is set for Saturday, June 2, 2007.Last year's event raised $354,000.00 for Muscular Dystrophy. If you can – consider attending the events, having fun and helping a worthy cause. Jamestown Harley-Davidson 18275 Highway 108 Jamestown, CA 95327
  5. BabyBecky

    My sweet new ride

    It's REALLY looking good for a 1991. Somebody must have taken really good care of it. Good job finding such a fine ride! Now enjoy...
  6. BabyBecky

    the new definition of "Dirtbike Trailer

    It's not for me, but if you like to ride away and stay gone for a day or so, that might be just the thing.
  7. BabyBecky

    Photoshop competition #1

    Okay, I finally broke down and hosted the reworked photo...
  8. Wow - that's amazing! I'll bet Yamaha is having fits about that commercial - and that new engine. Now, all they need to do is make it run on water...
  9. BabyBecky

    Nitro Circus 4: Lock N' Load

    Very cool - and free. Thanks for sharing!
  10. BabyBecky

    Reporters and ATV's don't mix.

    See - that's why you should never ride in the mall! She was like a water skier who'd fallen and wouldn't let go of the rope - only it was throttle...
  11. BabyBecky

    Famous People Who Ride

    I know John Larroquette used to ride dirt and street, but maybe only street since his accident. Ewan McGregor is also an avid rider. I read an article where he did a really long (2,000 miles or so) European trip with someone else who was not famous.
  12. BabyBecky

    Why are there no Thumpettes...

    I can't afford it. Saving up my $$$ for a new bike this summer. (I even gave up Starbuck's.)
  13. BabyBecky


    The trailer is good - when does the full length feature come out...
  14. BabyBecky

    Just finished workin on bike

    It's lookin' sweet. I think the guys above are right - and surely know better than I - but the chain seems loose. I'm sure you've got it righteous by now! Good luck on the rest of the upgrades- bet you're looking forward to testing them out on the dirt!
  15. BabyBecky

    On The Pipe

    Very cool. A little too harrowing for me, but very cool to watch.