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  1. You've got a PM. Good luck, have fun! When not "if" but "when" you finish it will be worth all the money and more. Live your dreams...
  2. I've had Ted (Devol) do my YZ250 (Re-valve, new Eibach springs) and was really impressed with his work. He uses Race Tech components and is good at setting them up for your weight and style. His linkage systems (rear swing arm) are well suited to the North West chop on MX tracks. I'd give him a try - he's local anyway. Just let him know what you want out your suspension and an honest evaluation of your riding.
  3. I've had two pair of AXO boots in the early 90s (always broke plastic locking tabs) and then bought Alpinstars Tech 8, love them and still use them for MX/Trails. I recently bought a pair of Vectors for dual/sport riding and trails very comfy and easy on/off (no bootie) but they are not water-proof at all. If riding in the wet I have to wear outside pants down low and Gore-Tex socks with them. But they are still pretty stiff and thick (read hard shifting).
  4. Just found this place, looks like fun. You meet the strangest people over on ADVrider but this place looks very specific so maybe I'll fit in just fine. Rode and raced off and on over the last 30-years. "Jammin" Jimmy Weinert, Rodger DeCoster, Tony DiStefano, Bob "Huricane" Hanna, Marty Smith and others of the time were my hero's and legends. I ride mostly trails now on a '00 YZ426F, race MX in the Vet Masters class when I can and ride my other two bikes as much and as far as I can. Current bikes in the stable: '00 YZ426F, '02 R1150GS, and '06 F650GS-Dakar. Memorable bikes of the past '90/'93 YZ250 and going way back a '73 Bultaco 250. There has been a steady flow of street bikes and dual/sport in between. Love riding, like racing, enjoy all of it. Nice to meet ya' Russ
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