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  1. keyless system, ahh the freedom
  2. coming soon: turn signals and keyless electrical system
  3. thisoldtractor has a good shop manual free
  4. different engine
  5. yes, it may be stuck but it does just wiggle on out
  6. great news
  7. i only have US wiring diagrams i see no wire with those colors, nor any diodes. however, the diodes in your picture look exactly like the one that came out of my 97 DR650
  8. you can get a good used cylinder & piston pretty easily
  9. built-up & fixed instruments from pieces. more civilized now
  10. kickstand is ok. depending on your shock preload & rear tire condition, it could lean a bit more than you'd like
  11. truth dont have a problem with that
  12. on the other hand, if i were the seller i wouldn't take less than 1500
  13. what price would you say then?
  14. i'll sell this one