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    Whos got a 2000 CR250?

    Going to look at a super clean 2000 CR250 later on this afternoon. Been off the big bikes for a while, being that I sold my rm250 to get my zx6r. I must say, I miss dirt, and the drz125 doesnt cut it for thrill. Anyone have a '00 cr? What do you like/hate about it? Thanks guys -Rob
  2. Whatsup everyone, I havent been on here in years, cant believe it. Anyway, I knew this is the place to seek help. My friends are getting married in september and I need to find the jersey my friend is wearing in this picture. I want to get the jerseys customized and framed for their wedding gift [its what they got engaged in]. So if anybody can find me a link or can tell me the name of his TLD jersey that would be so appreciated. Thanks!
  3. That is the one. Son of a bitch that site is a little sketchy..... I'm gonna see if I can dig something up on them. You guys rule. I gotta find one of these asap. I have til early september to get this done
  4. Yea shes super sentimental too, so it's the perfect wedding gift. Gotta find his jersey or it falls apart.
  5. Sorry guys, but can't find anything on ebay or craigslist. I need a rear wheel for a 125 small wheel, i blew mine out hardcore lol. beat the living piss out of the dr-z last summer before I bought another big bike... and now my dad wants it fixed up so he can put around with my little brother on the fifty. Anyone got a wheel for sale??? Thanks -Rob
  6. ;( i know it sucks. theres a cheap rim /spoke kit on ebay, might try to buy that, or just buy spokes and have the shop by me lace and true it..... hub isn't cracked or anything surprisingly. Ive cracked 3 hubs, and sheared two axles clean in 2 pieces.
  7. Anyone =( i dont care if its lightly bent or anything. not a big deal, just need something to put around with my brother on his 50. the 125sx isnt exactly a good bog around bike.
  8. dhbb05

    Knee Injury aches

    Hey guys, I barely come into tt forums anymore....... mainly due to getting into street bikes and stunt riding. Still have my dirt toys, but they aren't used as much. Anyway, I had crashed my motorcycle over a year ago, and screwed my left knee up pretty bad, but being afraid that I would have to sell my bike, i didn't go to the hospital or anything. something in my knee snaps pretty loud when i bend it now, and I have to cus when i sit in a certain position it feels like there is a pressure of some sort that needs to be dealt with. anyway, my knee aches a lot, and for the most part is uncomfortable all the time. Also, it gives out and feels like im &%$#@!ing it up more when I'm skateboarding or running. Any one have recommendations to strengthen my knee, or help with the pain/discomfort? Maybe I should go to the doctor still.... too late? edit- My knee was messed up for a while, I had it wrapped up tightly, and had to have gauze padding on it because it was bleeding for a couple days. I was walking on it the day after it happened and went right back to work. Was limping for a few weeks. Don't know if that helps at all. thanks guys -Rob
  9. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can help me find some street/sumo tires for my drz125 sw. I looked and cant find anything for that smaller rim... Im throwing a handbrake kit on her and takin her to the lot this summer when i need a brake from the street bikes and dont feel like rockin the fifty. Also..... I need a new rear rim if anyone has one up for grabs! =) Thanks! -Rob
  10. dhbb05

    Your 2 smoker

    My ktm and my buddy's rm that I sold to him over a year ago. He sure made her pretty
  11. dhbb05

    Paying the price to play...

    Holy shit. the dude like bounced off his head in the slow mo. that was &%$#@!ed up
  12. Built a small double/hip in my woods today. only took a few minutes in the bobcat, and was hella fun. WHY do gopro vids downsize everything lol. I took a long break from riding around last july or august when I sold my rm250 to my buddy, and just picked the ktm up about 4 weeks or so ago. Feels good to be back, still really really rusty, but thats alright. Dirt is so much more fun than street riding, for any of you who consider SWITCHING from dirt to get a street bike like I did, DO NOT DO IT. Either do both, or stay on the dirt. Dont get me wrong, I love street riding, but dirt is just one hell of a lot more fun. Thanks for watching, comment please =) and if you live in new york, come ride! 18 acres here, and a lot more trails in the area with some jumps built randomly around the area
  13. dhbb05

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    I let mine sit today.
  14. dhbb05

    Just a little hit in my woods

    Exactly! The braking bumps , which you can hear in the second vid, dont even look like they're there. and i groomed them in the morning with the bobcat. my property is rougher than the local track on practice days
  15. Super jealous. Looks like a lot of fun man
  16. dhbb05

    Just a little hit in my woods

    Here is the helmet cam of the loop we kept doing in my trails riding starts around 1 minute
  17. dhbb05

    Water Pump case?

