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  1. Kawabuggy

    Rocker gasket

    He has a 2 stroke so either he is referring to a HEAD gasket, or a cylinder BASE gasket.. NO ROCKER gasket. If you are wanting to pull the CYLINDER, and you are asking about the base gasket that goes between the bottom of the cylinder and the engine main cases.. Welp, it just depends on if it tears or not when pulling the cylinder. Me personally, I'd have a new one on hand. But, in a pinch, a little silicone, on an untorn gasket might work short term.
  2. Kawabuggy

    2001 cr250 won't idle.

    Are you sure the 55 pilot is correct for your bike???? I would think your pilot is too rich. The 2000 CR250 used a 48 pilot jet from the factory, and they were known to load up, idly poorly or not at all, and stall easily at low RPM.. I have a PWK carb on my '01 at this time and I'm down to a 42 pilot.. You may want to do a pressure test on the engine before you do anything else. If the motor checks out okay, then start with a smaller pilot jet and see what happens then.
  3. Most importantly-have your parents increase your medical insurance coverage, and also life insurance. Then, get all the protective gear-if you don't already have it. Neck brace. Good helmet. Chest protector. Good boots, goggles, gloves, tear-offs. Also, if you have not already done so, get the suspension done by a pro so that the bike is set up for YOU. Then on to an MX school, or MX lessons. Remember chicks love scars and you will *most likely* have some to show them at some point in your racing future.
  4. Kawabuggy

    Steering damage after wreck.

    Head stay bearings for sure. It's not a difficult job, and the bearing & races set is not expensive. Be sure you properly seat a WATERPROOF grease into the bearing. Here's a video to show you the proper way; Contrary to popular belief you DO NOT need special installation tools to do this job. YES, those specialty tools will make the job easier, but you can do this job using an old punch to drive out the old races, and the old races to drive in the new races. The steering stem bearing can be removed by cutting the cage, removing the rollers, then cutting the race with a cut off wheel until you are almost all the way through.. Then put a chisel into the cut line you made with the cut off wheel, whack it with a hammer so that the race cracks and it will then slide right off. There are a bunch of different ways to do this job without the specialty tools. If your bike is like most peoples bikes-those bearings have never been serviced/greased since they were put in there at the factory. I know I never checked mine.. Until like you I figured out they were bad..
  5. Kawabuggy

    Squeaky front wheel??

    Awesome that you figured it out! That warped rotor might not have seemed like a big deal but it would have burned through pads really fast, and would have kept the rotor really hot while riding the bike, and hurt acceleration and braking, and worn out the pad pins over time.. You did the best thing you could have done in this scenario.
  6. Kawabuggy

    Squeaky front wheel??

    When you say you took off the rotor, can I ask... Did you remove the rotor and then put the wheel back on the bike without the rotor and tried to roll it? If not, try that. This will either rule out the rotor as the sound of the noise, or prove that the issue is with the rotor, or caliper, or caliper bracket..
  7. Kawabuggy

    Are cheap foot pegs any good?

    It's hard to find decent pegs for my 01 CR250.. I found some decent red anodized pegs on Flea Bay for the later 02+ CR250's and they went right on with no issue. Yes, they are cheap, china made but they have held up for over 4 years now. One thing to mention... If you buy china made pegs and they come with screw in studs you need to use RED Loc-tite on every stud... I did not do this and lost several studs on the first ride. Then I had to come home and remove every stud and add the loc=tite, and replace the missing studs. I have lost ZERO since then.
  8. Kawabuggy

    2003 Honda CR250R swing arm needed

    I don't think it is going to work.. Different part #'s per Rocky Mountain. If you think you can make it work, you can have it for free if you pay for shipping. It is off a 2006 CRF450R though. Have you seen this link; Lots of good information in that link.
  9. Kawabuggy

