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  1. jplooch

    2017 FE450, back in the Husky Family!

    Works just fine on my 17 FE. Kreft were the ones that installed it. i do know the header from a 17 FX or FC won’t work on the FE so maybe on the FX and FC the pipe is bent differently causing it to interfere with the the Xtrig. not sure about the 19’s as they changed a lot on those
  2. jplooch

    2017 FE450, back in the Husky Family!

    @wr250ish Not sure, I never ran it with or without the reed cage, I can say the airbox volume and intake diameter is larger on the FX air boot than the FE airboot. I also Vortex'd it at the same time so for increased airflow. Don't really have back to back comparisons of the derestricted FE boot versus the FX boot.
  3. jplooch

    2017 FE450, back in the Husky Family!

    Hey Kbross, I ordered the intake off RMATV from a 17 FX450 in the OEM parts section. easy-peasy. 13/50 at 70 it doesn't feel like it's revving abnormally high but I can't say I ride for extended periods on the road at that speed. I know it will do 95-97 on a dry lake bed and it IS screaming at that speed but I haven't done a lot of commuting road riding it's mostly an off road bike and geared for that, not dual sport. If you plan on a lot of road sections and probably do 14/50 or 14/48.
  4. jplooch

    FX 350 Drain Plug stupid ass placement

    I have a 450 as well. Pro tip, lay the bike on the opposite side, remove drain bolt and the tip it up to drain it. Or get you one of these... https://slavensracing.com/shop/oil-drain-tool-ktm-husaberg-str/
  5. jplooch

    FX 350 Drain Plug stupid ass placement

    Perhaps i'm just differently abled then... I'll have to revisit and see if maybe I missed something.
  6. jplooch

    FX 350 Drain Plug stupid ass placement

    Wonder if the 18 Husky Frame is different than the 16 KTM Frame. I've seen other pics of KTMs with a similar drain bolt and it seems the cross member isn't in the way on the KTMs...
  7. Ok, maybe i'm missing something or i'm a complete idiot but the 2018 FX 350 oil drain plug exits out the back of the motor. The engine is cast VERY close to the plug to the point you can't get a box end wrench around it. I've also tried using a 1/4" drive shallow socket but there is not enough room between the frame cross member and the drain plug to get the socket and wrench onto the drain plug. It seems like a really piss poor design and appears it would require a "special" tool to easily remove the plug? Am I missing something? What are other 350 owners doing to get this wonky little drain plug out of the motor? (exhibit 1 in the attached diagram). You can't really tell from the picture but the frame cross member is DIRECTLY in front of the drain plug so you can't use a socket extension either... Maybe Husky mechanics just remove the engine from the frame when they want to remove the plug? HA! I assume there's a thin walled wrench or something that might work but curious what other FX 350 folks are doin to get this plug out easily?
  8. jplooch

    What Did You Do To Your FX, or FC Today?

    I know. it’s just such a fun word. Sent my boingers off to Kreft to get em valved properly for my sasquatchian proportions. can’t wait to get it fully setup! i temporarily put my Kreft RC Xplors on the 3 fiddy while i wait for my AERs to come back.
  9. jplooch

    Ktm 350 vs 450

    i have a derestricted vortexed FE450 and an FX350. i read everything there was to read about the 350 prior to purchase i even pinged Hans for his opinions after reading his excellent thread. I weigh 240 lbs without gear and typically ride between 4000-10000 feet. The 350 is dead nuts perfect. you keep twisting the throttle and it keeps going and going. i was worried about hill climbs and power but now that i’ve ridden it i wish i would have bought it first. i plan to race it and can already tell it will be less tiring over the course of a 3 hr desert hare scramble than the 450. AND i’m faster on the 350.
  10. jplooch

    What Did You Do To Your FX, or FC Today?

    Just picked up this beauty on Saturday. Have the following farkles showing up/to be installed: Fastway Evo4 Pegs Husky Fan Guts tall seat in husky blue Windham bend pro tapers 5.4 Kg/mm rear spring Husky Parts rear shark fin TMD Chain Guard TMD skid plate with linkage protector 13t sprocket Took it for a maiden voyage on some very steep/narrow single track. Super stoked with the bike, only stalled/flamed out once due to rider error. Thing climbs hills like a beast, just stay on the gas and it keeps going and going and going. WAY lighter feeling than the fully farkled FE450. She's a keeper.
  11. jplooch

    FE450 or FE501?

    Since my original post I added some Flexx bars (heavy but awesome), BNG (adds at least 5 HP) and Tusk Impact Wheels with fancy white hubs.
  12. jplooch

    FE450 or FE501?

    Benny, I have the "Velcro" version of the guts seat with grippy material AND the bands across the top. It's actually pretty comfy and doesn't give me monkey butt as bad as I initially thought it would (I sit a lot more than I should). It's definitely way more comfy than stock and the higher height with the low pegs makes the sit/stand transition a lot easier.
  13. jplooch

    FE450 or FE501?

    I've got a heavily updated, desmogged, Vortex'd 2017 FE450. It's geared SUPER tall from the factory at 14/45 (redonk for anything offroad). I re-geared to 13/50 or 13/49 depending on which wheelset I have on and it's WAY better for gnarly trails. Just did about 45 miles of super tight single track last weekend and it was great. The 450 has less rotating mass and feels like it flicks side to side with less effort than the 500 (comparing to my 2014 FE501). It also feels like it sticks in corners a little better and doesn't seem to want to push as much in the corners. Granted I have $1600 worth of Kreft suspension work on it so that might be part of it too. The 450 revs to the moon and doesn't require much shifting compared to a 2T. I've gone 97 mph on a dry lake bed with the 13/50 gearing so it's plenty fast. Here's a link to my build and what I did to it, it works great in the wide open desert and in the tight gnar.
  14. jplooch

    Beta cross reference?

    No I ended up buying a new dirt bike and selling the Beta so I never pursued it further
  15. Clean n shiny. And natural habitat (buddha trail at Moonrocks)