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  1. 1999xr650lman

    Thoughts on this xr650r: Formly ridden by Johnny Campbell

    I thought I'd update this with a little more info, for any who may be interested. I've been doing a lot of research of the the past month and wasn't (and still not) sure if this is really the right bike for me. Any way, for the heck of it as I really find the history intriguing spoke with the seller to find out a little more about it. It was indeed previously owned by Team Honda and was formerly ridden by Johnny Campbell as he has documented emails back forth from the owner of Precision Concepts, Bob Bell, verifying several aspects of the bike in how it was built down to the race spec'd suspensions settings. It has a lot of special 'one off' type parts in the suspension such as the CR500 rear shock conversion. It won the 2003 "Best Of the Desert" and was also used as a back up bike for the Baja 1000. It was originally sold from Team Honda in 2008 and some how brought into the hands of RPM Motorsports. A gentleman owned it for a short time before the current owner bought it. The first 3 photos below are a few pictures of how it looked previously before the SM conversion. I was curious about the engine build and why it was done. He said that he, the current owner, blew it up while racing it. He estimates that he has put about 5k-7k miles on the bike total and has put no more than 1500 on it since the rebuild. He claims that it starts up on one or two kicks and has not encountered any issues since the rebuild. He says that it has been down and the plastics are in "raced" condition. From what I understand, I believe the extent of the wear on the bike is from the current owner and not so much from its lineage. My plan was, if I were to buy it, was to keep all the plastics in tact but now that I understand the extent of the wear on them is not actually from Team Honda, it sort of has a little less provenance to it in that regard if you catch my drift. Originally when he got it, it had the dirt wheel setup of course but he sold them off and purchased the 17's. My plan would be to convert it back and put dirt wheels on it again. It does not have a full Baja Designs kit on it and it sounds like possibly some of the OEM wiring was removed when it was raced competitively.
  2. I'm in the market for a 650R and recently came across this ad and wondered what people's thoughts were on this bike. http://eastidaho.craigslist.org/mcy/5222934918.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2003 Honda XR650R Street Legal Supermoto (Former Johnny Campbell bike) - $4250 (Pocatello) 2003 Honda XR650R condition: good engine displacement (CC): 650 fuel: gas paint color: red title status: clean transmission: manual safety tips prohibited items product recalls avoiding scams Clean and clear street legal title. This bike is currently registered and insured for street use. In the time I've owned this bike I've had it street titled in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, and Idaho with no issues. This bike was Johnny Campbell's 2003 Best In The Desert (BITD) race bike. It has many unique and rare parts that were not available to the general public. I have emails from Bob Bell of Precision Concepts verifying the build and authenticity. It has been built to approximately double the stock power output. Was dynoed at 55hp at the rear wheel prior to the last engine rebuild. The engine, suspension, and bike were originally built by Precision Concepts in California, they are legends in the desert racing scene. I bought the bike in 2008 and converted it to a supermoto. Winter 2012-2013 I did a complete rebuild with full Falicon Supercrank mod and Kibblewhite valves, springs, and Titanium valve spring retainers, Wiseco high compression piston with eyebrows hand cut for valve clearance with the extreme high lift cam, piston also coated by SwainTech with ceramic thermal coating on top and anti-friction coating on skirt. The cam is a custom grind from Web Cams that has has a full 10% more lift than the HRC cam or the Stage 2 Hot Cam. This bike makes massive power and torque through the entire rev range. The head had already been been ported and polished by Precision Concepts prior to the rebuild. This bike is a blast to ride on and off-road. No expense was spared on the rebuild (or on any part of this bike). I've ridden it very little since the rebuild, less than 1000 miles. I have pics and receipts to document the build. The cam is a key piece of the build. I've ridden bikes with other cam options and nothing compares. I'll provide specs to whoever purchases the bike. -Custom Precision Concepts Suspension front and rear. Rear shock is a custom build based on a CR500 shock body built to work on the XR650 that has high and low speed compression adjustment. -Custom Precision Concepts port/polish/head work, this was a team bike so guaranteed that it was their best work. -Falicon Supercrank with roller bearing one piece knife edge rod. Balanced and blueprinted specifically to the piston in the bike. The big end bearing is the first thing to go in these engines. With the Supercrank mod the bottom end is much stronger and has a much longer life. http://www.faliconcranks.com/crank_svc.html -Procircuit T4 titanium exhaust with reverse cone header, you can't buy this version, better power and sound than the consumer version. -Vortex CDI with custom map, better spark advance and higher revs. -BRP Billet triple clamp and bar mount with mount for Scott's steering damper (no damper included). -Renthal Fatbar aluminum bars. -Huge oversize aluminum radiators, no cooling issues like on stock XR650s. -Braking 320mm supermoto brake rotor and offset bracket (stock bracket included). -Extremely rare computer drilled airbox cover (I've only seen one other like it and it wasn't for sale). -Carb choke plate mod, easier starting, no small parts to break like the stock part. -Excel rims with RAD hubs hand built by Kirk at Factory Pro Racing, has the more desirable 4.5" rear wheel rather than the more common 4.25", this gives perfect fitment of 150 and 160 rear tires. -Brand new D.I.D ERV3 chain, 14T front and 45T rear Renthal sprockets, all less than 50 miles, includes a second brand new Renthal 15T front sprocket still in the packaging (much better for street use). -Baja designs headlight and LED taillight/brake light wired to a rear brake pressure switch. -Brand new fork seals last week with full refresh of internals and fluid. -Supermoto Engineering front and rear axle sliders. -Precision Concepts cable guides. -Really crappy bar end mirror (but meets legality requirements). -Original Johnny Campbell front number plate and front fender also included. -Michelin Pilot Power tires, front 50%, rear 30-40%, new rear tube last summer. I'm a surgeon, typically work ~100hrs a week and have four young kids, please don't waste my time. I'm only selling because I have too many bikes and have been spending more time on my newer bikes.
  3. 1999xr650lman

    Its been awhile since i built myself a drz........

