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  1. weston450

    2006 transmission bolt problem

    thanks for the good advice guys. I'll try it as soon as I get home tonight. I REALLY hope your right and that I'm just missing it!
  2. weston450

    2006 transmission bolt problem

    I noticed some metal shaving on the bolt when I pulled it out (after unsuccessfully putting it back in) but that is it. Otherwise the bolt looked fine.
  3. weston450

    2006 transmission bolt problem

    You guys are right, I can push the bolt all the way in using ONLY my finger. I called the Honda shop and they said that a Heli Coil will NOT work, but it would sure be a lot cheaper. Is there any reason it wouldn't work, I really don't want to replace my entire case.
  4. So I've had this bike about a year now and changed the oil a dozen times now. As I was changing it again yesterday everything was going normal until I went to put the transmission bolt back in. I turned and turned it but nothing was happening, I then realized that I could push the bolt all the way against the case with my finger with out any resistance. I know what cross threading feels like; but I put NO pressure on this thing at all, it's like the internal threads were gone when I went to put it back in. Even the bolt still looks fine, I just can't get it to thread back in...it slides all the way back to the case with NO effort! Any ideas....what happened here and are there any options besides replacing the entire case (I can only guess this will be pretty expensive). Thanks,
  5. weston450

    How many actually own there bike out right?

    If I can't pay for the whole toy then I wait a little longer and save the money...fells better to me that way.
  6. weston450

    X Games 14

    HH, did you happen to get Step-Up or any of the other moto-x stuff. thanks a ton man:worthy:
  7. weston450

    Fastway Footpegs

    My boots are a 10 and it was VERY hard to shift. I put the Fastways on a few weeks ago and it made a HUGE difference!!! Very easy to shift...tons of room. And on top of that, they really are huge...I have a way bigger platform to stand on. :thumbsup: I would definitely recommend them:applause:
  8. weston450

    clutch cover

  9. weston450

    clutch cover

    Got any lightly used Hinson's??
  10. weston450

    power now plus $

    What number?
  11. weston450

    clutch cover

    So I cracked my clutch cover yesterday (it wasn't even fun..my buddy knocked my bike over and it landed just right on a rock :p ) Anyway, I need to replace it and was wondering if there was one brand that was better than or stronger than the others. I have been considering the Boyesen mostly because it seems to be the cheapest...but I do want something that will be a little stronger cuz that thing just cracked right open like an egg Thanks guys
  12. weston450

    power now plus $

    I have also been considering it, but would love to hear more thoughts on the matter....
  13. weston450

    Some Mammoth Pics

    Wow, how cool to be at an amature race and have those guys show up...very cool!!!
  14. weston450

    Some Mammoth Pics

    Are these current pictures...I thought McGrath and Dowd were retired...I didn't know they were still racing? What am I missing here:excuseme:
  15. weston450

    Highpoint Torrent

    Here it is... http://www.mininova.org/tor/1528742 enjoy