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  1. Kallendbor

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Dude you did the hangover last year? I was goi g to go this year but I’ll be in Mexico on a beach. Subbed
  2. Kallendbor

    YouTube Channel Swap

    I don’t have one. Well, I do, but I haven’t published anything worth while. I think what I have posted is at least 10 years old. I’ve been recording my rides but I have not been able to edit them down. I’m old and slow and relearning how to ride. So it’s mostly me riding slow and flaming out in hill climbs. I think of the hours of video I have maybe I can find 5 interesting minutes...
  3. Kallendbor

    Cycra Handlebar Clamp Mounts

    awesome info! thanks!
  4. Kallendbor

    Silent Dirtbike

    alta oh. wait. nevermind.
  5. Kallendbor

    Wrapping helmet completely

    i've had 3 helmets these past two years (replaced one afx fx 17 mainline because I wrecked, and bought the third (also an afx) because i left the second Bell MX-9 on my buddy's truck when he left). none are top of the line. all seemed to be stickers with clearcoat over the stickers.
  6. Kallendbor

    Most durable MX GLOVES?

    fox dirt paws have a mesh in the finger side area. I have two pairs and they ripped in that mesh pretty easy. one ripped because I just barely caught it on a clip holding my rear brake pad pin on. they also have a very tight wrist. the larges fit me great, once I get them on. the other pair is XL. they go on easier but bunch up in the palm. they are my last ditch spares. otherwise they aren't bad. if they last a year i'll be impressed though. I actually prefer a pair of work gloves that I got at Ace Hardware. Ace branded, no name mechanics gloves is what they are. they fit great. I use the dirtpaws first and carry the ace gloves as spares. I have Mechanix gloves too, but they are black on black and have a cord instead of a tab for the pull on helper and I haven't seen that again. since the cord is cool as balls, I want to keep these and I just wear them for winter cold, not work or riding. I used another Mechanix pair up, wore them out a bit doing thier intended duty. they have no holes but intended duty got them dirty/oily. so they are my oily gloves. I should probably wash them...
  7. I have a Bell MX-9, and they make thinner cheekpads. with the default cheekpads, I agree with your assessment, but getting the next size smaller (the place i bought mine gave them to me for free) made the helmet a perfect fit. Only reason i even tried the thinner cheekpads was on a whim i popped the cheekpads out of another helmet i was trying out to see if it was the cheekpads causing the fit issue I was experiencing with that helmet. long story short, removing the cheekpads taught me that that helmet didn't fit my head. So I tried a bell without the cheekpads and walah (yeah I know it's spelled different) the bell was a perfect fit for my skull. it was the cheekpads that were causing fit issues. thinner ckeepads and boom. perfect fit. i think the new cheekpads are only 2mm thinner too so it doesn't take much!
  8. Kallendbor

    YouTube Channel Swap

  9. Kallendbor

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Where was that? Hatfield?
  10. Kallendbor

    Maintaining the 04

    make him do the work or he doesn't get to ride it again
  11. Ignore this post. I'm too new at riding to know if it's my forks or me. having said that, i have the 4cs and they were worked over by factory connection. they have all the goodies the do for 4cs. spring is right for my weight. the previous owner of my bike (2015 450sxf) had done the FC work so they are valved for him. he is probably faster than me even though he had them valved for a C rider. the default settings as told to me by FC when I called were way to stiff for my speed and where I ride. so I called them back and on their recommendation, dropped all clickers 5 clicks softer. bingo, that seemed to do the trick. I'm still not good enough to know bad suspension actions, but at least now where I ride, which is so rocky it might as well be a cobblestone road, i don't complain about riding on cobblestone roads! the forks do not seem to deflect at all off of roots or rocks. the handlebars still move when i hit stuff, but it's not jarring. I'll be sticking with FC since now If I need a revalve, they will only charge me the service fee. service due in 20 hours, so we will see if i even need a revalve.
  12. Kallendbor

    MX pants for thick thighs?

    one of my local cycle gear's had so little dirt gear, it might as well not have had any at all. of course, i'm not too surprised as the part of Maryland I live in isn;t exactly a hot bed of off-roading.
  13. I bought my fusion off of e-bay. I don't have any range of motion issues except maybe when looking far up a hill or down a hill (both involve head tilting back) and even then it's only a minor annoyance. My chin bar camera mount has a slight interference when i tilt my head down, but not critical. The worst fit issue I have is it's going to make me get a new camelback/hydration pack. current one is at it's limits and just barely fits. in case anyone is wondering, yes the Leatt gpx 5.5 jacket works with the fusion. I was thinking about getting a white one or the orange SNX one (snow cross, plastics for colder weather, matches my pumpkin of death) but ebay had exactly one used one, black, and I won the bid for like $128 (bastard charged me $65 shipping though, which is why I wasn't bidding any higher than that). I'm a little worried about wearing it in the heat of summer, considering how dehydrated I can get... hopefully it's not going to be an oven.
  14. Kallendbor

    Wide ratio transmission

    go to a parts site, like rocky mountain. compare the part numbers for the countershaft (the one that does NOT have first gear integrated). if the countershaft is the same, then you can probably swap gears around fine. also, look on ebay for the xc-w or exc transmissions, and buy one. usually less than $200. if part numbers of the countershaft (bearings and circlips too) for the tranny you're buying then it's probably a drop in replacement. note: all of my research has been related to the 450. 350 and smaller are an unknown to me.
  15. Kallendbor

    air filter grease

    Do I have to use like whatever special air filter grease around the edge of the filter (where it seals against the airbox) or can I use just any old bearing grease? or vaseline even?