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  1. I know you are in incredible demand but could you please have a wee look at this for me B http://www.husaberg.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=3171 cheers bud
  2. heya boyo geez ben a while since I been here come on over and say hello. I got a prob you could maybe help me on also.... http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=10851
  3. McMucker

    French DRZ400SM video - Stephane Chambon

    damn lub that man
  4. Anyone know if we can buy these. like the ones used on the ama red bull bikes in the supermoto. and if so WHERE? Ive looked around quite a bit and cant see anything.
  5. McMucker

    New pic on SMR site

    so jealous I studied photography in college.. dream job is a pro supermoto/motorsports photographer guess I will continue to deliver sandwhiches for now :cry: great pic man what gear do you use?
  6. McMucker

    Just checking in

    im still lurking around miss my Z like crazy but should have another moto soon... most likely a larger capacity euro 4t SM Dr_Zaius still frequent these parts?
  7. McMucker

    just a couple pics of my ride

    lookn good eddie! is that the original drz? not bad for a fire recovery eh have you dyno'd either of the two?
  8. any of you use them as supermoto? im am tempted by a 520sx sitting in a shop but am unsure what the box would be like for road use as its close ratio. What kinda gearing do ya guys run and what speeds coem from them? {i}p.s... katoom. which bunch am I looking at as the identifier as a 4k3b stator? bunch on the left had 4 wires. 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 red and yellow and 1 black i think other bunch had 3 or 4 which included 1 green and 1 black i think.[/i] bike is a 02 520 sx
  9. McMucker

    might as well be on crack!

    bawhahhahahahhaha good to hear eddie! knew ya'd come to see the method in our madness!
  10. McMucker

    advice needed plz

    yeah but anything above 450 is gonna take more than a diff size piston and rebored cyclinder to run well right?
  11. McMucker

    Can an 450SX made street legal

    This is damn good info so katoom can y alist the sx bikes that would have the 4k3b parts installed from factory? all 01-02 450-520 SX's?
  12. McMucker

    advice needed plz

    Hi Been so long since I posted on TT anyhow I am considering buying a KTM400EXC I live in Ireland and would be using it for mainly supermoto use and a few enduros. I had a DRZ400E last yr which got the same usage. I am really wanting a 520 or 450 but they are hard to come by here and the 400 is being offered cheaply. I would liek to knwo a few things about the 400. How would it compare with a modded DRZ400E? It is an 01.. do they come with a digital computer for odo and speedo? do the take the same wheel (axle) sizes as 450 and 520? what kind of power would they pump out in stock and modded (airbox, jets, race pipe) form? I would be interested runnign in 450 class anbd would consider unnign 450 big bore thumperracing kit. Has anyone fitted this? How does it perform in comparison with genuine KTM450? any help appreciated thx guys
  13. McMucker

    Backin it in? Brakes?? Huh???

    good advice there TS you mean rebound being at 2 clicks from slowest setting?
  14. McMucker

    What do you ride and how much HP do you have?

    wha sorta hp would a wr426 make? stock and modded?