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  1. alfonz

    any trails in the east durham ny area?

    ok if there are no trails, at least a good strip bar to hit in the area would be great to know about! thanks!
  2. i'll be up there this coming weekend, just wondering if anyone knows of any local trails that can be riddin in that area? any info would be great, thanks!!
  3. alfonz

    top end?

    06 crf 250r
  4. alfonz

    top end?

    how do u know when u need to get yr top end done? thanks guys, oh for anyone who lives in nyc, do not got to honda yamaha in long island city, there a ripp off n a bunch of jerk offs!!
  5. alfonz

    what size washers?

    thanks guys!
  6. alfonz

    what size washers?

    what size washers do i need to get for my oil drain plug n the tranny plug? and where do i get them? thanks!!
  7. same here brother!! just sucks that it happens!
  8. thanks for all the info, i'll try it out n see what happens!
  9. ok let me ask this, so i pull off the header, fill it with water, plug both ends, n stick it in my freezer? is that all that needs to be done, n walaa the dent will be forced out?
  10. really, i can get that fixed?? how do i go about doin that, im lost on the whole freezing part?
  11. alfonz

    Riding Pics.

  12. well i rode some trails this past weekend, and unfortunately ate shit on one of the trails! i managed to have concaved my ti header in a bit. doesnt seem to have any cracks, or bent to much. so my question is, do i need to worry about it much? or should i just ignore it an keep ridin it?
  13. alfonz

    is this true??

    there were no atv's just dirtbikes though!
  14. alfonz

    is this true??

    ok first of all my buddies place is out in the middle of nowhere, its farm land an consist of 10 acres. there are a few houses in the area, but nowhere near where we ride. we dont ride on the street n keep in on the dirt! this all took place in NY state for u out there that need to know, n yes the cops out here are dicks! im just bummin on the whole situation, because its a great track to practice on, n seems to just have been killed by the local authories, or neighbors or what not. all i wanted to know was do these dirtbikes really need to be insured n registered, even though it never touches the tarmack??? thanks:banghead:
  15. so my buddy n i were riding on our buddies private property, when the boys in blue roled up in 4 squad cars like there was a bank ebing robbed to get us out. they told us even though were on our buddies private property, our bikes need to be registered n insured, or they will impound them the next time they catch us ridin there. i mean come on, whats a dude to do these days if this is true, n u cant even ride on yr own property without johny 5 o bustin our chops!! please tell me this cant be!!!!