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  1. crf250guy

    Tell me what up with the drz's? do you own one

    Perfect for it. Its the same. However, in stock trim the dampening is light and the spring is heavy.
  2. crf250guy

    FCR selling like hotcakes...so..

    IMO, the stock carb is the biggest bottleneck on the machine. I would save your money and wait for the kit. Compared to the carb, the cams do practically nothing
  3. crf250guy

    Battery Charge Time

    Bad connection maybe?
  4. crf250guy

    Battery Charge Time

  5. crf250guy

    New Forks, How do I get them right?

    To vent the forks, put your bike on a stand with the front wheel in the air. Then open the little bleeder screw on the top of each fork, then reinstall. If they are way to stiff, your next step would be to verify that they have the stock weight oil and the correct spring for your weight. If this all checks out and you still want them softer, you will need to send them off to be revalved
  6. crf250guy

    MCCT install, now hardly any engine breaking.

    +1 There should be no noticable performance change of any kind. Its a preventative fix.
  7. crf250guy

    mikuni or fcr?

    You should be looking for something like this: It looks much different than the street model carb.
  8. crf250guy

    she spluttered & died

    Given what you are saying, it sounds like you battery is toast. You are having the exact same symptoms I had before doing the free power mod. Your best bet is to get a battery tender and keep it plugged in when you are not riding. If I would stick to that, I would still be on my stock battery. Also, if it is your battery, check out the free power mod. That way your bike will still get you home if it happens again
  9. crf250guy

    Tell me what up with the drz's? do you own one

    One big thing to watch for is what it was used for. I have 5k dirt and mud miles on my 06 and its getting pretty thrashed. (Needing bearings, etc) However, 5k sunny day, road miles is just breaking in
  10. crf250guy

    she spluttered & died

    Do you have anything that is drawing more power than stock? I have a 100w headlight and my bike would not run with a dead battery. (No/Weak Spark) Free power mod took care of the problem.
  11. crf250guy

    Carb help for the neophite please!

    Provides fuel to the engine when the throttle is nearly/fully closed. At this point the needle has the main circuit nearly/fully blocked.
  12. crf250guy

    Carb help for the neophite please!

    Which extended mixture screw did you use? What year/model is the bike?
  13. crf250guy

    DRZ-400 Engine Weight

    Great. Thanks
  14. crf250guy

    DRZ-400 Engine Weight

    Does anyone know how much a 400 motor weighs? Thanks
  15. crf250guy

    oil filter & o-rings

    The key with the crush washers is to make sure they are still flat. They seem to become conical over time, then they split the case when you retighten the drain bolt. If you use a torque wrench every time, they stay flat for a while. I'm still running the one that came on my bike from the dealer. However, i think the best rule of thumb to pass along is to change it every time. Particularly since a lot of people learn how to do an oil change on this site. There are just a few of us on here (myself included) that are too stuborn to seccum to the general consensus