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  1. Minnesota

    You are "B" class material. You will Thank me later once you spectate and see the bottlenecks in the C class races.
  2. Well if you stayed home because of the weather you missed a GREAT ride! We rode Friday - Sunday. It only rained on Saturday after 4pm and not much rain fell. Trails were great on Sunday. Thanks PBRF Hey Laserkid next time keep that YZF on two wheels when climbing hills with that Klim dude... Ha
  3. Minnesota

    A bag of chips & salsa or cookies will do for you single guy's with out a wife to cook for the pot luck, You for sure wouldn't want ME to cook anything!! Ha
  4. Minnesota

    Dam stumps I hate em! Here's to speedy recovery.
  5. I learned a cool trick for tennis elbow from a buddy, his Doc told him to hold a 3 lb hammer out with your arm straight then twist the hammer from side to side like you are emptying a can of soup do this as far as you can each way. Worked great for me!
  6. The last time I had my kickstarter shaft out I installed a 10mm dowel pin into the hollow end and used Loc-tite heavy duty bearing retaining compound (green stuff) I figured it couldn't hurt anything and didn't cost anything?? Good Luck!
  7. This is the closest single track, it's in MN but the north east section is actually in Wis. This is a ATV trail near Ashland, I hear it's fun on a bike IF you like sand! The U.P. of Michigan is about 3-4 hrs away and has plenty of good single track.
  8. Minnesota

    FYI Here is a good deal in a Concept2 C model for $400, it needs a new performance monitor so maybe offer less?? Concept2 monitor parts are available also.
  9. Minnesota

    Looks like they had some storms up there. We are doing the Kensington T.R. next weekend, my son really liked the trails for their H/S so I will give it a run.
  10. Minnesota

    You want rain at Huntersville....
  11. Minnesota

    Great place to ride after a good rain. Pretty flat, some good single track and plenty of whoops and sand and pines.
  12. Minnesota

    We rode a private trail last weekend with a snow tubing (bobsled) run on a very big hill, man was that a HOOT!! Like riding a Wall of Death at a county fair. I did it multiple times up & down.
  13. Minnesota

    In the 16 years I have been going down there this was one of the better ones, great weather and tacky trails. On Sunday a guy broke his leg near the old camp ground, hope he is doing ok.
  14. Minnesota

    No most of the trails are not all whooped out but there are whoops in the sandy areas, I guess the ones down state are. There is a variety of terrain there sand, rocks, mud and most times all three on the same trail! The trails don't get used much so they are in pretty good shape.
  15. Minnesota

    The kid and I will be there not sure about both days yet, for sure on Saturday. The club guy's say it's dusty on the roads but woods are tacky, as of last weekend. The place will feel like I-35 after riding Moss Lake for two days! Ha