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  1. Love this bike. 14 model. GYTR pipe suspension revalved GYTR tuner Renthal 998's Galfer 270mm rotor Boysen clutch cover plus other bits and peices
  2. Funny that, I'm running the Renthal 998 which if memory serves correct is the windham/reed bend haha. Bars are definitely not bent, just put these bars on after selling my Honda, this bike hasn't done any cartwheels yet (knocks wood) I've ordered the Race Tech tool. Most expensive screwdriver I've ever bought but oh well. This bike is a beast, the more I ride it the more I'm loving it. Although I am finding this bike beats me up faster. Just hanging on for dear life late in a moto. Really excited to try this GYTR tuner and take 20hp out haha.
  3. Have just got myself a 2014 yz450f after years of riding Hondas and wondering why I didn't go blue sooner. However I had my first wtf moment with this bike today. Out at the track it was really square edge and some big braking bumps so planned to take a couple of clicks out of the compression and quicky realised a flat head does not fit with the handlebars in the forward offset position. I'm not going to take the bars off every time I want to adjust the compression of the fork. So what are people using to get around this? I was thinking a small 1/4 inch drive head welded to a thin 1/4 inch ring spanner would do the trick. Or is there an off the shelf product that achieves the same outcome? Other than this small problem the bike is a beast. First bike I've had where I've wanted to take power out of it (ordered the gytr tuner tool) Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much for that, I'm sure it's parts 3,4 and 7 at worst. I'll replace all of them for 50 bucks! What site is it? *edit* I should have read up the top lol. Thanks again. Lifesaver. $800+ for a tank too lol.
  5. Ok certain it's the gasket, where can I source one? Honda Aus say only comes as a full pump assembly which is ridiculous.
  6. looks like it's coming from the fuel pump, so I presume the gasket is stuffed. Or could be something else......
  7. So I admit, have not ridden much this year because life getting in the way, but this has me stumped. Walked into garage and was met with the distinct smell of fuel. Sniffed around and the Honda was the culprit. Stand had a bit of fuel on it, underside of frame rail had some fuel on it, can't see any obvious leak from anywhere as yet. Anyone come across this before? I presume something has perished? Stuck/Leaky injector? I will change oil before next ride no matter what now just for peace of mind. But this is a new one to me, fuel injected bikes shouldn't do this lol. *edit* Just took a closer look, seems to be weeping from the bolts below the waterpump, so that's sump I presume? Sheeeeeeiiit
  8. Todd Waters, Dean Ferris, Kale Makenham. Particularly Makenham, guy has effortless style, could be a real force to come in Supercross. Plus the fact he does this on a KTM 250sx gets the fans loving it.
  9. I went with the Airboot and a Remap, considerable gain in bottom end and has me happy for now. Racing season is just starting up again down here so hopefully some better starts. If there was only a cheap bolt on part that gave me some talent
  10. Reed for years has been one of the top earning Australian Sports earners. From 06 right through to 2010 he was the second highest grossing sports earner behind Greg Norman. I beleive he was only recently overtaken by Casey Stoner on his last year with Honda and still made more than Mark Webber the F1 driver. Big $$$$ There was a 60 minutes story about reed in maybe 06 or something, about the richest Aussie sports guy you have never heard about. When he was riding a 250 2 stroke. It's on youtube and a good watch.
  11. Both wrong, it was a CRE F300X HM italy make them, more or less a stroked 250X [/size][/font]
  12. Money, Support and Political reasons. Marmont had a run in the US, had some terrible luck and returned home, same for the Moss brothers, both banged themselves up pretty bad. If given the opputunity I beleive Marmont would definately be a top 10 AMA Sx finisher week in week out, Not just saying that because I'm Australian, I think he is a genuine talent. I don't think the US saw the real Matt Moss either, his speed is as fast as the top guys when on it, just has to keep it on 2 wheels.
  13. Look outside the American fishbowl that is motocross. Jay Marmont won 3 Australian MX titles in a row on a YZ450F. Josh Coppins won the 2012 Australian MX title on a YZ450F.
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