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  1. California

    just ordered it.
  2. California

    What is the correct size tire for the fatty front ?
  3. Mine has just over 30 hrs also. The manuel says check them now, but ill wait till 1000 miles. It starts and runs fine.
  4. California

    Oh no, it was lots of fun, i just fell over a couple times. Now that I've ridden it once, next time will be mush easier.
  5. California

    Sounds like a distinct possibility.
  6. heres my 2017 430. i can swap out the rims in 30 minutes.
  7. what is the oil filter number for the 430 ??

  8. can someone tell me the number of the oil filter for my 2017 430 RRS ? Hi flo 631 ???
  9. California

    Does anyone have contact info for the L2 dirt suspension guy ? I can't find it, thanks.
  10. California

    I believe i will be in attendance.
  11. California

    It's 2 1/2 hours drive for me.
  12. The pinnacles.
  13. I got my old supemoto wheels off my 2011 520RS to fit on my 2017 430RRS !
  14. I found a machinist to make spacers for my front wheel off my 2011 520 RS, so now i can put my SM wheels on my 2017 430RS. I'm ready to go !