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  1. lower your opacity on the layers over the plastic and play with that, it'll make it look more realistic. and use the selection tool to play with the hue and saturation too :]
  2. four1seven

    Flame away.....

    *throws fire* ??
  3. four1seven

    the new definition of "Dirtbike Trailer

    will a baby fit in there comfortably?
  4. it's an ok vid. especially at the end where i don't feel like i'm going into coma every 2 seconds because the black screen.
  5. haha i watched it, and it was awesome.... nice shot.
  6. four1seven

    photo shop plz do

    glad i could help haha
  7. four1seven

    photo shop plz do

  8. four1seven

    Guess Who?

    i don't know if anyone has said this, but I don't think that is Kevin Windham.
  9. four1seven

    license plate in photo

    pro: can prove it's you. con: we know your tag number. (what i'd do with that, hell if i know.) I guess a con should answer this one...lol
  10. here ya go, is this good? i like the black out of the two...
  11. four1seven


    that was golden!
  12. four1seven

    Photoshop help!!!!

    sure, i get PMs already lol