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  1. TheRedRider

    09 crf450

    It wouldn't be TBI if the injector were in the head.
  2. TheRedRider

    2009 crf250r EFI!!!

    They will be able to compensate for altitude if they are using a MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR without an oxygen sensor. But to really get the full benefit of FI they will need a 3 sensor system, crank sensor, MAF,and O2 sensor. All of you old school guys that are hating on FI.... There is a reason why everything is going that way. Do you like your electronic ignition?? A CPU controlled engine is way easier for the average guy to diagnose and tune, and they will also perform better on an average then carbed bikes. Think about how many people there are out their who have no clue about jetting. I wonder how much HP they are losing compared to if they were running a self adjusting FI system?? THIS IS GOOD FOR THE MASSES!!!
  3. TheRedRider

    CRF250R doesn't kick start?

    just remove the cam and then make sure you put back in right this time.
  4. TheRedRider

    just rode the 250 for the first time, and....

    who cares........... they don't even make them any more.
  5. TheRedRider

    06 crf250r sprocket

    13 52....
  6. TheRedRider

    Electric / greenie MX bike

    The advancements in battery technology are already way further than you guys think. It is not true that battery powered engines will slow down as the battery runs down. Lithium Ion battery's amperage goes up as the battery heats up and will discharge consistently as voltage drops(very slightly) and temperature goes up. They kind of balance each other out. They have no memory like old school batteries, they are like a glass of water. You can fill them and empty at anytime without cycling as long as the battery is never fully discharged. The electronic speed control (ESC) will not let you fully discharge the battery. The technology to charge these batteries at an extremely fast rate is very near to the general public. Right now they are a little dangerous if not charged properly. These batteries are very light, they use them in huge competitive RC planes right now. You have to be light to fly. Also HP is not a good way to measure the output of an electric motor. Watts is a better unit. A 19HP electric motor has a lot more snot than you think.
  7. TheRedRider

    Bike still going when I let off the throttle?

    could be a vacuum leak. check everything before the throttle slide. Like the head to boot fit and the boot to carb. Also maybe check your hotstart. it could be hanging up, or maybe it has no grease on it. An air leak could easily make your bike run on especially if it was a little rich on the bottom.
  8. TheRedRider

    I'm thinking about a 250R, advice please

    Get the 450x...
  9. TheRedRider

    CRF 250 R with EFI

    The system's should be able to compensate for altitude changes and simple mods all on their own. They would just need a MAF sensor, Coolant temp sensor, and an air/fuel ratio sensor. Honda already mass produces them, and they are very small and light.
  10. TheRedRider

    What should i do

    I didn't know it was like THAT. Take what you can get and run kid! I thought you were a small adult. The 250 might be too much.
  11. TheRedRider

    What should i do

    I think you could even have a suspension company lower your forks internally when they revalve/respring them.
  12. TheRedRider

    What should i do

    Get the 250 and have your suspension resprung and revalved. Then raise your forks all the way up in the clamps and make a shaved step seat. You could also buy a lowering link for the rear linkage. With all of this your bike would sit an inch and half lower and with a shaved seat you would sit another 2 inches lower. Depending on your skills your really gonna limit yourself on the 150 compared to having room for your skills to grow on the 250. Just my 2 cents.
  13. TheRedRider

    I'm thinking about a 250R, advice please

    you said you ride open trails.... If your talking about fire road type trails where your just hauling ass the whole time you will not like the 250. It seems like the gears get REAL short on a 250 on open roads. Also the 250 will not last in these situations especially if you start modding it, you could leave the 450x stock and ride it for ever and never worry about the power. I like to ride mx and tight single track with lots of elevation changes and the 250r is amazing and feels very fast in these situations. So you have to decide where you will be doing the majority of your riding.
  14. TheRedRider

    I'm not gonna lie folks...

    Whats wrong with your old lady paying some attention to your balls??
  15. TheRedRider

    pics of my head and piston..

    Thank you for your help honda rider. I have a lame set of feelers. I need some with more denominations to be more accurate. Does a new 08 head come with the seats cut and valve guides installed?? I'ts only 254 for a new 08 head. 40 for each intake and 30 for each exhaust. I already have all 4 08 valve springs. My local dealer wants 110 to cut my seats and way more for the valves then what I mentioned earlier. So I would end up paying shipping anyways and have to buy 07 exhaust valve springs. I think it would be a 120 dollar difference to go with the 08 head. Does the 08 head flow better than the 06?? Also with the lighter exhaust valve stems they should hold up better. Btw My bike ran perfectly when I took it apart. I just wanted to rebuild it for piece of mind and maybe see a few gains. I never rev my bike or ride it hard, I am just very large (250+ with gear) and wanted more grunt in the low to mid range . Being that I am heavy and tend to lug it a little do you think i can still get away with 91 pump gas after I do all of this?