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  1. Minnesota

    Wow what a difference in the weather from last weekend to this weekend, sure glad to see the snow finally melt away!
  2. Minnesota

    I Liked the triple crown format, we parked in the Mills Fleet ramp and it didn't take very long to get on 35W north bound. Lots of abandoned cars on the road at times the road was 10 lanes wide just like a good mud race pick a rut and hope for the best!! Ha Sure glad my little car has snow tires. Nice to see J Mart win also.
  3. Minnesota

    With all the snow it will be interesting getting home after the race.
  4. Minnesota

    So who is going to Supercross this weekend?? Section 215 for us.
  5. Minnesota

    Yeah Rik rides mountain bike also ( a very TALL bike) this one maybe a little too small for him! Ha He races Off Road in the A class and he can only stand-up straight in one room of my brothers cabin.
  6. Minnesota

    A few guy's from my brothers club in AZ on a ride in Baja. I don't think Rik has any trouble touching the ground. The middle guy is Max G. dad and he is about 5-10"
  7. Check out the Twin City Trail Riders also.
  8. Minnesota

    Those rules are for "Time keeping" Enduro's (Old Style) all the D23 Enduro's are Re-Start (National Enduro) style like C-P was talking about. Basically you are not penalized IF you are early to a check-in. Pretty easy once you do it.
  9. Minnesota

    For the Sprint Enduro there will probably be 3 different sections (MX, grass track & woods), you will line up and do each section a certain number of times (depending on what class you race) in any order. Just don't dilly dally too much between sections since there is a time limit for doing all sections. You will get plenty of rest while waiting in line.
  10. Minnesota

    Well more snow and cold temps looks like I will keep the studded tires on for a while....
  11. michigan

    I Rode for 6 days last week, 3 street and 2 desert 1 mountains down in Arizona. I was one tired boy!! It sure was fun.
  12. Minnesota

    I get why their feet are off the pegs, but I can't do that and ride fast. Looking at the results from day 1 most of the World GP riders can't do it very well either! After riding in the snow a few times this year I know how tough it is, especially with short legs!!
  13. Minnesota

    Here is a video from the first day of the race, they even have night tests.
  14. Minnesota

    The first round of Enduro GP is in Finland this weekend the Päijänne 2 day race with plenty of cold & deep snow. One team did this to keep snow from building up on the front tire. I hope the tape holds or it could be a mess!!
  15. Around here a Concept 2 D model will sell in a few hours when priced around $750.