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  1. mattydrz

    clutch squeeling

    Mine does the same thing. I have a 2007 KTM 450 EXC and same noise. It's normal on take off under load just a little slipping of the plates I've been told by mechanic. If it's actually slipping and winding out, then you have a problem. If I'm wrong on that, please someone correct me.
  2. mattydrz

    07 KTM 450 EXC with new IMS tank

    It's 4 more litres so I get about 150km before having to switch to reserve but it depends how hard you ride. I'm sure I could stretch it to 170kms? Was only getting 100+/- before. It's great and doesn't feel like a sack of potatoes between your legs either!
  3. Put the new IMS 3.2gal tank on bike today and it's great! Check out the pics, let me know what you think. http://ringo.com/photos/album.html?albumId=42967207
  4. mattydrz

    2007 exc headlight

    2007 EXC 450 comes stock with glass. All dual sport models do or its not dual sport
  5. mattydrz

    Goodbye DRZ hello EXC-R

    Yeah do a search here or on KTM talk for Emissions junk removal and pipe mod. You basically cut the restrictor off which is inside the end of the pipe. Just do a search as there are lots of tips on what to do to wake it up. Oh and definitely jet the bike, it's well worth it. Unless you want a blue pipe and unreliable response
  6. Ok I figured it out. I have 1/2" risers that were offset forward about 1/2" also so I just reversed them and voila! No effect on riding position either, none that I noticed anyways. It's still super tight fit, but at least it works now
  7. mattydrz

    EXC 450 or 530?

    me rides a 07 450 exc…mucho power!
  8. those of you with Bonz mounts and acerbis guards know that the bonz mounts block the ignition stopping you from being able to put the key in. I can't find a single post on here explaining what some of you are doing to remedy this problem. Has anyone relocated the ignition to the frame in the top triangle section where the hole is? Any other suggestions other than just bending to make the key go in would be much appreciated.
  9. mattydrz

    noisy Devol skid plate

    I had a different skid plate on my drz. I sold it and it never rattled. Now I haeve a Devol skid plate on my new KLX 400 and it rattles so bad I thought my engine was about to blow. Only at a certain rpm and it's cause it's such a thin aluminum. I'm going to put some dense black rubber 1/4" instead of the hard plastic spacers it comes with and see if that fixes it.
  10. mattydrz

    2004 KLX 400 bar mount

    thanks kindly amigo
  11. mattydrz

    2004 KLX 400 bar mount

    anyone know if this bike has a rubber mount system for bar risers and fat bars or a moulded piece? Is it the same as the 04 DRZ 400??
  12. mattydrz

    DRZ 400s Clickity…tickity noise on slow down?

    thanks very much I'll try that first.
  13. mattydrz

    DRZ 400s Clickity…tickity noise on slow down?

    Thanks, was it easy to replace?
  14. mattydrz

    DRZ 400s Clickity…tickity noise on slow down?

    It's a 2002. What is a MCCT?
  15. Lately my DRZ 400s has begun making a clicking noise when I rev it up to high rpms in say 4th gear, then let off the throttle and let engine break (no clutch engaged). It's not consistent either. It randomly makes noise. Today I did however notice for the first time while just running and warm that there is more noise coming from motor, but hard to tell which side. If I had to guess I'd say riders left side. Is there a timing chain guide that could be broken? Could it be valves? The bike has 24,000 kms on it, but as far as I know the valves were adjusted around 10,000kms? I recently had a full Yosh RS3 system installed on the bike too which makes it even harder to hear the noise. Don't think there is anything wrong with the install on that though. Also 3x3 airbox mod. HELP PLEASE