    2003 Honda CR250R swing arm needed

    If you can use a 2006 swing arm, I have one.. for sale.. cheap.. If you can verify if it will fit.
  10. Just one final update on this as I am FINISHED (temporarily) on the forks!!!!! Current stack; 20.1X2, 19.1, 18.1, 17.1, 16.1, 10.1(8MMID), 10.2X3(6MMID) This is the MID VALVE stack for those of you who have not been following from the beginning. Notice I went back to a 2nd face shim, and then reduced my clamp shim from a 10.2 down to a 10.1 to keep my float at .30. Riding=Awesome. I can find no fault with the current set up. What I REALLY like about this set up is that the front end has ZERO harshness at all. From the top of the stroke all the way to the bottom, it is silky smooth. It's going to take me a while to get used to it because I'm always mentally preparing myself, and expecting the harshness from the front end when I hit something on the trail. Now, you get the sensation that the front end is experiencing something, but nothing harsh is translating through the bars to my hands or arms. So it is kind of deceiving to ride the bike now. You can see the terrain changes, and you can see the roots, and rocks, and step ups, but you can't feel them through the front end like before. I have also noticed that when coming into the turns the front end settles down, and the forks compress, as I shift my weight forward onto the tank. As the front end compresses it just drives that front tire down into the sand and it turns like you would not believe. As you exit the turn, the front end rebounds perfectly and allows the weight to transfer to the back end to give traction. I'm loving it. I'm absolutely loving it. Current settings; Compression 8 out from full in. Rebound 9 out from full in. Compared to how the bike was riding before I started this exercise, it is a NIGHT & DAY difference. I thought I was happy before with the changes I made to the base valve, but now I know that was just the first step. Big things happened with the mid-valve changes. If I had to do it over, I'd start with small changes to the mid-valve FIRST before doing anything else. I am now painfully aware that my shock now needs drastic attention. I will start a new post about the shock and let's see if I can get the same support on revamping the shock as I have on the forks. I MUST give a hearty thank you to all of you who have volunteered your time, and expertise, and suggestions on what I should try. I specifically want to address those of you whose input has meant a lot to me. In no particular order; Mog.. My words will fall far short of my gratitude. If you were near me I'd buy you a beer, or a bottle of your favorite liquor. Your posts are all over the internet on many different forums and ALWAYS you are doing your best to help people expecting nothing in return. The words feel hollow but they still need to be said-Thank you! Turbo Dan, Mlatour, numroe, Metricmuscle, GDI70, GMan255, Motrock93B, you guys seem to have stuck to the post from the beginning. Thanks for hanging in there with me whilst I whittled my way towards riding nirvana. Thank you guys for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with this "black art" that seems to be so hard to master, and elusive to those of us who can't commit to making a career out of it. I have found much of the information invaluable in moving through this exercise and could not have done it without all of you guys. Thank you to all of you! If ever any of you are in the Houston area, look me up and drinks are on me!!!!
  11. Kawabuggy

    2003 Cr250 won't start

    There are too many possibilities for what it could be.. Have you done a compression, or leak down test? How old is the top end? Have you checked the cables for the power valve? Any chance the valve is stuck open? I would check the pilot jet in the carb to make sure it is not plugged up. Have you replaced, or checked, the reeds in the not too distant past? Again, there are many things you will need to do to drill down on what is actually wrong.
  12. Kawabuggy

    Light scoring exhaust bridge need opnions

    Might want to drill the new piston with lube holes to prevent that type of damage. See this post; for additional information... It might be beneficial to you/your situation.
  13. Kawabuggy

    Will any piston perform better with holes drilled in them

    I had an 07 CR250 previously and put a new piston in it. It did not last 5 hours and the piston was damaged just like the one pictured above. I then replaced that piston and drilled the holes, and rode that bike for multiple hours with no more problems.
  14. I just came across this device and thought it might be useful to anyone who fears having their bike stolen, or for those who want to set up a sting operation. I did not do any research on it as I thought I would leave that up to you guys that are smarter than I am at this kind of stuff. Anyway, here is the link; http://comparisons.org/this-amazing-device-lets-you-track-your-vehicle-using-your-smartphone-v2.php?aff=1233&sub=TrackR_US_D