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  1. i'll sell this one
  2. this 99 SE makes 3. its my retirement bike for the future...
  3. if it was a 6, you'd know it.
  4. the electric-start & kick-start auto CR cams differ in the CR timing
  5. i answered your post in advr, but your head is ok & stock. all 94-99 DR350 have auto CR, the dirt 94-99 also have manual CR. havent found a good way to check compression yet. .002-.004 intake .007-.009 exhaust
  6. wow, good job
  7. i suppose yes. the level of the oil to top of fork
  8. the manual does walk you around in circles. the best i could tell was this: with springs out & tube fully compressed, oil level is 144mm
  9. contact derek (motolab)
  10. i made a copy of the wire because i only had 1 but have 3 tanks.
  11. in that nice of condition, you could sell it & buy an electric-start machine. sorry, but i know nothing about these models
  12. 4.2 gallon tank going on this petcock will work hose has a smooth path made a copy of the lower support from 1/8" steel welding rod bending jig the clarke tank is from adammtb, petcock is a new yamaha 2GU-24500-02-00, free viton gasket material from brianpeck. i trimmed the seat bracket corners, they were touching the tank. had a drip from petcock to tank, used the viton to seal. should have decent range now. also pulled off the handlebar blocks & installed stock guards
  13. i've seen where someone welded front mounts to the frame. then use a dirt rear mount. even then, the petcock can still interfere with the choke on some carbs