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  1. there is no adjustable preload for the forks
  2. if thats part of the horn button, not sure. search videos of it
  3. it should be attached to the left headlight ear.
  4. acerbis 4.25 gallon
  5. i dont think everything is in right. take it apart and investigate
  6. i think its a press-fit. i've read about some having success reindexing the inlet tube, and some destroying it. i have the same tank on my 92, 1st fillup. how many miles do you get on the left petcock? right? reserves? i'm using the left petcock main and mileage at 175 this morning. trying to gauge when its fixin to run out.
  7. yamaha p/n 5LP-24500-01-00
  8. go with a yamaha raptor instead. cap off the vac nipple on the carb. much cheaper & more reliable than the vac petcock
  9. you can research here, its a great source
  10. electric start 94-up
  11. yes, you can remove it. i use a rag to plug the openings to the crankcase to prevent losing things. always remove the drum follower spring before attempting to loosen or tighten the drum bolt. remove the follower to check if bent or worn and when reinstalling, attach the spring last. the external shifter assembly that the drum bolt installs into has tiny pawls & springs that can leave the area at high velocity and unknown heading located within the shift plate. best to keep pressure on it when the bolt is removed. also change the clutch thrust washers if worn in the slightest. torque the clutch hub nut to the minimum recommended. the top end oil situation is best handled by religiously checking the oil level when hot after every ride.
  12. DR350SE 1994 DR250SE 1993
  13. for front sprocket, you can use a stock DRZ400 15 tooth
  14. JT sprockets JTR808-39