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  1. i find it so badly suspended that i don't even like ridding it, the thought of spending another 800 for suspension work to make it livable was a hard stretch for me to make, on top of that with a motor this powerful, it can be left in 3rd gear for the entire track, which i find boring. Worst thing is, it is so fatiguing that after 4 laps i was absolutely spent, arms, and even my wrists and hands were tired. I debated on getting the 450sxf but then i am right back to the first problem and that is the suspension. My 08 505sxf is posted in the classifieds here.
  2. gobucks

    about to buy 08 450sxf- maybe

    i am not throwing in the towel yet, i love everything about but the suspension, after sitting down and reading alot of posts, i am going to try mx tech next month, hopefully it will all work out. i am 195 and no matter what we tried the bike just beat me to death, i am good for 8 hard laps on my crf, with the 505 after 4 and i am spent. off to mx tech i go. too many people have said send it off, just hate spending another 800 for correct spring and valving.
  3. gobucks

    about to buy 08 450sxf- maybe

    maybe fine for trails, for mx .... well lets just say after three rides on a mx track, i'm done, can't wait to get rid off this sled, yes i am bitter, 7400 on a 08 505 sxf and after today realized i made a huge mistake, but i ride mx only
  4. As i've been posting here, i have been waiting what seems forever for my 08 505 sxf to come in here in columbus. Well it finally did! Quick backgroound, vet b rider mx only, always rode hondas, last bike 450 crf 05. had acl replaced so this was my first ride last weekend in a year. Not going to bore you with what you already know, the fit and components are unreal. wait til you see the air filter honda guys, you will love it. E start goes without saying!!! you've heard all this b4. Now here's my take on the track. bike is scary fast and the suspension even scarier. After a few motos with the boys (practice track) i was trying to hammer the woops and the bike makes a shopping cart at high speed seem more stable. There is no way i can ride this as fast as my hondas unless i just want to drag race in a field. do i really have to send it off to mx tech? I will try again this weekend at briarcliff who has open practice. I am putting on a 50 rear tonight, any other advice? i really want to like this bike, but just don't have any confidence in the susp. I weigh 195 w/o gear and so if anything it should be soft Right? any guys my weight please chime in.
  5. i am still waiting here in ohio,dealer says this month.
  6. Thanks cr4f! What is the setup as far as suspension goes? I ride mx only, vet classes, weigh 195 wo gear? should I get the heavier springs? what elese are you doing to yours?
  7. update alert! dealer says it is comming in this thur!
  8. Me too, I also have an 08 505 on order here in ohio, also told the same thing, "august", who will get it first?!
  9. thanks, that is exactly what i was looking for and wanted to hear. I might add i am 42. being that i am 195 without gear, do you think i should go two sizes up on the springs? thanks in advance ktm777
  10. thanks to all, anyone here can recommend what size springs to order:?
  11. Greetings from central ohio, I am a long time rider/racer, all have been on jap bikes. I have been off since last august due to a 1st turn pile up in the vet class. Seems i did a complete rupture of the acl among other damages. Had the acl replaced oct 31st and sold the crf 450 knowing i wouldn't be able to ride til this summer. I am set on an 08 ktm 505 as i have dibs on incomming ktm's next month. ( I have a friend of a friend who bought a dealership). here are my questions and any response will be greatly appreciated. Those of you who have ridden both the 450 and the 505, is the 505 harder to ride due to the bigger motor, I am only riding vet classes so the size won't be an issue. I am 195 lbs, B rider, ride only mx, no trails, should i get any optional springs, what settings do you reccomend for my size and ability, i am not a A rider, nor a C, finish mid pack in the 250 b, and better than mid pack in the 25b and 30t b classes. By reading this site off and on it seems i should put a 50 rear on the back and ship my suspension of to mx east! Just trying to get a feel what settings i should be at to get me in the ball park. Is the sagsettings still at 100mm like the hondas? Again any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, John
  12. gobucks

    Convert a CRF boy

    of all the forums i have been to, corvette, porsche, ford, moto viewing, this is the stupidist reply i have ever read. i too have a crf and am thinking hard on a 450 or 505 sxf, great original post and replys, except for above.