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  1. Math

    arizona First time in AZ

    Hi ! I’ll be at one of my friend’s place in Phoenix AZ from Thursday Jan 10 to Wednesday Jan 16 included. I’ll be traveling light with no gear in my luggage and I was wondering if there are places where I could rent everything and click a few laps. It’s already been winter for almost three months here and I miss riding a lot . Please let me know . Thank you.
  2. Thank you guys. The rod lateral play is 1mm which is in the specs, no vertical play at all. After I read your comments I re-mounted everything. Thanks for the input. Math
  3. You guys think this is something to worry about? Blue spot on the bearing? Thank you. Engine was running strong. Frequent oil changes. I'm in a preventive piston ring replacement.
  4. Hello all, My cousin is about to buy a YZ450f year 2016. He's heard about possible reliability problems (piston ring and crank (!) ). When he told me that I was very surprised to say the least. Did you guys hear about anything major in terms of reliability for this bike. And if you own one , what is your experience with it. I've searched the forum and did not find anything but I decided to post just to see what would be your input. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi, I'm replacing the original piston on my WR426f. Can't believe it's been there all this time. Looking for new base and head gasket. Discovered about Pro X. Should I trust the quality of their products (gaskets). If you guys think it's getting the job done, I'll go with that. Thank you.
  6. Math

    2001 Wr426f

    Here are some of the mods. FMF quiet tail pipe. Go to zip ty racing, buy the 3.4 gallon fuel unit and buy a YZ426f seat off ebay, you won't regret that. Guts racing foam for the seat and Factory FX full gripper seat cover. YZ time it, you won't regret it either. DRD D hot start mounted on the handle bar. Zip ty fuel screw is essential, NGK irridium plug, devol rad guards, skid plate, enduro engineering hand guards, make sure to build a guard in front of your head light bulb, Michelin S12 XC tires front and rear for everything that's called offroad. Heavy duty tubes front and rear. I'll try to find old picture of my carb and take new ones for you. Send me a pm so you can see what my jetting is and also the o'ring mod of the carb. I own my 2001 since 2002 :-). Buy original oil filters, Motul 5100 semi synthetic oil. Inspect the throttle cable at the beginning of each season, especially at the carb end. Make sure the valve clearances are good as often as you can.
  7. Math

    Larger tank pos and cons

    I don't know if it would help you but I've changed the original fuel tank on my old 426 to the zipty racing fuel tank 3,4 gallon and never looked back. The tank was slimmer on top, carried more gaz, carries gaz lower etc etc. Never found a single con to that. The only thing I had to worry was using a yz seat at the time and buy new graphics to have the rad shrouds and the tank fit together but that was purely esthetic... I don't know if Zipty is making fuel tanks for the 2008 but if they do, you might want to consider...
  8. Hi guys, I've always used the Motul semi-synthetic 5100 10-40 in my loyal WR426f. Bike is still running strong as of this day. I remember back at the time I bought it, in 2002, some of you guys explained to me that since the engine oil was also bathing the clutch, semi synthetic oil was the way to go instead of full synthetic in order to avoid the clutch to slip too much. I recently bought a 2014 YZ450f. Is this engine running on the same principle and can I just keep going with the Motul semi-synthetic 5100 I've always used for the ol WR? Or is there something different/better I should be using ? Thanks.
  9. I strongly recommend to anyone trying to get back to a healthier way of life and start to include training after several years of low maintenance on the body to follow the advises of these guys very carefully. https://www.calisthenic-movement.com/english-version/ They are professionals. They make a lot of comprehensive videos for beginners (although they have very advanced stuff also). I recommand that you include some cardio and some calisthenics and be followed by a personnal trainer for the first few months as was said previously. Choose a trainer that has a university degree in physiotherapy and or kinesiology. Here are a couple of beginner videos you want to watch asap.
  10. Math

    SX Super VIP Experience Package

    Eh??? No. (What the....)
  11. Hi guys, anyone bought one of those super vip passes in the past and how did you like or dislike ? They're quite pricey... Thanks
  12. Math

    2006 TTR-50 rear shock bearing kit

    I've finally ordered the CRF50 bushings and received them. Looks like they're gonna fit just fine. Will post pictures. If it works the total expese will be less than 10$ including sales taxes !
  13. Math

    2006 TTR-50 rear shock bearing kit

    Forget the bearing thing... its not a bearing, it's a bushing... and it can't be sold separately... I'll try different options. Dealer has proposed a CRF bushing to see if it fits and we're looking at different companies selling bearings or bushings... if it does not work I'll buy a shock on e-bay. Thanks for your input. Regards, Math
  14. Math

    2006 TTR-50 rear shock bearing kit

    Wait a minute. There is a bearing from the pictures I see on e-bay... I think they just don't sell it alone but seems like there is one... I'll check once I have mine in my hands. Worst case, I'll take the dimensions and will find a replacement part somewhere else....