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  1. Baby oil on the vent foam will cut down on severe dust getting into the goggles. I second the vote for laminated tearoffs; otherwise dust builds up between each layer and quickly obscures your vision. If you must run standard tearoffs, run as few as possible.
  2. Falcon991

    How to convince wife

    Tell her your other wife has no problem with letting your son from that marriage have one.... Just kidding, man. Show her some of the OEM propaganda on their websites. www.yamaha-motor.com is a good one; there's a video of happy, smiling kids cruising around on PW50s and TT-r50s.
  3. Falcon991

    more front brake lever throw

    Try running the clamp closer to your cross bar (to the left,) and then adjust the lever inward so you can reach the end of it. You won't actually get more throw, but the lever will travel farther at your hand for every mm of action at the plunger. This will feel like more modulation (you won't perceive as much "instant lock up.") Another trick is to run an oversize rotor. You can get more stopping power with less pressure at the lever, and it actually makes it easier to modulate the power.
  4. Tag cradle grips in the medium compound. They are a little fatter than a half-waffle Renthal so they give me a little more isolation from vibration, and they don't give me blisters.
  5. Falcon991

    is this a gentlemens sport

    Sometimes shit happens. If you did it on accident and apologized, no harm/no foul.
  6. For me, the lighter the better. If the carbon is not too far out of your price range, go that route.
  7. Falcon991

    dirtbikes = chick magnets? :O

    My wife turned down the advances of a semi-wealthy race car driver because he was in the wrong sport. She picked me, an arguably less attractive, poorer man because I raced motorcycles. As a funny aside, later into our dating life she had learned all the moto jargon and got hit upon by a dude with a bike in the back of his truck. He always drove around town with his shiny YZ for all to see. Well, dude asked my girl out and she said, "NO! You don't even have numbers on your bike! I don't go out with SPODES!"
  8. Falcon991

    Spectro oil

    Yeah, I've never used Spectro but I know enough about that company that I'd be really surprised if the oil was crap.
  9. Falcon991

    What is that Distinct smelling premix?

    The gnarly, acidic-smelling fuel they used to use in Supercross is VP MR-2. It is an oxygenated, leaded fuel I think. Gives you a headache and a bloody nose if you take a big whiff. Great stuff!!!
  10. Falcon991

    110/90 19 tie on 1.85 rim

    It will work but you may notice a little bogging due to the extra weight. Factory 125 guys used to run the wider 250-style rim on their 125s, but with the 100/90-19 tires. That gave them a little extra footprint.
  11. Falcon991

    Spectro oil

    Spectro is one of those brands that blends the good stuff and they are motorcycle guys. Lucas, not so much. I'd rock the Spectro if I were you.
  12. Falcon991

    SUPER light clutch pull after new parts?

    New cable. That's your benefit, right there. As long as you put all the clutch springs in there, you're golden.
  13. Falcon991

    Premix Oil? Which is the best bang for your buck?

    I stand corrected. The MA and MA-2 ratings are the most common ratings used by lubricant manufacturers, so I made an assumption that I shouldn't have.
  14. Falcon991

    Gopro mount doesn't match helmet?

    I had the same worry with my GoPro mount, but that thing is on there good. The adhesive is gnarly! Plus, there is a foam pad sandwiched in there between the mount and your helmet and it makes up for some of the slop.
  15. Falcon991

    Premix Oil? Which is the best bang for your buck?

    I'll give all you guys a quick education and then you can make your own decisions. For the record, I used Super-M in several 2-strokes in the past and had good luck with it. My suggestions and comments apply to the posts above... -Castor is a great lubricant. However, one of its best properties is also problematic; specifically, that it creates a varnish on the metals it is lubricating. When high-RPM engines go from full throttle to closed throttle, the varnish protects the engine from the resulting lean condition. Lower-revving, non-race engines tend to gum up if they are running castor oils. -TCW-3 is a marine certification that certifies the product is ash-free. It is an ecological consideration, not a performance rating. -JASO ratings are for wet clutch applications and do not apply to premix oils. JASO certification means the oil passed a wet clutch slippage test. -Oils that are certified for injector systems can be used in premix as well, so the Premium-2 would be just fine in your premix application (but don't put a premix-only oil in an injector bike!) Injector oils have a thinner built in, so you may want to run them at smaller ratios (26:1 or 28:1 are good.... maybe don't go much above 32:1.) Also for the record, I worked at Bel-Ray and I run their full-synthetic H1-R at 40:1 in my YZ250. I love that stuff!