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  1. are you saying the dr650 acerbis has only a left-side petcock? had a dr350 acerbis with right & left petcocks all plumbed together
  2. ok, try cranking with sidestand up. (check that the switch is depressed by the sidestand) check clutch switch connections (yellow wire with green stripe), ignition switch connector for poor connections also run/ stop for dirty contacts (wiggle it while cranking)
  3. whats it doing when you push the button? is anything clicking or the starter spinning the motor?
  4. i upgraded the fork to late model & the 15mm axle wheel no longer fit.
  6. contact derek at motolab. i just bought 2 from him
  7. DR250S dual sport year designation is L
  8. i got them off, not too bad thanks
  9. no, the lighting/ charging circuit is completely independent of the ignition circuit.
  10. how do you get these off?
  11. if the cleaning doesnt work, get a used stator & rect/reg. should be reasonable on forums or ebay
  12. yes, go to thisoldtractor. he has them
  13. how long have you had it? depends on the market in your area & how much your into it. around here, they dont last more than a week on craigslist. i just sold one a couple weeks ago: i had offers of $1500 and $1000. i got my asking price of $1850 within a week and included a 2nd set of wheels.
  14. +1, same here.
  15. with the wide seat