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  1. If only I went through as many rubbers as my drz does.
  2. Seth S

    whats the gas mileage on a drz400

    You know all these responses don't mean a whole lot when we don't know which 400 model you have, what kind of tires you are running, mods?, and gearing. My 2001 400E with 14/47 gearing, stock muffler, and trail tires gets and has always gotten about 38 - 40 mpg. i get this mileage whether I am in knee deep mud all day or free falling off....and idling....off a 120 mile tall cliff.
  3. Seth S

    SDG tall seat

    I think the SDG tall seat is a myth. I have tried to get one numerous times and every time I look they are out of stock. I even look at their site directly and see they are out of stock. Perhaps they only make 5 DRZ tall seats or something because I have never ever seen one for sale. Someone please prove me wrong and post a link.
  4. I am working on a DRZ rally project. To design all of my parts I am modeling the bike in 3D and working from there. I picked up an SM swingarm off of ebay for fairly cheap as I have heard they are stiffer and longer. I measured the swing arm from approximately the center of the rear axle slot to the center of the pivot hole. Here are the numbers: SM: 23" E : I just measured the E and measured 22.75 inches but that was to the center of the axle which may not have been centered in the slot. I will have to pull the axle at some point to check it out. First piece drawn:
  5. Seth S

    Dual Sport Riding !!

    except in the cost category and the minimal
  6. Seth S

    handlebars, lever pics

    Can't remember which bars I have but I think they are the CR high bends. I might go to an ATV bar next. Even with the riser I currently have I am still too tall.
  7. carry lots of singles? I am single, why do i need to carry more?
  8. Are you refering to the Dakar rally? I am not planning on entering the Dakar rally which can easily run around $25,000 before the cost of the bike. I am building up a bike for rallying and planning on running one or two of the other events that are smaller, shorter, and less expensive. I am going with the DRZ because it is less expensive, very reliable and durable, I have several years riding one, and I think it is as good of a platform as any to use for rallying. I'm also not looking to enter anything for at least a year.
  9. Seth S

    DRZ sm valve adjustment question

    I'd say run it for 1000 miles then check the valve clearance your self. Its easy. pull the tank, remove the valve cover turn the engine to tdc and check with feeler gauges. If they are off then pull the buckets and get the appropriate shims.
  10. Well I am told that with all the required safety and rally equipment at events I will need about 300 watts of power. Things that need power include Sentinel warning system, GPS, Initrak, etc. I need to determine how much power they actually draw and go from there.
  11. Yes I am running HID's for headlights, and LED's for most other lights to cut down on power usage. I spoke to someone about using stronger magnets in the flywheel and they said it only gives about a 10% gain...15 to 20 watts is 15 to 20 watts but it was an expensive gain. If I find the magic goose egg I'll post my findings.
  12. Ok I am at the beginning of a long road to build a rally DRZ. I have been through the FAQ's and been researching on the internet and advrider to great lengths on multiple subjects. Anyone know how to get 300+ watts from the DRZ charging system. Stock on the E and S are 180 or 200 watt iirc. Looking for more power to cover the load from all of the rally gear. I have been through the Czech dakar bike pages but haven't determined what they did yet.