    Awesome stuff!! This will definitely be a lot of fun to follow and will also be great to see your tastes & ideas on how a DRZ should be built from the ground up. As it was mentioned earlier, how fun it would be to watch the build off take place on TV!
  4. 1999xr650lman

    Winter Mods Done On The SMC!- Photos

    Thanks guys! Congrats on the new bike, Lofus, you will absolutely love it. Mods: -Custom dyno tuned -FMF Apex exhaust -KTM Evo 1 open airbox cover -Paul Williams LED tailight -KTM licence plate holder -Acerbis handguards -KTM axle sliders -KTM passenger footpeg -swingarm spools -KTM rear footpeg "brackets" Future mods: -Carbon Peformance skid plate -New tires One of the great things about these bikes is that they are set up just about perfect from the factory with all of the top of the line parts (Brembo brakes, ss brake lines, slipper clutch, lot's of power etc etc) that you would normally have to pay big money for in the aftermarket on a 'lower end' bike.
  5. Well, just got done with some winter mods to the bike and thought I'd throw up some photos!
  6. Looks like you had a fun ride! What do you use on your plastics? Looks very nice.
  7. 1999xr650lman

    My new ride! DRZ 400SM

    Nice work!! Very nice parts. I enjoy seeing the photos as they take me back when I installed some of those same parts. Fun fun.
  8. 1999xr650lman

    DR-Z Remembrance

    Oh wow, that's pretty cool. If I may say, he got a good one! Is it still pretty much the same as it looks in the pic? Be fun to hear about it. When I sold it, I did not 'part it out' or sell any of the aftermarket parts I put on it. I took really good care of that bike. It never had been down ever and always had a fresh coat of wax on the tank and plastics. Maintained it very well too, always changed the oil 1k or less and it always came out looking as clean as the fresh 15w-50 weight $$$ synthetic I'd put in it. Yeah, I actually traded the dual sport wheels for the sm wheel set a few months before I sold it. When I got 17"s, they had literally brand new Avon Distanzias mounted and were free of scratches. It is a good bike. It has been a lot of fun. I like the riding postion as it's a single handlebar and very upright as I am accustomed to that riding position. I do miss being able to hop a curb and such though, you are definitely not doing those types of shenanigans with something like this and sometimes I wish I had something more that could do that. I'm thinking a Hypermotard or Dorsoduro is next up, but I plan to enjoy this one for a while yet. I like the power that's it got and shooting out of the corners is fun, but to really open it up, you have to be out of the city. When riding it around in stop-in-go traffic, it feels like it's being quite restrained and wanting to be unleashed. When you through a leg over it, it feels on the heavy side, but once you get going, it feels quite light a flickable. It is a fun bike to ride that can handle a day trip well, not strain your body and doesn't get blown around on the freeway, only your head does but that's how all unfaired bikes are. Both different types of bikes have their pluses and minuses, ideally, it would be best to have one of each in the garage.
  9. 1999xr650lman

    DR-Z Remembrance

    Hey what’s going on guys, it’s been a while. Haven’t really been on here nearly as much as I used to be, but have popped in every now and again to see what’s up. It’s nice to see from viewing some of the threads that a lot of the regulars that I remember are still active. I often think about when I was here, made daily posts and how fun it was to talk about these bikes with you all. I think I pretty much almost knew the DRZ inside and out! Just kind of doing a little remembrance thing of my ‘ol Dizzer. A year ago today I sold the DRZ. I remember the day very well, the owner who bought it and watching it go up the street. 7,300 miles and change was the number and I put just about every one of those miles on it as I bought her new. A sad day it was to see a bike that had brought so much enjoyment, new friends and many, many wonderful riding memories that I will always cherish. Yet, it was exciting at the same time because I was prepared to embark on a new relationship with a different bike. It was a decision that I had spent a lot of time on and definitely not one that I made overnight. As much as I loved it, I was ready to move up to a bigger street bike, simply put. I have really enjoyed ownership of the Z1. It is totally different to ride than the DRZ. I bought it from the original owner with low miles in pretty much all stock condition. I have done some things to it; you can compare how it looked from when I first got it to how it looks today. I’ve put about 3k miles or so on it, and have had some good rides with it such as riding hwy 1 along the coast this past summer as well as some touring with it. I’ve included a couple photos in remembrance of the DRZ as well as some of my current bike. When I first got it. How it looks today.
  10. 1999xr650lman

    Need jetting help going back to a brs carb

    The BSR did bring good mpg. Jetted with air box mod and open pipe yielded over 120 miles until I hit reserve.
  11. 1999xr650lman

    Blast from the past! Holy hell it's been awhile.

    ^^ That bring's back some memories. Like it a lot! Has lot's of punch to it, yet it's still comfortable because of the upright riding position. What future mods do you have planned for the Dizzer?
  12. 1999xr650lman

    Blast from the past! Holy hell it's been awhile.

    Hey what's up man, yeah I remember those Manta seat threads, lol. Like you though, haven't been spending nearly as much time on here anymore as I no longer own the Z which I sold about a year ago to get a Z1k.
  13. 1999xr650lman

    Final video of the 2010 Colorado Supermoto Series

    Very nice action and terrific production!! It was cool to hear an interview of Eddie in there as well. Tell 'em nice job!
  14. 1999xr650lman

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Sweet action shots.