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  1. plugeye

    DR250SE carb upgrade

    riding to work this morning reminiscing of problems with the TM33 pumper carb worn slides, snapped needles & flame outs at that very moment: flame out at the stop light, fate? still on the 1st fillup of the 4.2G tank on reserve at 197 miles, no gas in the left bank tipped it over for 10 seconds-1 kick & motor on
  2. plugeye

    Think I messed up my DR350 clutch trying to adjust it...

    https://www.suzukipartshouse.com/oemparts/a/suz/50d3ab24f8700220d0b7215d/clutch #2 thrust washers
  3. plugeye

    Kick Start Lever Options?

  4. plugeye

    DR250SE carb upgrade

    oh ok, good luck with that
  5. plugeye

    Think I messed up my DR350 clutch trying to adjust it...

    from the postion shown, turn the shaft clockwise until it stops. then mount the lever at 11:00. now try it
  6. plugeye

    DR250SE carb upgrade

    dont have your answers but i'd get the stock carb working correctly. as long as it doesnt sit for months, it'll need no tuning
  7. plugeye

    Help needed locating parts for my 250

  8. plugeye

    day milage counter not working

    use a plastic shaft that fits & epoxy it to the broken part. i've done it before even a stiff hose glued to the broken shaft works
  9. plugeye

    1997 DR350SE - Carb fuel line routing

    the lower brass port is the purge port for california models, cap it off. the rearward upper one is the vent, as thedktor said or look up "T-vent mod"
  10. plugeye

    Kill switch-1990 DR350S

    yes, i eliminated the keyed ignition with a concealed micro switch & relay. on your S model, without electric-start you can use a simple rocker switch.
  11. plugeye

    Ground Exhaust Weld...Some Good, Some Not-So-Good

    my point was you cant have it all, i'd get the low end back. low end & mid range is what 4 stroke singles do well. are you saying the low end went away with only grinding the header weld?
  12. plugeye

    Ground Exhaust Weld...Some Good, Some Not-So-Good

    dont know. i prefer better low end response & stock jetting
  13. plugeye

    Looking for DR 350 rear spokes

    if you have no luck, try buchanons or other wheel builders. they will sell separate components. you didnt specify if its a cush hub or not, the spokes are different
  14. plugeye

    2017 DR-200 Please help Rear Sprocket

  15. plugeye

    2017 DR-200 Please help Rear Sprocket

    i've used sunstar and JT, both good quality. always get steel