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  1. nhoteach

    DR 650 Service Interval

    Yep-learn to do your own maintenance. Save the bucks for more gas! Or not have to ferry 60 miles to nearest dealer. I am riding like you, however the upper chain roller was well worn and the lower was not scratched. Removed it and have gone 20k since with no ill affects.
  2. nhoteach

    no response on wot after emissions removal

    Check that itty-bitty in-line fuel filter. IMS new tank filings will clog it up.
  3. nhoteach

    Led Turnsignal Question

    With resistor's -- not all lighting up -- too much voltage drop -- LED's are voltage sensitive. The resistors will cause both ampere and voltage drop. The voltage drop at the LED bulb is the problem. The LED flasher should mean no resistors needed. My setup has no resistors and works fine. Note: I am using a Vapor dashboard with two turn indicators. Had to splice in separate wiring for right/left indicators. Your remedy may be to change resistor size (ohms) to find working match. Yes, LED's pull very small AMP's, BUT the Volts are critical for good operation!
  4. nhoteach

    Led Turnsignal Question

    Not sure what you mean by "4 of 9" flashing? Is that 4 of 9 led bulbs in each lamp? Then bad lamps. I installed LED turn signals and found the two of the turn signals had the wires reversed, a wire harness foul-up from the factory. When installing LED bulbs, the rear left and right front did not work. Had to cut and swap the wires. i.e., the hot to turn signal was the ground to the LED and vis-versa.
  5. nhoteach

    What have you carried on your DR?

    Sorry, no pictures. 1973 Yamaha DT90 - a 9X12 rug, rolled and folded. In Korea - saw a old man pushing a heavy duty BICYCLE with a baby grand piano strapped on end on the rear rack.
  6. nhoteach

    Be grateful for every ride.

    Keep it positive, you'll be riding soon. Just got word last night that my liver tumor is NONCANCEROUS and NOT PRECANCEROUS. Now I just worry about black ice on the morning ride.
  7. nhoteach

    IMS Gas Tank

    +1 - I transplanted the stock petcock into my IMS tank. Yeah, I know, the OEM petcock gets no love around here but I have never had any trouble with it and I like not having to remember to turn on and shut off the fuel every time I ride it. Just added some fuel resistant sealant to the gasket.
  8. nhoteach

    looking for speedo

    2007 speedo with bracket, cable, backlight and 8769.9 miles. Yours for shipping cost from zip 93927.
  9. nhoteach

    new owner to dr650 need advice...

    +1 Talc on the tube and tire. On tight tires these DO NOT work as good: "Soapy water/windex/wd40 on the bead."
  10. nhoteach

    dr650 light bulbs

    Crimped/frayed hot wire to tail light circuit. Somewhere it is shorting to ground and pulling too many amps through the bulbs. Remove ground path from each bulb that has been blowing, replace with good bulbs, with meter in ohm setting, wiggle wiring to find short. Note: NO 12V POWER when meter connected. Most likely a steering head moving wire bundle problem.
  11. nhoteach

    Fork Oil Substitute

    +1 Dextron ATF, just installed new springs from Jesse a month ago, ride MUCH better on both ends.
  12. nhoteach

    96-2010 DR650 LED Conversion

    Nice job and write-up!!! One thing I did was to swap front turn signal brackets. This raises the lights to just under the handle bars.
  13. nhoteach

    Passenger pegs

    Year and model? I removed 06 DR650. Pay for shipping? (California) nhoteach@yahoo.com
  14. nhoteach

    Trailtech oil temp sensor

    Many Vapor owners have used the spark plug sensor under one of the banjo bolts on the oil lines. +1 Went on a "hot" ride, shut off engine, wait 60 seconds, read temp, set this temp as warning(yellow), added 30 more for danger(red)
  15. nhoteach

    Bead won't seat!

    Talcum powder. I tried for three hours and four days soaped, windexed, 90PSI, even rode it. But only Ordinary foot powder worked with 70 PSI and banging the sidewall with a 4lb hand sledge.