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  1. First off I want to warn you this may be a long post but I need to explain my circumstances so you can give meaningful advice. A couple years ago I was injured in an accident. Long story short, my right leg will never be the same and is full of hardware. I can drive a car/pickup okay and can walk short distances (1/2 mile max) with a cane. However I can’t afford to stress my leg such as putting my foot down hard while riding my bike or the stress of laying my bike down on my leg. For this reason I feel I should never get back on any motorcycle and likely not on a traditional quad/4 wheeler. My off road/dirt bike is/was a KTM 525 EXC. For dual sporting I had a BMW 650 X-challenge. I mention this because I do like performance including power and good suspension. My wife still rides her KTM 450 EXC for dirt and Suzuki DRZ 400 for dual sporting. We plan to drop the dual sporting from our riding but really want to get back to dirt riding. I am looking for something that will allow me to get out and ride with her in the dirt. To be able to keep the most options open I want to keep to 50 inches or less so I can at least ride those trails. We currently live in Idaho right next to the Oregon border and many local trails limit you to 50 inches or less. Most likely looking at some sort of 50 inch side by side such as a RZR or something like the ACE. I have sat in the ACE and it fits me well and looks like it will keep my leg safe and still allow me to get back to dirt riding. What ever I go with, I believe I want power steering. Looked at both the ACE 900 and the Ace 570 SP. After reading about them found out the fuel range on the 900 is very limited so that is out. We like to take long rides (go places, not just ride circles) and need good fuel range. The thing that worries me about the ACE is the auto transmission. I am use to gears in the bikes and also in full size vehicles such as my pickup and SUV. I currently have a Suzuki Sidekick I use for getting out in the mountains and it is okay, but the suspension is a big limiting factor. However, I do like the 5 speeds and the low range for rocky areas. Having never ridden a typical 4 wheeler or UTV I don’t know how it will be on crawling up rocky areas or going down very steep hills. One other thing that our KTM’s have are street license plates. Rarely ride on the street, but being able to connect trails and be legal in those areas that require a plate is a big bonus. Not sure if I can plate an ACE or not, but something I can plate would be a big bonus to me. Is there anything else out there other than the ACE or trail version of the RZR that would keep me under the 50 inch limit and provide the protection of a sit in/roll cage rig? Do any of you have an ACE? What do you like and dislike about it? I am really wanting to get back out in the dirt. Thank you for any input you can give me.
  2. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Side by side riding location?

    Before you go to Winom with a side by side, check out this picture of a trail sign at the Winom. (Just about every quad trail there has a similiar sign) If you are really serious about wanting one, go to Morrow County OHV park. Rumor has it they are not only legal there, but encouraged. I say rumor has it, because I don't ride there. Nothing but quad trails when I was there several years ago and if the side by side rumor is true, even more reason to avoid it.
  3. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Pics of your fork mounted chainsaw carrier?

    Here are a few pictures of my home built rack. As I get a different bike, I just make any necessary changes to make it work. Modification to heatlight assembly to make it fast and easy to remove and it also raises the light to make it useful for night riding. The extra switches are for things like grip heaters and cooling fan control. The rack and saw for the KTM has cut a lot of trail and I have used it for years. It is made light and once in a while something does break, but I just repair it and use it next time. I prefer to have the saw on the front of the bike so I don't have to deal with it when getting on and off the bike (miss is with my leg) I use bungie straps to hold the saw while riding to and from heavy cutting areas, but once on a trail with lots of down trees (such as NE Oregon in the spring) I just set the saw in the rack and it stays in place enough to ride to the next tree. Only take a few seconds to grab the saw of put it back in the rack. The way I have it set up, it takes about 5 minutes to remove the headlight assembly and replace it with the saw rack. The only draw back is without the headlight, I am not really street legal for those areas where I may need to be. For that purpose, I built this for my dual sport bike. Not as nice as having the saw on the front, getting on and off the bike is not as easy, but works for what it is for. Have added holders on the back plat for holding spare oil and gas bottles.
  4. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Desert 100 Carnage Thread

    I did the same thing on Saturday during the Ironman on my BMW 650. Saw lots of people stopped looking it over and many people standing on the hill, but just weaved my way around the onlookers and hit the hill and went right up it with no problem and kept going, never looking back. Wonder if some of the on lookers thought if an old grandpa on a big dual sport bike can go right up it, they they should have no problem. After one lap of the ironman, then we rode the rest of the dual sport ride. some of the offroad sections of that part are even better than the regualr course. If you have never ridden the dual sport ride, you need to try it.
  5. NE_Oregon_KTM

