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  1. plugeye

    1996 Dr350

    con would be heavy unwanted vibration
  2. plugeye

    DR200 bad solenoid or starter button?

    can still be the input to the solenoid. try jumping the solenoid input coil to confirm
  3. plugeye

    1996 Dr350

    yikes someone take this persons tools away please
  4. plugeye

    Location of air filter on Suzuki dr350

    pull the left side plastic. the air box door is secured with 3 screws. the filter is secured with a wing screw
  5. plugeye

    Getting the clutch back in

    the cover is pushing out, which is normal. it needs to be bolted on to compress the pressure plate springs.
  6. plugeye

    How to make a DR350 better for a taller rider?

    the better lowered pegs dont drop below the frame. i have a seat concepts, regular i believe. most CR hi/ YZ hi/ etc bars work better with stock cables. i found these schoolboy pros to work well for standing too. slightly trimming the bar ends make for easier standing also.
  7. plugeye

    Carb issues

    not a theory, based on many reports. the petcock screen is sufficient
  8. plugeye

    Carb issues

    do not use an in-line filter it causes issues.
  9. plugeye

    Carb issues

    the fuel/air screw
  10. plugeye

    Carb issues

    are you using a stock petcock & no in-line fuel filter?
  11. plugeye

    1986 Suzuki SP-125

    i'd consider $100 cheap for a new mikuni
  12. plugeye

    Newbie DR owner

    welcome to the party. do you check the oil level after EVERY ride home? the valves may not have been set correctly (90-93 models have tighter exhaust clearances) what is the fuel economy: miles per gallon? how is the performance?
  13. plugeye

    94 DR350SE vs DR350 non SE (dirt version)

    yes, the 2 mounting tits to the frame & seat will fit. the screw hole is off & requires a new hole & fastener: 94472-14D10, flat washer & inner retainer (i used safety wire)
  14. plugeye

    94 DR350SE vs DR350 non SE (dirt version)

    what model do you have, the dirt DR350 (no battery)?
  15. plugeye

    94 DR350SE vs DR350 non SE (dirt version)

    only the right side will fit both models