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  1. plugeye

    Big backfire issue and Tail light wiring

    likely the tip of the iceberg
  2. plugeye

    Big backfire issue and Tail light wiring

    hopefully these dont go together
  3. plugeye

    Big backfire issue and Tail light wiring

    probably backfiring because there is no muffler you should fill out your profile with a location so that people can help you with your questions some states do not require turn signals for brake light, need a switch and dual element taillight
  4. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    if i had to do 1/2 of this, i'd give up riding. any kickstart carbureted machine when setup correctly should require gas on/ choke as required for motor & ambient temperature/ kill off/ 1 to 2 kicks to start
  5. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    way too many opinions here. dont open the carb unless you have plenty of experience with it.
  6. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    i wouldnt do anything to the carb. it ran great without issue.
  7. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    ohh, i missed this you need that unless you enjoy kicking forever
  8. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    probably better off to sell it before a shop makes it worse buy a later model electric-start bike
  9. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    the worst is taking it to a shop if they arent intimate with DR350s/ DR250s
  10. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    i meant how are you using them. if its not cold outside, maybe use 1/2 choke always use the compression release to start
  11. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    the compression release is the short lever on the left the enrichener is the choke knob
  12. plugeye

    Kick start issue

    how are you using the compression release? these motors are very temperature dependent, adjust the enrichener accordingly
  13. plugeye

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    DR650 speedometer & clarke tank
  14. plugeye

    Can anyone help me identify this DR250?

    you are fortunate. based on the frame, forks, gas tank, taillight it's a 94-96 DR350. it will have the later model auto-CR top end, cartridge forks & compression/ rebound adjustable shock. better than any DR250. go to adventurerider.com/bikes/thumpers/dr350 thread & start reading. cheers
  15. plugeye

    385cc Big Bore

    if it has compression ratio increase, problems with detonation/ high octane gas/ programmable ignition advance/ jetting changes