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  1. mortaygo

    TM 40 heavy throttle pull

    3 settings? can you please explain further?
  2. mortaygo

    TM 40 heavy throttle pull

    yeah she snaps shut.... I will check if the cables are bound or not... so I take it you are saying it should be light? that is what I expected...
  3. mortaygo

    TM 40 heavy throttle pull

    Is it just me or has the TM40 a really heavy throttle pull? I have only recently done the conversion on my XR650R and love it, but the heavy throttle is annoying especally on really big rides where my hand gets sore holding a steady throttle on longer transport sections. Maybe I could look at more lube on the throttle tube and cables and rerouting the cables a bit... I run a Acerbis big tank. Please let me know if that is just the nature of the beast, but I didn't expect it... Joe
  4. which pumper? some say the FCR 41 others say TM40 and today he was told a FCR39 was the biggest an XR600 could handle!!! very confused!!
  5. I know a few people here have a Mikuni Flatslide Carburetor 41mm Kit - Honda XR600R (Al Bakers XR's Only supplied it) I have a mate who has one and can not get it jetted right, he has had several dyno runs with many jetting changes and it is still to lean off the bottom and to rich up top.... we have been told it is a 2 stroke carbie which Al Bakers modify to work on the XR600. Any help would be fantastic. even some base line jetting set ups and any idea what Bakers did to modify it from a 2 stroke carby... Bakers won't answer e-mails
  6. yeah keen on your wheels, just not the price..... seen them on ADV.
  7. mortaygo

    CRF headlight

    I am searching for a complete CRF headlight and can not find one anywhere - email me at mortaygo@tpg.com.au if you can help me out
  8. mortaygo

    Home Made Oil Temp. Gauge

    what a great thread - but what is the expected running temp of an standard XR600r????? I am going to do this, however there is little point if I don't have a benchmark temp...
  9. mortaygo

    XR 660: mikuni 41 mm flatslide jetting

    bump... I have a bit of an issue too, so I want to follow this also.. Joe
  10. mortaygo

    xrsonly flatside question??

    Hi there, I just bought an XR's only 41mm flatslide and assumed it was set up out of the box... idle was way to high and it stalls when I back the throttle off quickly... any tips on setting it up? I thought maybe the Air mixture screw at 1 1/2 turns out might be a bit lean??? but I really have no idea....
  11. mortaygo

    xr600 crank

    I urgently need an XR600 Crank Shaft - 88-2000 model will fit.. I am in Australia but happy to pay postage and your resonable asking price HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Joe
  12. mortaygo

    The 690 Picture Thread

    my ride!! 2009 KTM690R and a picture of my first ride out...
  13. mortaygo

    ktm 690 vs bmw f800 gs

    the F800 is more KTM990 Adv than 690... really they are miles apart.. the only place on the road a BMWF800 might beat my 690 is on a long straight Hwy... Power to weight the 690 will eat the 800
  14. mortaygo

    wings exhaust warranty void

    I call - bull shit
  15. mortaygo

    front guard

    gezz you blokes - the front guard - fender, big plastic pointing thing out the front over the tyre....