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  1. yzboy18

    Kind of a pic - google earth link...

    that is stewarts house. Heres some more test tracks right down the road from kawis 33°46'56.47"N, 117°28'9.32"W
  2. www.autotrader.com and www.craigslist.com is good sometimes
  3. yzboy18

    ~Please read my story~

    very good story:thumbsup: i need more!
  4. 02 -04 has the 5 spd gearbox
  5. yzboy18

    New pipe this winter

    look at the DEP pipes to. Ive heard that they work really good on yz's and they look good to:thumbsup:
  6. yzboy18

    Need help with my 2001 YZ125

    Will it start or does it just bogg when it is started? Mayby something with the kill switch?
  7. yzboy18

    funny as hell

  8. PowerPegz makes them, here's the thread on them.http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=266985
  9. yzboy18

    What year YZ125 should I look for?

    I've had an 00,01,02, and 07 yz125 and they've all been great bikes so i know anything from 00 up would be good for you.
  10. yzboy18

    yamaha yz 125 what year?

    i think the forks on the 05 were silver colored and 06+ are goldish
  11. yzboy18

    smokescreen for a truck

    http://www.thehoffmangroup.com/Autoloc/Products/Products_Smoke.lasso They're made by AutoLoc . I think the flamethrower kit looks cooler though:eek:
  12. yzboy18

    Cool game!

    just saving it on here , might work on it later its suppose to be a sx/mx but jumps close together are tough -1i,1i,1i,1i 1i,1i,5f,1p 5f,1p,6a,1u 5a,1o,8q,1v 6a,1u,80,25 80,25,99,28 99,28,a7,28 8q,1v,aa,1v a7,28,b3,24 aa,1v,bp,1m bp,1m,cu,1a b3,24,bn,1t bn,1t,cj,1j cj,1j,di,15 di,15,eh,k cu,1a,en,h eh,k,fk,5 fk,5,ga,2 en,h,g1,-2 g1,-2,gi,-8 gi,-8,ha,-6 ga,2,h1,2 h1,2,ho,8 ha,-6,i0,0 i0,0,jc,1d ho,8,j0,14 j0,14,ju,1q ju,1q,l1,23 l1,23,ma,26 ma,26,oc,29 oc,29,qb,28 qb,28,ri,22 ri,22,sp,1c sl,1d,u0,r u0,r,100,1b 100,1b,108,1d 108,1d,13i,23 13i,23,165,2i 165,2i,17f,2j 17f,2j,1a3,2i 1a3,2i,1b9,2e 1b9,2e,1ca,22 1d4,1k,1dk,18 1ca,22,1d4,1k 1en,-1,1fa,-8 1dk,18,1eb,c 1eb,c,1em,0 1fa,-8,1g7,-7 1g7,-7,1gt,1 1gt,1,1hu,19 1hu,19,1im,1j 1id,t,1hq,15 1jm,7,1id,t 1im,1j,1kd,1l 1nk,-2,1kq,-2 1kq,-2,1jm,7 1kd,1l,1lj,1i 1lj,1i,1mb,12 1ma,13,1mr,a 1n5,4,1nj,-1 1nj,-1,1o3,0 1o3,0,1qd,1 1mr,a,1n5,4 1qd,1,1sv,4 1sv,4,1v4,h 1t0,3,251,15 1v4,h,21j,14 21j,14,22j,15 22j,15,26t,15 26t,15,2cr,16 2co,t,2am,15 2cr,16,2dj,13 2dj,13,2e9,s 2f8,0,2e3,j 2e3,j,2co,t 2fg,3,2g4,-l 2gd,-12,2f8,0 2e9,s,2eu,i 2eu,i,2fg,3 2g4,-l,2ge,-13 2ge,-13,2hh,r 2hh,r,2l1,q 2l1,q,2ls,-10 2ls,-10,2p4,p 2p4,p,2q8,-l 2q8,-l,2ql,-v 2ql,-v,2r6,-v 2r6,-v,2sn,-l 2sn,-l,33h,n 33h,n,34k,p 34k,p,35s,o 35s,o,36t,j 36t,j,37o,b 37o,b,38i,2 38i,2,39f,-2 39f,-2,39u,-4 39u,-4,3b4,e 3b4,e,3cu,d 3cu,d,3do,-5 3do,-5,3f3,-6 3f3,-6,3he,a 3he,a,3l9,c 3l9,c,3ma,7 3ma,7,3ne,-9 3ne,-9,3o6,-h 3o6,-h,3pc,-h 3p9,-h,3pt,c 3r9,-g,3p8,-h 3qi,c,3r9,-g 3r9,-g,3uf,-h 3pt,c,3qi,c 3uf,-h,3vd,-k 3vd,-k,3vs,-o 3vs,-o,40b,-u 41a,-1e,41q,-1p 40b,-u,40s,-17 40s,-17,41a,-1e 41q,-1p,42g,-21 42g,-21,439,-21 439,-21,440,-1s 440,-1s,44r,-l 44r,-l,460,-f 460,-f,48k,-a 48k,-a,4bn,-7 4bn,-7,4fv,2k 4fv,2k,4o0,87 4k6,8e,4mo,au 4mo,au,4qn,av 4qn,av,4r0,6f #