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  1. Considering the rad accepts the stock speedo and drz rotorsand sprockets I would be swayed to the Rad wheels.Then again I didnt have a speedo drive ,so I would have bought the warp 9 wheels most likely.But at this point it doesn't matter about me, its whatever you want that makes you happy.Get your wheels and enjoy having tires that have GRIP!
  2. I actually had a set of sv 650 wheels I was getting ready to put on the bike.These were such a great deal it couldn't be passed up.Hindsight says I should have finished my hooligan mod and blown the rest on a bb and fcr.
  3. I know the wheels were a steal, I buy all my bikes from these guys,I bring everyone I know looking for a bike to them,they give me stuff at cost or a little over.They were gonna put the wheels on an 08 sm that came in without a rear wheel,but decided not to, so thats how I got the rad wheels.Lucky deal, but the quality of them is amazing IMO.Jmann there are some pics of my wheels at the beginning of this thread.
  4. I bought them from my suzuki dealer,and since they like me I got all the rest of my stuff at cost.When you shop local you support your local economy and they are more willing to help you out.A lot of people swap gears like underwear so to them that can be a selling point,its something to keep in mind.
  5. Well its not really a better deal if it doesn't have the same bolt pattern as a drz.You cant just swap sprockets that you already have or rotors.After rechecking my receipts my rad wheels were 750$,plus the rotors and sprocket115$,and tires,tubes mounted and balanced 268$.Total spent1038 4
  6. the warp 9 is almost a better deal if it comes with rotors and sprockets my rad mfg set cost me 1350$ with rotors sprockets and pilot powers on it.But the y have held up awesome so far
  7. true story just buy a set of sumo wheels and be done with it.
  8. There are lots of converted S toSm bikes out there they handle the swap just fine.Why would you want an 18'' front wheel?
  9. So who is going to put the first set on their bike?
  10. they use an indoor type light bulb,had one on my honda superhawk they give off very little light and when I put in higher wattage bulbs it melted the wiring.
  11. The wheels I got were sent to my dealer by accident,since he didn't want to send them back he just made me a deal on them.
  12. http://www.hjchelmets.com/images/products/product_images/ac12_carbon/carbon.jpg HJC ac 12 carbon fits great and way light.
  13. have a set of wheels made by Rad manufacturing on my new sm.They are really nice,anodized hubs stainless spokes and heavy duty bearings.They were 750$ for the set with spacers but I still had to get rotors sprocket and tubes/tires. So it all comes out to what a used set of excels would cost me.They have held up really well too.Just my 2 cents
  14. Well I never realized there was someone so close to me,guess I know where I to go now.
  15. I wouldn't consider him a god so much as a european white trash master.He has dropped considerable dollars and has some good ideas,but much like people in the south he seems to think a trip to home depot is all it takes to keep you car/bike/boat/house up and running.
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