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  1. Scott450x

    Sir-Flake-Alot wants to go to Mammoth Bar

    That's a great idea . I do need the practice and was kind of envious of your log hoppng abbilities after seeing you pop over that big ol log at Elkin's. Count me in for the M Sketch school of log jumping.
  2. Scott450x

    XCW hand guards/bark busters

    Cycra's! Perfect fit, clears the cables and easy installation. They look purty too
  3. Scott450x

    Sir-Flake-Alot wants to go to Mammoth Bar

    The hills are covered with snow, Carnagie is shut down for a race and Stony is to far to go for a ride in the mud. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I haven’t been to the Zoo in quite some time. PC first thing Saturday morning will be the ticket.
  4. Scott450x

    Saturday Valley DS Ride Report 2/21/09

    Glad to hear the weather cooperated and you had a great time. My favorite pic of the ride!
  5. Scott450x

    is GT westside open?

    Just called the ranger station and asked about trail conditions. Response was "UNDER SNOW AND CLOSED. The storm moving in this weekend is supposed to be a warm one. Hopefully it will melt the snow and the place will open up next weekend if there is a decent drying period. Oh well, as others have said GT sucks and PC is where it's at .
  6. Scott450x

    Catching Wild Pigs

    It won't run out as long as I (we) remain employed:foul: Why? Because the corn is taken without consent to give to those who put their hand out:banghead:
  7. Scott450x

    Trail Etiquette- do your part.

    ZEKEDAWG, Great post! Trail Etiquette seems all to often forgotten and can be the source of major frustration during a ride. I know many people don't realize they are doing something that adversely affects others or the trails we share and this is a great way to educate or remind all of us of our responsibilities. There will always be the Bozos that don't give a damn about anybody but themselves but perhaps with enough peer pressure they will come around. It would be great to see something like this posted in the information signs at the OHV staging areas for all to read not just TT.
  8. Scott450x

    09 KTM 300XC-W suspension expertise & settings

    Because you're a little heavy for the stock spring. I come in at about 185 loaded and the stock spring is a little light for me also. I'm close but can't quite get it in specs. Pull out the manual and try to set your sags correctly and you'll understand what he's talking about.
  9. Scott450x

    reducing wheelspin in the mud

    You might also want to try running a gear higher than normal.
  10. Scott450x

    Round 2 National H&H video

    Thanks for the link Ksrrider very cool. If you go to the Promoto.tv links page they have links to other sites that are similar.
  11. Scott450x

    Scotts, GPR, or other?

    I've ridden with both the Scott's and GPR but they were different bikes so tough to compare. They both worked well though, I think it would be tough to notice any discernable difference. If you stay with one of the later model GPR's or a Scott's you won't be disappointed. Pick one put it on and ride:ride: They are both quality products! http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h118/Scott450x/IMG_4157.jpg[/img]"]
  12. Scott450x

    Carnegie, Google Earth, Singletrack Anyone?

    Here you go. Not much singletrack on this one but there is a little on the left side if you look real close....... I mean really close! http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h118/Scott450x/GoogleEarth_Image.jpg[/img]"]
  13. Scott450x

    GT update?

    Was at GT on Saturday staged at Mace Mill. Didn't see any snow but there were a few sizable puddles. Good day of riding if you like dust free conditions and traction This weekend should be good at GT or Stony:thumbsup: Weather report calls for a 50% chance of showers for both on Thursday and Friday. Pick your poison they should both be great. Looks like I will have to make it two weekends in a row! Just change teams (smoker) and lovin it.
  14. Scott450x

    Counter Shaft Seal with Pics

    Great detailed write-up; well illustrated. I'm definitely more of a picture kind of guy.
  15. Scott450x

    450x Electric Start not able to start the bike

    I wasn't able to notice any significant difference between prior to or after the decompressor was adjusted. The starter did though!