    What Snow? - It was over 70 yesterday

    Katy and I always go riding over the Christmas to New Year week. Had planned to go to Moab (like we have done the last few years) but the weather for that area looked bad. At the last minute, changed our plans and went to Arizona. Have found good weather and riding every day. Spent the first three days in Wickenburg AZ and are now in Bullhead City AZ. Am meeting a local this morning to learn this area. Have been posting a ride report each evening on another site. Will risk the mods getting upset by posting a link for those the may be interested is seeing how to cope with bad weather in the NW. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=418680 Having a great time. May have to make this our new Christmas to New Year riding area. :p
  6. NE_Oregon_KTM

    How's your weather??

    Today, the high was at least 70. Been riding the past three days. What snow??? See: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=418680 :p
  7. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Short ride at Mattawa 11-15-2008 (report w/pics)

    Glad you had a good ride Nick. Katy and I had planned to go back to Mattawa yesterday ourselves. (we rode there the Saturday before) However, it had been really warm this past week and we felt (correctly by the way) that enough snow had melted that we could ride up the Walla Walla river trail. Our ride report from yesterday is at: Walla Walla River Ride In any case, plan to be back at Mattawa a few times before the end of the year. We have been riding our dual sports so much this summer and fall that we have not been on the orange bikes much. We are planning a Christmas to New Year Moab trip and need to get some time in on our orange bikes before then. Mattawa is a good place to prepare for Moab. In any case, other that Thanksgiving weekend when we are busy, any Saturday when the weather is okay, we will be at either Mattawa or Juniper. Hope to see you on one of our trips. If you know ahead of time that you are going and post it, it may help us decide between Juniper and Mattawa.
  8. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Katys Neck 3 weeks later

    There were a few people asking to see how Katy's neck is doing. This picture was taken last Friday (Aug 22) while we were at Alvord Hot springs in the Alovrd Desert in SE Oregon. To view the ride report of our trip: Steens Trip August 2008
  9. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Flower photos

    Here is a few I took on our Hells Canyon ride in early June
  10. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Katys Pain in the Neck

    Correction: In Katys case it need to be: Grandmas these days... its all about piercings Sorry hon, I couldn't resist. (we are flying out next week to visit our grandson)
  11. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Katys Pain in the Neck

    Many of you know and have ridden with Katy aka Liv2ryd. You need to check out this thread in the Womans Forum: Katys Pain in the Neck
  12. NE_Oregon_KTM

    Katys Pain in the Neck

    Went riding on the dual sports in the mountains close to home. Was on a two track trail when Katy get hit with a branch. Didn't think nothing of it until it would not quit hurting. At the end of the trail, she stops to check it our in her mirror to see if it was bleeding and found this: She mentions that she thinks we needs to go to the hospital. She could still breath and talk, so she felt she could ride. The hospital was about 30 miles away. We ride directly to the hospital and when we get there, she insists on taking a couple of pictures. Once in the emergency room and the nurse sees her neck, we get a room right away. The doc was fearful to handle it and called in a surgeon. While waiting we watch free style motocross on the TV. The surgeon arrives and looks at if for a minute and just pulls the stick out. The stick was in over 2 inches. They make her wait for almost an hour to make sure she was okay and then they let us leave. We then ride our bikes home. Her neck is sore, but she is doing okay. She was really lucky as there are things in your neck that don't take kindly to having a stick poked through them.
  13. NE_Oregon_KTM

    The 2008 Iron Butt 150 ride report w/pics

    There may be a little something to the "heavier bikes" thing. This year, Katy and I have been riding our heavier dual sport bikes so much, that when we ride our off road bikes (my 525 and her 450) that they seem like little light weight 125's to us. As Katy mentioned before, we were tired by the time we got home that night (just after midnight) but I figure most of that was from getting up at 4 am that morning so we could be there on time as opposed to being worn out from the ride. Neither of us was at all sore from the ride. In fact, we both felt great the next few days. It was a nice ride. We both could of ridden further that day if daylight would of laster longer. In my opinon, Katy did very well for herself on that ride. No spills and she kept up well with the group. Not bad for an old grandma.