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  1. aussie dr650

    DR650 in mud. vs KLX250s

    hi i just got a new dr650 last december and love it it was meant to replace my klx250 but i just couldnt bring myself to sell it so until the minister of finance jumps up and down i'm gonna play on both they both are what they are 250 for the tight stuff and 650 on the long hauls:ride:
  2. aussie dr650

    Selling my DR650, suggestions on smaller bike ?

    hi i have an 06 dr650 and a 99 klx250 the klx250 is a great little bike it will climb hills in the bush all day and with the 6th gear it will do 65mph no trouble at all i ride with a lot of drz400 boys and my little 250 keeps up well on trails and goes even better in the tight stuff and dont forget it has the magic button....gotta have the magic button thats my 2c:ride:
  3. aussie dr650

    fuel tank

    thanks for the replies i'm still not sure which tank to order because just gas tanks only have tanks for 93-96 models thanks derek
  4. aussie dr650

    fuel tank

    hi guys i have a 1999 model klx 250 i want to get a bigger tank but the just gas tanks site doesnt have any listing for my year model does anyone know which one fits my bike and what mods are required to make it fit thanks derek