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  1. sorry, i dont have any leads at the moment. i got lucky when someone got rid of his throwaways. between that and my pieces, i built a decent cluster. try asking over on thread also on maximum suzuki forum DR page. best of luck.
  2. welcome, nice machine 544ml capacity STD level 170mm
  3. you mean like my 99? sorry, couldn't resist
  4. sorry, i dont know. the fellow i bought the heap from said he was riding it, started making noise & top end seized. but its all to common for these engines when the oil level is too low
  5. this is the result of operating with too low oil level
  6. dont trust these guys, super low oil=trashed top end
  7. how would you perform a compression check with an auto-compression release motor? check your airbox & air boot for oil
  8. dont think its a shifting problem. it may be the clutch is slipping or a fuel delivery problem
  9. since jesse jetted it, probably
  10. this: dg exhaust, 3x3 airbox
  11. BST carb with an ACV?
  12. its not like the dr350.... so what, its still fookin awesome & awesome looking
  13. its the wrong machine for that. i'm sure you can find a worthy 650 and up street bike that will perform circles around any small thumper best of luck
  14. i assume he meant sprockets i would not use aluminum sprockets with steel chain. there is no advantage
  15. snug the top 2 on the block first with a 1/4" drive ratchet using only your fingers on the wrench. then snug the bottom 2 the same way