    So, today my buddy and I went on an awesome ride, and at the end of the ride, we were bumpin elbows a bit, and it got a little crazy (but what fun is it without getting a little reckless) and I wound up putting a hole in his water pump cover. So, I was wondering if anyone had one they are trying to sell for an 02 rm250 (used to be mine, sold to him). Motosport has an OEM one for 65 bucks, which isnt too bad, but if anyone knows of one for less, or has one they can sell, please let me know. It would be so helpful. Thanks guys -Rob
  18. dhbb05

    2003 125 sx? Whos got one

    Hey guys, I've been out of the dirt for far too long, and been looking for a new bike to ride. Been searching hard for a "newer" 125 or 250 smoker. I came across what seemed like a couple pretty decent deals, bikes turned out to be pretty shot. Anyway, I came across a legit, what seems to be an amazing deal, on an 03 125sx. The guy who owns it is an older dude, who bought the bike for his son at 13, his son is now 16 and is on a 200. The bike has all papers, and original manual. Brand new rear tire, new renthal chain and sprockets, and a fresh top end over winter with o.e.m. parts (ill be pulling the head off anyway). I looked into the 03, and saw it won the 125 shootout, just curious to see what you guys think. I used to have an 02 rm250, which i still ride, lots of fun, too much for where we ride though. SO, after that short rant, what do you guys think of the 03 125sx? Any known problems? $1500 sound like a good deal? Here is the bike THANKS! -Rob
  19. dhbb05

    2003 125 sx? Whos got one

    Thanks guys. AND to top the weekend off, just got ourselves a bobcat! life is gooooood. took the bike for a few laps today, in love. completely
  20. dhbb05

    2003 125 sx? Whos got one

    Well folks, I just got home with my new (to me) 125sx. So it has vforce 3 reeds, factory connection suspension set up, brand new moose bearings , renthal chain and sprockets. This thing is so clean, and im probably one of the happiest people ever right now. Super pumped to ride this week. These little 125s move out damn. No regret steppin off the 250 smoker to get this thing. so fun =) edit- and i got it for $1400 !
  21. dhbb05

    2003 125 sx? Whos got one

    You guys rock, I'm definitely going to go for it. Picking her up tomorrow around 6 p.m. And I'm sure I'll have some gopro footage for you guys by the end of next week. Riding on wednesday =)
  22. dhbb05

    2003 125 sx? Whos got one

    No one else can snatch it up ; ) I called the guy, because he doesnt understand texting on his old phone haha. But, he was very nice, and since we're on long island, and there is barely any where to ride, when I told him i live on 18 acres, he said " I'll tell you what, you sound really serious about this bike, and hopefully I can make a riding buddy out of it being that you have 18 acres." SO, hes going to hold it for me until tomorrow, maybe I can haggle him on a hundred bucks and let him come riding at my house haha. He said hes not very flexible on the bike. I just know, after riding it for a while, as long as I keep her shiny, I can get my moneys worth guaranteed, and sell it for roughly the same. Sold a 250 exc smoker , a 2001, for 1400 after buying it for a grand and beating the piss out of it haha.
  23. Just curious to see how the prices are looking around the country, or even the world for that matter. Long Island, NY there are 3 decent tracks. 2 I know are around 1k for the year, and the one I'm planning on signing up at as soon as I get another bike is 1200 for the year OR pay 150 fee, and 35 every time you go ride. Prices by you guys and girls?
  24. dhbb05

    New turbo bike vid keep hating haters

    give the man a break! looks like hella fun dude. My friends and I clown around to. Everyone needs to live a little. lifes to short to conform
  25. dhbb05

    Track Membership Fees?

    ^Not bad! I remember down in Georgia, when I went to durhamtown I had a guy tellin me he spend 750 for a year for his family. Thats sick, i could only wish it was that cheap here.