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  1. mclarkdenver

    Throttle Cam for woods

    coming off a four stroke wr250f ...I used a g2 in my yz250 and now my ktm 250 xc......I found that in the woods if I made a mistake /glanced a tree/lost my balance etc the stock throttle response on the 2-strokes would amplify the problem (quickly I might add ). I had the stock throttle on my ktm for about 4 months before making the switch --works great I use the 300 ....which is still plenty of roll on ....
  2. mclarkdenver

    Anyone have a 250XC boil over?

    nope...2012 250 xc ..plenty of technical stuff in 100 degree heat and it's been fine.
  3. mclarkdenver

    N. C. Hare Scrambles Race at Brushy This SUNDAY

    Fun track Richard-- everyone I spoke with liked the layout and mixture of fast and tight sections with plent of up and down the mountain as well--- and good area for crowd viewing at the endurocross section. Perfect weather and perfect dirt/traction. My favorite race so far this year. Looking forward to the brushy II later in the year. See you this sunday on fathers day.
  4. mclarkdenver

    Opinions on the new KTM 250's with 6 speed trannys

    coming off yz 250's -never felt I could get the gearing right for the varied terrains I ran ....also I run a rekluse and I was always concerned that the kickstarter was going to go south ( I had an 06 yz) and leave me stranded. I like the estart for that reasons and tough technical situations. Also having run other friends bikes I realized the ktm brakes are unreal ..yz very real --like really average. Come to find out in racing having confidence in being able to stop plays a big role in being able to go faster. \ I couldn't be happier with the 12 xc 250 --gearing is perfect for me ( 13/52 --race very tight harescrambles )...estart is great and stock suspension is so much better then my yz (after revalve) The xc engine is great as well ....not as hard of hit (which is good in the woods) but will certainly loft the tire whenever needed. Linkage on the 12 is great ...rode friends earlier bikes and they didn't handle right compared to my yz ...seemed twitchy --12 xc no problem. That was a big selling point to me ...plus my friends were always trying to get their suspension dialed in ....seems much easier with the linkage. I'm still a huge yz fan (only if you buy a used yz 06 and up --great value /do anything bike) but overtime I just realized I needed to stop fighting the truth ...the 12 xc is the best bike for me for harescrambles and such out there. Kinda sad...as many have said it would/should be pretty easy for yamaha to put out a kick ass off road yz 250. Oh well the loss.
  5. mclarkdenver

    Second set of Rims

    had good luck with warp 9 ....comes with sprocket and rotor for less then 400 bucks shipped ....not bad. Just got a back up rear rim for my ktm --like to keep one for a knobby and one for trials tire and change accordingly. Had one for my yz and it held up very well.
  6. mclarkdenver

    2 Stroke MX Bike To Trail Bike? Worth It?

    I share your pain and loss in the wallet .... recently found a used 2012 ktm 250 xc that was race ready and couldn't be happier ....coming off a yz 250 that I thought was great (it is pretty damned good and has been bulletproof) until I started riding some friends ktm's that were designed for the offroad. thankfully my brain has blocked out my ability to remember how much time /money spend on yz mods ....it's like how my mind has totally blocked out all memories of all the diapers I changed over the years with 4 kids
  7. mclarkdenver

    Flat tire- torn valve stem again

    had the same problem and I had never had that problem before (of course it had to happen about 5 minutes into a race )...check the rimlock --mine was shot and that was the problem.
  8. mclarkdenver

    YZ250 Gas Tank Question

    exactly --I have a clarke 3.1 on my 06 yz250 and have gone as long as 2 hrs 35 minutes in a harescramble I actually can't imagine you would have a problem running 45 minute moto with a stock tank ...I'm pretty sure I would make it on mine.
  9. mclarkdenver

    Clutch Lever for small, arthritic hands

    z-pro (easy pull all the time) with asv (adjustable) --can't think of a better set up
  10. mclarkdenver

    NEW to me 08 Woods YZ250!

    sounds a lot like my setup ...I have an 06 ..the G2 will help (as does the rekluse) but you will still have some sphincter moments with the yz (that's why we love it) when you snap the throttle. make sure you have a skid plate, and that the suspension is revalved for the woods (best money you can spend) and you'll have a phenomenal woods bike that is great for racing Harescrambles. I race with both knobbies and pirelli mt43's (trials tires that last forever and are great in the woods (rocks, roots etc)) Have fun you will love that bike and its bullet proof.
  11. mclarkdenver

    So I bought a KTM...

  12. mclarkdenver

    Alessi is a tard, tool, and fool all in one.

    We need a psychologist to chime in --because the Tony/Mike father and son relationship is some kind of bizarre co-dependency gone really really bad. And then I always wonder how does that girlfriend stay in the mix and not tell TA to blank off. Weird stuff for sure. If Tony is half (make that 1/8th) the a-hole he appears to be in the all the video/tv etc. I've ever seen then why Mike has never got a backbone and just parted ways is beyond me ... Put it this way, I'm the father of 4 boys --if I treated any of my kids that way (ie looked at them like they were my gravy train/path to self-esteem because I couldn't succeed on my own --sound like any little league parents we all know?) then I would WANT them to hop on a 450 and run me down repeatedly and put me out of their/my misery. I commend Mike's hard work and effort --but who's he doing it for ?? You can't be a true winner unless your trying to win for yourself first. I guess it's the father in me --makes me sick to watch TA's antics maybe he's different and the media/tv just makes him look bad by filming certain stuff ---but that's hard for me to believe. Some team manager needs to open a can of whoop ass on TA --surprised someone/everyone hasn't yet.
  13. mclarkdenver

    What Boots to buy?

    find used tech 7's in your size ....I have found 3 pairs in great shape for less then 100 each.
  14. mclarkdenver

    Brushy mountain NCHSA race whose going???

    Dave ,sounds good --hope you get your bike back quick ....yeah some of the fast downhills and turns at the mountain challenge were very sketchy with the trials tire --but it makes the ride so much smoother. Knobby probably would have been better at mtn challenge. They basically ran the first race course exactly backwards. I'll bring both wheels (knobby and trials) to brushy and make a decision before the race ...hope they get a little rain before next weekend or it will be dussttyyy. Mtn challenge was dry as a bone and very dusty in certain parts. amazing last 2 rides in NC and not one bit of mud on the bike --that doesn't happen much around here.
  15. mclarkdenver

    Brushy mountain NCHSA race whose going???

    I'll be there ....won't be hard to improve on my last results at Brushy ....1/4 mile into the race and I got a flat --on a trials tire--probably should have taken it over to Pirelli Tent and had it fixed and rejoined the race but I was bummed and called it a day and went waterskiing instead. Dave Mac...see you there ...going to ride brushy this sunday and/or monday if open. Let me know if you want to go Mike