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  1. 03mxz

    Would you replace this swing arm?

    The picture makes it look like a crack but it’s actually not cracked. I’ll probably just ride with it like it is and keep my eye out for a used one. I am so anal about my bikes that I think it’s just looking at it that really drives me nuts. Lol
  2. 03mxz

    Would you replace this swing arm?

    Thanks Jim , my avatar photo is me on my 350sxf , my 450x I only trail ride.
  3. Hi everyone, I had a crash recently on my 2015 450x, when the bike went down the swing arm bashed a rock and dented it. The swing arm still looks straight and the wheel looks straight but the dent looks bad. I have been riding it like it is with no problems but my question is would you replace it?
  4. 03mxz

    What riding gear for woods riding?

    I have Gaerne SG10’s and I love love love those boots!!
  5. 03mxz

    CRF450x model differences??

    Thank you
  6. I was selling a trailer a while back , I was asking $,1800. And some guy text me and says I’ll give you $300. He says “I really need a trailer and $300 is all I have “ I mean come on what an insult. I ended up selling the trailer for $1800. Because I am up front and honest to people about what I’m selling and I price my things at what I feel I would pay for it.
  7. Before I even go look at a bike the first question I always ask is “do you have the title?” If they say no (which is 90% of the time) I simply say thanks for your time and have a great day.
  8. I look around at the sellers garage , cars, and their house, if the garage is a mess and their cars are trashed and their house is a dump then you know they didn’t take care of their bikes either. Oh yeah you’re correct bent or broken levers drive me crazy too. It seems every bike for sale on line has levers that are wrapped in a complete circle. Oh and my favorite is when they tell you how many hours are on a bike that’s never had an hour meter on it.
  9. 03mxz

    CRF450x model differences??

    Since this thread is back , I have a 2015 Crf450x, does anyone know what offset triple clamps are stock on it ? I’m guessing 22mm but can’t find a spec for sure. ? Thanks
  10. 03mxz

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    LMAO been there done that!
  11. Shhhhh we’re trying to keep it a secret[emoji23] I’ve been riding that area for 19years and have never even seen the law yet. It truly is a beautiful area! Shhhhh we’re trying to keep it a secret[emoji23] I’ve been riding that area for 19years and have never even seen the law yet. It truly is a beautiful area!
  12. Yeah for sure, my place is just outside millersburg, so we usually ride south from my place towards Atlanta until we get to 624 by Clear lake and head north to the el-bo inn to top off gas on the way back. My buddy has a cabin next door who rides too, we usually do a couple big rides a year where we have 10-12 people go. Always a good time[emoji106]
  13. Coming home is the worst . I live in Macomb, I’m hoping about 8 more years to retire and move to the cabin !
  14. I certainly don’t feel over the hill, I just said that because someone said in beginning of the thread that 40 and up is over the hill LOL
  15. I ride mainly Atlanta area, I have a cabin just north of Atlanta east of M33 and I can ride right from my door.