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  1. SmokinJoe

    SWM RS and SM500Rs are on the water

    I found another pic of the left side of the engine.
  2. SmokinJoe

    To ball hone or to not ball hone a plated cylinder

    I know that but i posted this because I still see posts on here guys arguing it's okay.
  3. I want to share this picture from my new yz250. Right here in the wiseco directions it says in caps DO NOT use a ball hone on a plated cylinder! Hopefully you guys will stop doing it cause your risking damaging your plating.
  4. SmokinJoe

    Will a 2005 YZ125 swingarm fit a 2006 YZ125?

    I thought there was a different caliper carrier for the different rear brake caliper. But mostly it was just a slightly different shape and design.
  5. SmokinJoe

    Would a screen on this air box restrict flow?

    You better go check your airbox you might be in for a surprise. It's the white airbox of the 00 01 yz's. That hole is there on purpose to let dirt etc out of the bottom. The inside there's a flap that blocks stuff from hitting the air filter. Leave it alone.
  6. SmokinJoe

    SWM RS and SM500Rs are on the water

    Hopefully they make it to the states a new 125mx option be sweet.
  7. SmokinJoe

    Fouling plugs all the time! PLEASE HELP!

    Your right side crank main seal is probably due to be swapped out.
  8. SmokinJoe

    First year of Hydraulic Clutch on TXT trials bikes?

    I believe they had them as early as 1994.
  9. SmokinJoe

    Secret needle for ‘01 Yz125?

    I was suggesting the 03 specs not sure how well it will work. The 01 was the first year of the 38mm tmx. Which is still used to this day on the current gen yz125 and now ktm's. The 01 thru 03 rm 125 used it the 03 thru 05 kx125 used it. The 03 cr125 did but the 04 thru 07 cr125 used a version of it that had tps same with the 04 plus rm125. As far as engine changes between the 01 02 03 04 yz125. The biggest change was when they went from 6 speed to 5 speed in 02 thru 04. They would make claims of updated porting each year. It had to be so minor that it didn't matter because it basically ran the same from 01 on. The biggest change was more the frame and plastic. That and like every year they'd move the handle bar mounts forward a little bit. Yamaha used to get knocked on for being to cramped in the bars being to rearward mounted back then. I forgot to add i did a Google search on that needle # and some places claimed to have it.
  10. SmokinJoe

    Secret needle for ‘01 Yz125?

    5A0-14116-L2-00 Is the Yamaha part number for the special needle. 6BHY24-77 is the actual needle number it was made in limited batches.
  11. SmokinJoe

    Secret needle for ‘01 Yz125?

    It's the spring that fits inside the clutch cover.
  12. SmokinJoe

    Secret needle for ‘01 Yz125?

    I had this needle from my 2002 back in the day and it was only offered for the 02 model. I doubt you can even get it anymore from Yamaha. I don't really feel like digging through my old 2002 moto magazines to find the needle #. This special needle was a dual tapered design instead of the triple. Then in 03 they changed and updated the needle again and fixed the jetting woes. Might be better to just go with the 03 specs instead? Here's something not usually talked about that contributed to the bog hesitation. Yamaha changed without any indication the power valve governor spring in 01 to a lighter spring. That let the power valve open sooner. Either get the 2000 or 2004 spring that's a little stiffer that opens it slightly slower.
  13. SmokinJoe

    2002 YZ 125 recommended carburetor settings

    I found my orginal mxa issue with the test on the bike. Stock settings where Main 420 Pilot 30 Needle 6chy5-70 3rd clip position Slide 5.75 Air screw 2 n half turns out. It mentions this special needle that they used to clean up the jetting. Claiming that the bottom to middle transition was rich to lean. Rich off the pilot and lean transitioning to the needle. The 2002 was the first year of the triple tapered needle. The special needle they mentioned is this daul tapered needle that came out a few months later. I might still have this needle from when I had mine. It really did clean up the bike i remember other owners used to ask me how mine sounded crisper than thiers.
  14. SmokinJoe

    2002 YZ 125 recommended carburetor settings

    Stock was good for your conditions i know i had that bike when it was brand new. But that br8es plus is WRONG your running a too hot of plug should be a 9. Too hot of plugs can cause extra engine heat prematurely wearing out the piston.