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  1. Well it finally warmed up to +30°f today not the -20°f like it has been. Rode my Sherco around in yard, well the trials tires have ZERO traction in the snow! It was nice to get back in the bike for a little while. Studding up my dirtbike next week for a little winter trail riding.
  2. Minnesota

    FYI From the TrailBoss: The idea is for it to be a ride for beginners. Hoping to draw more into the sport. Easy stuff
  3. Minnesota

    Well I ordered the Grip-Studs hope the weather warms up to do some woods riding!!
  4. Minnesota

    I'm thinking about buying some Grip-Studs for a little winter riding. Anyone else ride woods in the winter??
  5. Minnesota

    I had a notebook for each bike and the boy's wrote down every air filter & oil change and other maintenance stuff too.
  6. -15° f without the windchill! looks like all I will be doing is a little balance practice in the heated garage for now!
  7. Minnesota

    One of the day's I will ride with a recent MN rider that moved to AZ. Matt S. (If we can get him off his Mountain Bike)
  8. Minnesota

    So this was my Christmas present from my family. A plane ticket to PHX for a factory ride hosted by my brother. My choice to ride a KTM350 to GasGas300????
  9. Here is a Rich Lafferty video, he also recommends the RM low bend bar.
  10. Minnesota

    Here is the 2018 D23 Off-Road events
  11. Minnesota

    It was nice to see you out on the Gas Gas again yesterday. I think that was the last ride for 2017, winter is coming!!
  12. Minnesota

    Looks like that group is riding in Iowa tomorrow now.
  13. I did a little riding in my yard on the Sherco, it's been 13 yrs since my last trials bike. Just working on the basics for now. I hope our winter is mild and the snow holds off...
  14. Minnesota

    Was the ground frozen?? Is there any snow in the woods??
  15. Minnesota

    All levels and ages of riders. East lot ready to ride by 11am Sunday