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  1. Mike in OK

    bike stuck in 5 or 6th gear

    Don't worry that's what you have the warranty for in the first place.
  2. Mike in OK

    305cc EJK settings

    I think i think you are asking for too much out of the little 250.
  3. Mike in OK

    What do you do for a living?

    Count me as retired too.
  4. Mike in OK

    chain roller

    17lbs is way plenty.
  5. Mike in OK

    carburetor dripping coolant

    What is the powerband?
  6. Mike in OK

    carburetor dripping coolant

    There's no way I know of that coolant could be coming from the carb, are you sure you traced you hoses correctly?
  7. Mike in OK

    True Beginner racing....

    Good idea, wish I were closer. I wish there was a true beginner track near me.
  8. Mike in OK

    Time to relearn a bike!

    Just don't use more than you need. You will fly on a 250 man.
  9. Mike in OK

    Vacationing with the CRF250L

    Great write-up, I've been to many of those places but never on a bike.
  10. Mike in OK

    CRF270R woods racer build/first impressions

    Wow man what a sweet ride
  11. Mike in OK

    Tips on my riding

    Looks like a cool track.
  12. Mike in OK

    Yamaha YZ450F top speed of 90MPH + Is it possible?

    Sounds right on the sand. I only rode dunes one time and had a blast.
  13. Mike in OK

    1982 Suzuki SP250

    It will be a worthy project.
  14. Mike in OK

    Yamaha wr250F -07 problems

    It might be time for a top end.
  15. Mike in OK

    Very old KTM need help

    Lol I haven't seen one of those in years. You might email ktm.