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  1. I love this place !
  2. Theses are not beginner routes. I may go to Miller Canyon this Sat 5/12 and up to arrowhead.
  3. California

    cool video.
  4. It should sell for 19.95

    • FOR SALE
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    Selling RAD supemoto wheels from my 2017 430 RS, with near new Michelin pilot tires. Spacers available so they will work on a 2011 as well $ 1000.00


  6. My stock seat height is ok, a little thinner would be a bit better. It's just after riding over 45 minutes my butt really starts hurting !
  7. WOW ! that looks like a lot of fun. Can i come over your house to ride ?
  8. How do you like the seat concepts seat, and will the one for the IMS tank work with a stock tank ? Thanks.
  9. In california i can't get a plate.
  10. California

    Missed it ! Damn !
  11. California

    Sounds like a real possibility [emoji1]
  12. I just got rid of the stock front Michelin, and installed a golden tyre fatty front. It worked well on this short ride around my hills.
  13. California

    Was this on the Beta ? Was it not running well ?
  14. California

    just ordered it.
  15. California

    What is the correct size tire for the fatty front ?